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Best Baby Sound Machines for Newborns and Toddlers in 2024

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Which baby sound machines are best for newborns and toddlers?

Before my son was born, I had a coworker who insisted that I couldn’t live without a baby sound machine. However, my husband wasn’t completely sold on the idea since he needs white noise to fall asleep. He didn’t want to put that burden on a child.

However, after many many nights of very little sleep, we gave in, and I have found the best baby sound machines for newborns and toddlers (as we still use many of these two years in).

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Sound Machine, for Mom?

Before I give you the absolute best baby sound machines for newborns and toddlers, let me suggest that you get yourself a sound machine as well.

I actually use the White Noise Lite app and set it to play for 20 minutes. I’m usually asleep by then and not so out of it that I can’t hear my little one.

If you’re a new mom or a mom-to-be, there is a period when your baby will finally sleep through the night. HOORAY!!!

But since you’ve been operating on weird schedules and no sleep, you are now unable to fall asleep. It’s so FRUSTRATING!

Get a sound machine or get the app. Do what you need to get some sleep!

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Photo by Laura Garcia

Best Baby Sound Machines for Newborns and Toddlers

white owl baby soother

Skip Hop Baby Soother

I actually purchased the portable version of this baby sound machine before purchasing this one. Only because we weren’t planning on using any baby sound machines. (I was young and naive then, now I know better.) Only because I’ve seen them work.

The reason I chose this soother is because it came with the same sounds as the portable one I was already using, and I knew my son was used to hearing it. So, I’ve actually only used one of the eight sounds available.

I use this baby sound machine for my son’s naps. It runs on electric, so it can run for hours. The volume is adjustable so as not to hurt your little one’s ears. But my son was a horrible napper, and this soother has been the best thing to get him to sleep for an entire nap.

Finally, this baby soother also comes with night light feature and star projection, which I’ve never even used. But I think we are entering the night light phase, so I’m super excited to already have one on hand.

portable white owl baby soother

Skip Hop Portable Baby Soother

I know I said we weren’t planning on using a baby sound machine when my son was born; however, this portable baby soother (and the Shusher below) were my two must-haves.

The number one thing I love about this soother, is that it’s portable. So yes, that means it will hang from your stroller, packs easily in your diaper bag, and works like a dream!

I made sure to pack this in my hospital bag, so it was available night one at the hospital. It makes this whooshing noise (which might actually be the ocean, but I think it sounds like what your baby would hear in the womb). So, I thought it was perfect to cover up all the hospital noises. I put it right in his bassinet (at his feet) to give him a little comfort.

I don’t know how much I’ve talked about my son not liking to sleep, but I’ve also used this portable baby sound machine, hanging from the stroller, as I pushed my son through the house (urging him to fall asleep). I honestly can’t tell you how many miles my husband pushed that stroller while he gave me a couple hours rest.

And finally, I’m still using this soother two years in as my son’s nighttime sound machine. It works on batteries and only plays for an hour, so it’s just long enough for him to fall into a deep sleep. And you can adjust the volume, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your little one’s ears.

baby sound machines: sleeping baby, baby shusher, and owl sound machine
orange and white Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher is by far the most magical thing on earth when trying to get your newborn to fall asleep.

I learned about this during my childbirth class and knew it had to be at the top of my baby registry. And it’s so simple. It’s just a baby sound machine that makes a shushing noise (so you don’t have to).

There’s a method using the 5 S’s to Soothe a Baby by Dr. Harvey Karp and the Shusher just happens to be the third S:

  1. Swaddle – get a Velcro swaddle wrap for the perfect swaddle
  2. Side or Stomach – hold your baby on their side or belly
  3. Shush – make the shushing noise (or get the Baby Shusher)
  4. Swing – rock your arms gently back and forth, while supporting baby’s head and neck (never shake your baby)
  5. Suck – allow your baby to suck a pacifier (only if breastfeeding is established)

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I used this method one night when my son would not calm down. I was out of ideas, sleep-deprived and then I remembered the 5 S’s. It was a little miracle at 3 in the morning.

I will add that once you’re out of the newborn phase, the Shusher loses some of its magical powers, but that hasn’t stopped me from gifting it to every new mom I know.

Best Musical Toys for Newborns and Toddlers

blue and gray hedgehog soother

Fisher Price Calming Vibes Hedgehog Soother

While this is listed as a soother, I don’t classify it as a baby sound machine, simply because it does not have a continuous play option. However, this hedgehog soother was AMAZING at keeping my little guy calm for middle of the night diaper changes. And works even now that we’ve hit the terrible twos.

It vibrates and plays music and calming noises. And now that my son is a bit older, he can press it himself and enjoys going through the musical rotation. And he loves snuggling the hedgehog.

And when he’s losing it during a tantrum or meltdown, I place the soother against his belly or his cheek, and the vibrations calm him down (most of the time).

And a bonus feature: the hedgehog is washable once the electronics are removed.

Baby Einstein take along tunes musical toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

I’ve added this musical toy to this list of baby sound machines because it got us through some very difficult diaper changes.

So, although it’s not a sound machine and doesn’t have a continuous play option, it does play 10 melodies of classical music. It has a volume control, which comes in handy late at night. It makes a great teether, when the time comes.

And now that I have a toddler, the Take Along Tunes musical toy is perfect for long car rides and cleans easily.


There you have it: the best baby sound machines for your newborn or toddler. Hopefully, you’ve found a baby sound machine that can get your baby sleeping through the night, so you can finally get some rest.

What’s your favorite baby sound machine? Let us know in the comments.

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Best Baby Sound Machines for Newborns and Toddlers in 2024

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