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The Perfect Breast Pumping Station Can Easily Be Set Up with These 15 Items

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How do you make a breast pumping station?

There could be many reasons you have for needing to pump breastmilk.

You’re heading back to work. You have a baby that cannot latch properly. You want to feed your baby breastmilk, but you don’t want to (or can’t) nurse.

Whatever your reason, whatever your need and wherever you may need to pump, you should consider setting up a breast pumping station.

Now, this may be easier if you’re at home and can have a special place for all your pump supplies.

But it can be just as simple to create a breast pumping station at work or in someone’s home you may be visiting.

You just need a list of things to get ready and some organization to set it up. And soon you’ll be on your way to providing milk for your baby!

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desk, desk chair and laptop
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Can I pump breast milk at my desk?

You may be heading back to work and need to start pumping milk for your baby while you’re away.

So, where do you pump?

You can absolutely pump breastmilk at your desk! I would first talk to your manager or HR, if they are comfortable with this.

And if you work in an open cubicle, as opposed to a private office, you may want to look into a more private area.

But regardless of the comfort level of you or your colleagues, it is feasible to pump while you are working.

And there are many ways to accomplish this.

You could opt for a wearable breast pump, that slides into your bra. Or use a hands-free bra to keep the breast shields attached while you’re busy doing other things. Then use a nursing cover for extra privacy.

Practice at home using your pump along with the accessories before you’re back in the office so you have some idea of what you are doing.

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What do you put in a breast pumping station?

plush chair in front of window
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Private, Comfy Area

The first thing you need to be successful when using your breast pump is finding a clean, comfortable space that is private and somewhat quiet.

If you’re pumping while in your own home, this should be a simple task. You just need to be close to an outlet to plug in your breast pump.

And if you’re pumping at a friend’s home, still not that big of a deal.

However, if you are pumping at work, this is something you should address before your maternity leave, so you know they’ll have a place ready for you when you get back. You do not have to pump in the bathroom.

Once you have that space, make sure it is private. It has a locking door, or you can carry a breastfeeding cover in your pump bag.

Make sure that the area is clean, and you have washed your hands. And the pumping attachments are cleaned before your pumping session and again after.

Finally, make sure you have something to remind you of your baby. Pumping can be a struggle in the beginning. So, if you have something of your baby, it can cause a letdown to happen easier.

Either a video (especially if your little one is crying), a picture, or something that smells like your baby should do the trick.

Once you get the hang of using the pump, you won’t need this stimulus anymore. But it doesn’t hurt to be able to look at your little one during the day.

gray and white caddy

Caddy or Pump Bag

If you’re pumping at home, I suggest getting a caddy or small basket to keep your pumping supplies in one place.

In your pumping at work, you’ll want to have a breast pump bag to carry everything.

If you have your own office or even a locker, you can keep a double set of items at work, in case you forget something at home.

You may even want to have two pumps. Keep one at work and just take the attachments home each day to wash.

blue and gray infinity nursing covers

Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is totally optional when you’re using a breast pump. But it may be something nice to have at your breast pumping station, if you are in an area that might not be private.

If you’re new to using the breast pump, you might not want to be covered up. This way you can be sure everything is hooked up properly and working correctly.

However, you could be in a situation that you have to share a pump room with another mom. You might have to pump in your car. Or you might even be at a family gathering where someone may walk in on you.

If it would make you more comfortable to be covered, then throw a small nursing cover in your pump bag so you’re always prepared if you need it. (Use code SIP50 to get an extra nursing cover.)

A nursing cover also makes it easier to work from your desk while you are pumping.

breast pump and bottles

Breast Pump and Essentials

If you’re getting ready for a pumping session, it’s important to have the pump and all the attachments cleaned and ready to go.

If you’re pumping at home, separate your dry pump parts into Ziploc bags to keep them clean in your breast pumping station. You’ll want to clean these between each use and restock your breast pumping station before your next session.

If you’re pumping away from home, check out everything you’ll need to pack in your breast pump bag, so you are prepared to have a successful pumping session.

hands-free pumping bra

Hands Free Bra

A hands-free pumping bra is essential if you want to do anything else while you are pumping.

You could spend up to an hour or more a day pumping breastmilk while you’re away from home, so you may need to do other things during that time.

This hands-free bra lets you do that. This bra works with detachable breast shields. Double check that you are buying detachable breast shields when buying replacement pump parts.

If you are using a wearable breast pump, you can actually use your regular bra to discreetly hide the pumps.

