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100+ Adorable Baby Boy Names Ending in N

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What baby boys’ names end with N?

Choosing a great name for your baby is so important and one of the most fun things you get to do before your baby comes. This is the name he’ll carry throughout his life, so it’s important to choose a first name you love, and make sure it goes well with his middle name and last name.

And although it is a lot of fun, it can be very overwhelming!

Don’t worry, you still have some time before you have to make a final decision. (As long as you’re not on your way to the hospital.)

Keep reading to find the best baby boy names ending in N. You’ll be surprised at just how many great boy names there are: unique names, classic names, cute names, and masculine names.

All you have to do is find the one you love. Good luck, momma!

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Ultimate List of Baby Boy Names Ending in N

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with A

1. Aaron – Hebrew name meaning mountain of strength (famous Bible namesake – Moses’ older brother)

2. Adrian – Greek name meaning rich (famous bearer – English actor Adrian Paul)

3. Aiden – Irish name meaning little fire

4. Allen – Celtic name meaning little rock and harmony

5. Alvin – Old English name meaning noble friend

6. Anakin – American name meaning warrior (fictitious bearer – Star Wars character Anakin Skywalker)

7. Anderson – Greek name meaning man or manly (famous bearer – American broadcaster Anderson Cooper)

8. Ashton – English name meaning ash tree town (famous bearer – American actor Ashton Kutcher)

9. Aston – Old English name meaning ash tree settlement (makes a good gender-neutral name)

10. Austin – English name derived from the English surname meaning great

11. Aven – Irish name meaning fair radiance

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with B

12. Baron – English name meaning noble man

13. Bastian – A form of Sebastian, which is a Latin name meaning venerable or revered

14. Benjamin/Ben – Hebrew name meaning son of the right hand

15. Brandon – Irish name meaning prince or king

16. Braxton – Old English name meaning Brock’s town

17. Brayden – Name of Irish origin meaning broad, brave or wise

18. Brendon – Celtic name meaning prince

19. Bryan – Old Celtic name meaning high or noble (famous bearer – Canadian musician Bryan Adams)

20. Bryden – Scottish name meaning bridle maker

21. Burton – Old English name meaning fortified settlement (fictitious bearer – Psych character Burton Guster)

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with C

22. Caden – A name with many meanings; of Arabic origin, it means companion or friend, from English origins, it means warrior or fighter, in Old English, it means round or gentle, and in Welsh, it means spirit of battle or spirit of war

23. Calahan – Celtic name meaning one who loves churches

24. Calvin – Norman French name meaning little bald one

25. Cameron – Gaelic name meaning crooked nose or crooked river

26. Canaan – Hebrew name meaning from Palestine

27. Carlson – English name meaning free man

28. Carlton – Old English name meaning free man

29. Carmen – Hebrew name meaning garden or vineyard

30. Carson – Scottish/Irish name meaning son of the marsh-dwellers (famous bearer – American television host Carson Daly)

31. Caspian – English name meaning white

32. Cassian – Latin name meaning curly-headed

33. Clayton – Old English name meaning clay settlement

34. Colin – English name meaning people of victory

35. Colton – English name meaning from the coal or dark town

36.Corben – French name meaning raven (famous bearer – American actor Corben Bleu)

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with D

37. Dalton – Old English name meaning valley and settlement

38. Damen – Greek name meaning gentle

39. Damian – Greek name meaning to tame or subdue

40. Darren – Irish name meaning great

41. Dashawn – American name meaning who is like God

42. Dawson – Welsh name meaning son of David (fictitious bearer – Dawson’s Creek character Dawson Leery)

43. Dean – A name with double meanings; as an English name, it means valley and from Greek, it means monk (famous bearer – American singer Dean Martin)

