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21 Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

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What is the best gift for a nursing mother?

Are you heading to a baby shower and looking for a special gift for the mom-to-be? Or maybe her birthday or holiday is coming up?

This list of best gifts for breastfeeding moms is sure to have something that nursing mom will love. Whether she’d like something practical or sentimental, something to make life a little easier or something better for the environment, I’ve got you covered. There’s even stuff you can get for FREE!

Don’t wait until the last minute to get the perfect gift for the breastfeeding mom you know.

Give her something she’ll absolutely love!

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What do you put in a breastfeeding gift basket?

First, let’s talk about giving a breastfeeding basket as your gift to a nursing mom. Why would you do it? And what would you put in it?

I love giving baskets for gifts! And in this case, the basket can actually be part of the gift for the nursing momma to use as her breastfeeding station.

And putting together a breastfeeding gift basket allows you to give more than just one incredible item for that mom-to-be or that momma who is currently in the middle of her breastfeeding journey.

Depending on the size of the basket you purchase, you could put many of the items I’ve included below.

But don’t forget to include some personal touches: a gift certificate to a spa, gift cards to her favorite store, books from her favorite author, a certificate for an online breastfeeding class (if she hasn’t started yet), or even a bottle of wine (to celebrate the end of her journey).

And while putting together an entire gift basket of the best gifts for breastfeeding moms can get a little pricey, it doesn’t have to be.

Use the code SIP50 to get an incredible discount on these breastfeeding gifts (some are even FREE!):
Nursing Bracelets
Washable Breast Pads
Nursing Covers
Nursing Pillows
Charger Extending Pod

Without further ado, here’s the absolute best gifts for breastfeeding moms to give at a baby shower or for an upcoming holiday!

Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms: Breastfeeding Must Haves

pink water bottle

Water Bottle

Take care of your breastfeeding momma by giving her this cute water bottle. It will remind her to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Breastmilk is made up of nearly 90% water, so it’s important to drink up each time she nurses.

Boppy nursing pillow

Nursing Pillow

The Boppy Nursing Pillow is a great way for mom to rest her back while breastfeeding her baby.

The more pillows when breastfeeding, the easier it is for mom and baby to get comfortable and be supported. So, a nursing pillow tops the list of best gifts for breastfeeding moms.

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black and white striped nursing cover as a breastfeeding gift for moms

Nursing Cover

This nursing cover converts to a car seat cover, a stroller cover, and a shopping cart cover. It’s the best multipurpose gift for breastfeeding moms.

washable nursing pads

Reusable Nursing Pads

These washable breast pads are the best gifts for breastfeeding moms, concerned with the environment.

With two color options, they are easily hidden under clothes, super absorbent and are soft enough even on sensitive skin (especially during winter itch season).

Lansinoh breastfeeding kit

Breastfeeding Starter Set

Show your support to the breastfeeding momma, by giving her this Lansinoh Breastfeeding Starter Set. It includes 24 disposable nursing pads, a set of breast therapy packs, nipple cream and a nipple everter to help with an easier latch.

blue lactation massager

Lactation Massager

The LaVie Lactation Massager is helpful for so many breastfeeding problems moms have.

Use it to clear clogged ducts, for faster flow, and to allow baby to latch easier. It’s even helpful for emptying the breasts more efficiently when pumping.

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Lansinoh breast pump and Hakaa

Breastmilk Collection Set

Even if momma wants to exclusively breastfeed, there will come a time when she’ll need to be away from her baby. This breastmilk collection set offers two ways for the breastfeeding mom to collect milk when she can’t be with baby.

The manual breast pump allows mom to extract milk when she’s away from baby or if she becomes engorged.

The Hakaa breastmilk collector is the best way to collect milk even while feeding the baby. Just attach it to the opposite breast and catch the milk that may otherwise be lost to a breast pad.

I especially love this model because it has a lid and a neck strap, so if baby kicks it off, all that milk is not lost.

pink jar of organic nipple butter

Organic Nipple Butter

To help momma ease into breastfeeding, gift this Organic Nipple Butter by Mama Earth. Ease mom’s fears of what goes into baby’s mouth with this nipple butter that is free of preservatives.