Medela collection bottle

Empty Collection Bottles

You’ll need at least two collection bottles while pumping. But you’ll want to have some extras close by in your breast pumping station.

If you’re lucky you may actually fill those bottles and need to change out.

Or if you’re like me, you’ll have a super clumsy moment and knock everything on the floor and need some clean bottles.

Either way, you’ll be prepared.

pack of 10 Gerber cloth diapers

Cloth Diapers

Your baby may be nowhere in sight when you’re using your breast pump, so why do you need cloth diapers?

I don’t know about you, but I am super messy, especially when I have no way to clean it up.

I’ve removed breast shields and milk ends up in my bra, on my shirt, and has dripped onto my pants. Cloth diapers were the best thing I could find to clean up myself and wipe off the pump parts.

I actually used cloth diapers as burp cloths for my little guy, since they are so absorbent and so big.

If you don’t have cloth diapers, you can certainly use a burp cloth or a small towel. Just keep it nearby in your breast pumping station, so you’re ready for any spills. And don’t forget to wash and replace it.

breast pumping station: electric breast pump
kitchen timer
Photo by Chitokan


While the breast pump is able to run at a higher speed for a short amount of time to stimulate a letdown, it does not have a timer, so you won’t know when to stop pumping.

Make sure you have your phone or a clock available near your breast pumping station, so you know how long you’ve been pumping. Anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes should be long enough to pump enough milk in a session.

If you have a consistent pumping schedule, you could be getting 3 to 6 ounces during each pumping session.

Lansinoh nipple cream

Nipple Cream

You may have had to use nipple cream when you first started your breastfeeding journey. And at this point, you might not even need it anymore.

However, once you start using your breast pump, the breast shields could cause some unpleasant chafing. To be prepared, keep a small tube of nipple cream in your breast pumping station.

box of disposable breast pads

Breast Pads

You’ll want to keep an extra set of breast pads in your breast pumping station. If you’re pumping at home, you can use washables breast pads. (Use code SIP50 to get a free set of breast pads.)

But if you’re away from home, I recommend using disposable breast pads. This way you won’t have to worry about carrying around the soiled set. And these ones are so slim, they are easily concealed under your clothes.

pack of 3 cleaning wipes

Cleaning Wipes

If you’re not going to be washing your pump parts between uses, which is recommended, then you’ll want to get these cleaning wipes.

I always rinsed all the pump parts (separately) with hot water, then wiped everything down with these wipes. Then let them dry completely before the next use.

At the end of the workday, I would wash everything. And then use this sanitizing bag a few times a week to make sure everything was as clean as could be.

The cleaning wipes are also great to wipe down any surfaces before you start pumping. A little way to put your mind at ease if you haven’t personally cleaned the area yourself.

phone, earbuds and watch
Photo by Jess Bailey Designs

Phone and Charger

No matter where you pump (at home, work, or a friend’s house), you want to keep your phone on hand.

You’re going to need a timer or clock. You might have the baby video saved on there. Or you might need something to keep you distracted while you’re pumping.

Keep an extra-long charge cord (or use code SIP50 to get this charging pod) in your breast pumping station, so you always have a full charge.

laptop, tablet, and phone
Photo by Pixabay

TV Remote, Tablet or Computer

If you’re pumping at home, make sure you keep that TV remote or tablet in your breast pumping station. These sessions take time and can get boring day in and day out.

If you’re working, once you are comfortable with the process you can easily sit at a computer and continue to answer emails and go on with work as usual.

Just be sure that you have the privacy you need, so you know you can pump without worrying about being interrupted.

hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

You should always wash your hands prior to handling breastmilk.

But if you don’t have access to water, hand sanitizer is the next best thing. It’s always good to keep some wherever you may be using your breast pump.

bottle of water and fresh fruit
Photo by Alex Azabache

Water and Snacks

Finally, the thing all breastfeeding moms need no matter where they are is water and snacks.

I suggest getting yourself a cute water bottle and carry it with you wherever you go, as a reminder throughout the day.

To keep your energy up throughout the day, keep these protein bars in your breast pumping station.

And if you’re looking for a way to keep your milk supply strong, try these lactation bars.


There you have it: everything you need to keep in your breast pumping station to be successful at collecting milk while you’re away from your baby. It can be hard to get the hang of using a breast pump, so give yourself grace and try not to stress too much. You’ll catch on sooner than you think!

Is there anything you found to be most helpful to keep in your breast pumping station? Let us know in the comments.

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