44. Declan – Irish name meaning man of prayer or full of goodness

45. Devon – British name meaning deep valley dwellers

46. Donovan – Irish name meaning dark or brown-haired chieftain

47. Duncan – Scottish Gaelic name meaning dark-skinned warrior

48. Dustin – British name meaning Thor’s stone or thunderstone

49. Dylan – Welsh name meaning son of the sea or born of the ocean

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with E

50. Edwin – Old English name meaning rich friend

51. Elon – Hebrew name meaning oak tree (famous bearer – South African billionaire Elon Musk)

52. Elton – Old English name meaning enclosure or settlement (famous bearer – British singer Elton John)

53. Ethan – Hebrew name meaning firm, enduring, strong and long-lived (famous bearer – American actor Ethan Hawke)

54. Evan – Hebrew name meaning rock

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with F

55. Fabian – Latin name meaning bean-grower or bean-seller

56. Finnegan/Finn – Irish name meaning son of fairheaded

57. Flynn – Irish name meaning descendant of Flann

58. Franklin – English name meaning landowner of free but not noble origin

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with G

59. Gaston – French name meaning man from Gascony (fictitious bearer – Beauty and the Beast character Gaston)

60. Gaten – Name of English origin meaning a watchman (famous bearer – American actor Gaten Matarazzo)

61. Gavin – Scottish name meaning white hawk

62. Gideon – Hebrew name meaning great destroyer

63. Glenn – Irish/Scottish name meaning valley

64. Gordon – Scottish surname meaning spacious and fort (famous bearer – British chef Gordon Ramsay)

65. Grayson – British name meaning son of the gray-haired man

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with H

66. Harlynn – Old English name meaning army land

67. Hayden – Old English/German name meaning of the hay fields or fire

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with I

68. Ian – Scottish/Gaelic name meaning God is gracious

69. Ivan – Slavic name meaning God is gracious (variant of John)

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with J

70. Jackson/Jaxon – Old English name meaning son of Jack

71. Jamison – Scottish/Irish name meaning son of James

baby boy names ending in N: boy outside in field of flowers

72. Jason – Greek name meaning healer

73. Jayden – Hebrew name meaning thankful

74. Jermain – Latin/French name meaning brotherly or from Germany

75. Joaquin – Spanish name meaning established by God (famous bearer – American actor Joaquin Phoenix)

76. Jonathan/John/Jon – Hebrew name meaning God has given

77. Jordan – Hebrew name meaning to flow down or descend

78. Juan – Spanish name meaning God is gracious (variant of John)

79. Julian – Latin name meaning youthful

80. Justin – Latin name meaning just, fair or righteous (famous bearer – American singer Justin Timberlake)

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with K

81. Keagan – Irish name meaning fiery

82. Kevin – Irish name meaning handsome

83. Kieran – Irish name meaning little dark one or black-haired

84. Killian – Irish name meaning bright-headed or little warrior

85. Kolsen – American name meaning charcoal, son of Nicholas, or people of victory (variant of Colson)

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with L

86. Lachlan – Irish name meaning from the land of the lakes

87. Landon – British name meaning long hill (makes a good gender-neutral name)

88. Langston – British name meaning long stone

89. Lincoln – Old English name meaning lake or pool colony

90. Logan – Scottish name meaning little hollow (makes a good gender-neutral name)

91. Loren – Latin name meaning laurel

92. Lucian – Latin name meaning light

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with M

93. Marlon – American name meaning little warlike one or little hawk (famous bearer – American actor Marlon Brando)

94. Martin – Latin name meaning the god of war

95. Marvin – Welsh name meaning sea friend

96. Mason – Old French name meaning one who works with stone

97. Melvin – Irish name meaning gentle chieftain

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with N

98. Nathan – Hebrew name meaning gift of God

99. Nelson – English name meaning son of Nell or champion (famous bearer – former South African president Nelson Mandela)

100. Neven – Latin name meaning sacred, little saint of God or little bone

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101. Nolan – Irish name meaning noble or famous (famous bearer – American baseball player Nolan Ryan)