Frida Mom breast kit

Frida Mom Breast Care Kit

This breast care kit has everything a new breastfeeding mom needs for her tired ta-tas. It comes with a lactation massager, breast warmers and two types of breast masks: one for lactation and one for hydration.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter kit

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Care Kit

This Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Care Kit is great at restoring skin of belly and breast and eases sore nipples.

best gifts for breastfeeding moms: woman breastfeeding her baby while on her phone

Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms: Make Life Easy

round night light

Nursery Night Light

With three light settings, this nursey night light really helps mom find her way in the dark nursery (without waking baby). It’s much easier to get the baby back to sleep after a feeding, if the baby didn’t fully wake up.

set of 3 nursing tops: purple, black, and floral

Cute Nursing Tops

This set of nursing tops makes the top of my list of best gifts for breastfeeding moms to make life easy.

There are so many maternity clothes and postpartum clothes that are so bland or just plain ugly that the nursing mom in your life will really appreciate these cute tops. They also come in many different color options, so there’s something everyone would love.

if you can read this, bring me pizza socks

Snacking Socks

It’s no joke that breastfeeding uses a lot of calories, and that new momma is gonna be hungry! Give her a laugh with these snacking socks and hopefully her partner will take the hint.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot

This Instant Pot will be an instant hit with a nursing momma who doesn’t have time for much else.

Not sure if she’d like an Instant Pot? A new mom will never turn down a home-cooked meal. Make your best dish and drop it off after the baby comes (preferably in a dish she doesn’t have to wash and return).

black massage pillow as a gift for breastfeeding moms

Massage Pillow

Breastfeeding can cause a lot of soreness in the neck and back. And while I would suggest getting that new nursing momma a gift certificate for a massage, she might not be up to that anytime soon.

That’s where this massage pillow comes in. This thing has been great to use all over my back. I’m actually using mine as I type this.

box of Milkscreen test strips

Milkscreen Test

It’s recommended that breastfeeding mommas not drink alcohol. And it’s already been nine months drink free.

That’s why these Milkscreen test strips are one of the best gifts for breastfeeding moms. They allow mom to test her breastmilk after drinking alcohol to make sure the milk is safe for baby.

This is also why the breastmilk collection set is such a nice gift for breastfeeding moms. She can feed the baby the milk she has previously pumped with the Hakaa and dump any milk that tests positive for alcohol.

Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms: Sentimental Items

best mom ever bracelet


Okay, so this bracelet may seem a little cheesy. But when that new mom is in the throes of breastfeeding (and is up all hours of the night), she could use a reminder that she is doing a great job.

And the reason that this bracelet is one of the best gifts for breastfeeding moms is because that momma will need to keep track of which side she fed from last. All she has to do is switch the bracelet and she has her reminder!

Plus, there’s no small pieces to come off and risk the baby choking.

breastmilk necklace

Breastmilk Jewelry Making Kit

I wish I would have known about this Breastmilk Jewelry Making Kit from Milky Treasures when I was breastfeeding. It’s the best gift for breastfeeding moms who are a little sentimental.

It’s the perfect way to capture a piece of a nursing mom’s breastfeeding journey, so she always have a way to remember it.

Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms: Tech Gadgets

iPhone phone charger
Android phone charger

Extra-Long Phone Charger

Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, get that nursing mom an extra-long phone charger so she never runs out of juice and can charge her phone or tablet from anywhere.

Each breastfeeding session can last up to 40 minutes or more, so momma will need something to do during that time.

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

These Bluetooth headphones are the perfect way for mom to enjoy all her techy gadgets while baby is blissfully enjoying his meal without any interruptions.

Fire HD tablet


Get this Fire HD Tablet so momma can watch her favorite movies, read her favorite books, or even play some fun games to pass the time. You could even get her a gift card to download the apps she needs.


There you have it: the absolute best gifts for breastfeeding moms. Whether it’s a must-have item, something to make her life a little easier, something sentimental, or even a tech gadget, the breastfeeding mom in your life is sure to love these gifts and the thought that you put into it.

Did you find the best gift for breastfeeding moms from our list or were you a breastfeeding mom who has some gift ideas of her own to share? Let us know in the comments.

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best gifts for breastfeeding moms: woman breastfeeding her baby

21 Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

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