102. Norman – English name meaning man from the north

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with O

103. Orson – French name meaning bear cub (famous bearer – American actor Orson Welles)

104. Owen – Irish and Welsh name meaning noble, youthful and well-born (famous bearer – American actor Owen Wilson)

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with P

105. Paxton – British name meaning settlement, peace town (makes a good gender-neutral name)

106. Penn – English name meaning enclosure, hill

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with Q

107. Quin – Irish name meaning counsel, wisdom (makes a good gender-neutral name)

108. Quinten – Latin name meaning fifth

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with R

109. Rashawn – Arabic name meaning God is gracious

110. Raymon – Spanish name meaning wise protector, protecting hands

111. Remington – Old English name meaning raven-family town (makes a good gender-neutral name)

112. Ronin – Japanese name meaning wave man

113. Ruben – Spanish name meaning behold, a son

114. Ryan – Irish name meaning little king

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with S

115. Sean/Shawn – Irish name meaning God is gracious

116. Sebastian – Latin name meaning venerable or revered

117. Sheldon – British name meaning steep valley (makes a good gender-neutral name)

118. Simon – Hebrew name meaning listen (famous bearer – English TV personality Simon Cowell)

119. Stephen/Steven – Greek name meaning wreath or crown

120. Sullivan – Gaelic name meaning dark eyes

121. Sven – Scandinavian name meaning young man or young warrior

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with T

122. Tavon – Irish name meaning hillside

123. Tobin – Hebrew name meaning God is good

124. Tristan – French name meaning sad or sorrowful

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with V

125. Van – British name meaning marsh

126. Vernon – Name of Gaelic origin meaning alder tree

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with W

127. Waldon – Old English name meaning foreigner and valley

128. Walton – English name meaning fortified town

129. Warren – French/English name meaning park keeper

130. Wilson – British name meaning son of William

131. Winston – British name meaning joyful stone

Baby Boy Names Ending in N: Starting with Z

132. Zain/Zayn – Muslim name meaning beauty, pretty

Still looking for the best baby boy names ending in N? Check out The Name Book. It has over 10,000 baby names, with origins, meanings, and spiritual significance. It’s a great resource to find the perfect baby’s name and a middle name to go with it.

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Photo by Bess Hamiti

Personalized Gifts for Baby Boy Names Ending in N

Now that you have picked out the perfect baby boy name ending in N, check out these cute, personalized gifts and room decor.

personalized onesie and hat set with baby dinosaur

Onesie and Hat Set

Get this adorable onesie and hat set as your little boy’s going home outfit or for the first photo shoot of your baby boy whose name ends in N.

Swaddle and Hat Set

This swaddle and hat set makes a cute hospital blanket for your little one. Use it when guests come over or during your newborn photo session.

blue elephant bathrobe


Keep your little guy warm after bath time with his own personalized bathrobe.


With nine designs, you can find the perfect bib for your baby. And it’s large enough to be used for quite a while.

blue baby blanket with airplane


Add your baby boy’s name to this custom blanket perfect for baby to snuggle with.

Woodland Blanket

This personalized blanket makes the perfect addition to your baby’s woodland themed nursery. And it matches the swaddle and hat set beautifully.

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Teddy Bear Lovey

For a cuddly companion, get this teddy bear lovey personalized with your baby’s name.

baby's first Christmas ornament: baby in blue stocking

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This baby’s first Christmas ornament will be such a cute addition to your Christmas tree. And you can start an annual Christmas tradition for your baby.

green growth chart with animals

Growth Chart

Watch and track your little one grow, with this personalized growth chart. And never worry about losing those memories by moving or repainting.

first and middle name sign for nursery

First and Middle Name Sign

Personalize your baby’s nursery with his very own first and middle name sign. Hang it over the crib or add it to an accent wall for a beautiful art piece.


There you have it: over 100 adorable baby boy names ending in N and some of the cutest personalized gifts for your new baby.

Did you find the perfect first or middle names for your new little bundle of joy from our list of boy names? Let us know your great choice in the comments.

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