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40+ Fun Easter Activities for Toddlers

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What to do with toddlers at Easter?

Can you believe the Easter bunny will be coming to town very soon?

I don’t know where the time goes with these little ones.

But holidays are the best time to start a new tradition with your kiddo by doing some easy Easter activities for toddlers.

You’ve come to the right place for all things Easter. And you can easily find something to do each day leading up to the holiday.

Use these simple activities to have some extra fun for the holiday or even as Easter decor for your home.

Grab your kiddo and some clothes you don’t mind getting messy and get started on these fun activities.

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What are some activities for Easter?

There’s a lot of toddler approved Easter activities out there, so there should be something you can enjoy doing together. Or something that will keep them busy while you cook Easter dinner.

There are special ways to decorate eggs, printable activities, scavenger hunts, craft and painting projects, and even educational activities disguised as fun! Check out all the ideas below.

Easter Activities for Toddlers: Easter Egg Ideas

Painted Easter Eggs

A simple activity from Rainy Day Mum. If you don’t want your kiddos dipping eggs into colored dye, have them paint them instead!

set of four painted eggs

Whipped Cream Easter Eggs

Lorena & Lennox has one of the best ideas for coloring Easter eggs with toddlers. And the best part is all the ingredients are edible, so you don’t have to worry about your little one licking his hands.

bowl of whipped cream Easter eggs

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

This great idea comes from Making Joy and Pretty Things. Use shaving cream to have your toddler create a work of art from simple hard-boiled eggs.

Easter eggs colored with shaving cream

Blown-Out Easter Eggs

Lorena & Lennox has an easy-to-follow tutorial for making blown-out Easter eggs. It’s a fun activity where older toddlers can blow out the eggs themselves. And then do some Easter egg painting.

bowl of painted Easter eggs

Easter Activities for Toddlers: Printable Activities

Easter Coloring Pages

Grab four different Easter coloring pages from Dresses and Dinosaurs. They are a great activity for young children and older kids as well. Get some washable crayons, so you don’t have to worry about marks all over your home.

Easter coloring page with bunny and egg

Easter Coloring Pages

For even more coloring fun, grab these Easter coloring pages from Three Kids, Three Cats, and a Husband. It’s a great way to keep little hands busy on Easter morning, so you can get something done.

Easter coloring page with chick and eggs

Easter Chick Templates

Use these templates from Lil Tigers as coloring sheets, invitations, decorations, or a fun chick craft. These fun Easter activities offer a great time for young toddlers and older kids.

Easter chick template with yellow tissue paper

Easter Dot Marker Printable

This simple toddler activity from Two Pink Peonies will keep your little one busy with less mess. Add these printable sheets and some dot markers to those Easter baskets to entertain your toddler while you prepare your Easter meal.

dot marker printables of an egg, a cross, and a heart

Easter Maze Worksheets

These 10 Easter mazes from The Simple Homeschooler are a fun way for your toddler to enjoy this holiday season. They can even be used as preschool Easter activities or in church.

Easter themed mazes

Easter Dot Sticker Activity

This fun Easter activity from Two Pink Peonies can be used two ways. Use it as a simple sticker decorating activity or as a fun game of letter recognition.

Easter egg printable decorated with dot stickers

Handprint and Footprint Crafts

Mimosas and Motherhood has a set of handprint and footprint craft printable templates you can do with your toddler. These are such precious gifts to give to grandparents during this time of year.

handprint and footprint bunnies

Easter Activities for Toddlers: Scavenger Hunts

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Use this scavenger hunt list from Dresses and Dinosaurs to make your Easter egg hunt a little more challenging. It’s a great idea if you have a bunch of children searching for eggs together.

basket of decorated eggs

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

For even more fun on Easter morning, try these cute Easter clues from Homeschool of 1. Using the scavenger hunt is a great way for your kiddo to find their hidden Easter basket.

set of four Easter-themed scavenger hunt clues

Resurrection Eggs Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate the reason for the season and teach your toddler the Easter story, use this scavenger hunt from Approaching Home. All you need is the printable cards and some plastic eggs numbered 1-18.

carton of plastic eggs and scripture cards

Easter Activities for Toddlers: Craft Ideas

Easter Egg Bunny Craft

This is such a cute Easter bunny craft from Mama of Minis. Using two brass fasteners, you can hide a bunny under a decorated Easter egg, which then turns into the bunny’s ears. Your little one will love moving the ears to reveal the sweet little bunny.

bunny with egg-shaped ears

Easter Egg Sun Catcher

Make this beautiful Easter craft from Crafts by Amanda with some clear contact paper and colored tissue paper. It’s a fun activity that toddlers and even big kids will enjoy!

colorful Easter egg sun catcher

Washi Tape Easter Egg

The Gingerbread House offers another easy Easter activity for toddlers. Give your toddler your leftover pieces of washi tape to make a beautiful egg sun catcher.

washi tape Easter egg sun catcher

Easter and Spring Craft Templates

For a collection of Easter activities for toddlers, check out all the fun templates from Crafting Jeannie. With a selection including bunnies, flowers, chicks, peeps, and eggs, there’s enough Easter ideas to keep every toddler busy.

set of paper bunnies with carrots

Bunny Bags

Fun A Day has ideas for decorating bags as little bunnies for your toddler’s egg hunts this Easter season. It’s a simple craft that all kids can do, especially if you’re having a multi-family egg hunt.

gift bags decorated as bunnies
Easter activities for toddlers: stack of playdough, egg suncatcher, paper weave Easter baskets, butterfly painting, peep playdough, and egg pegboard

Paper Weaving Easter Basket

For another unique basket to use for your Easter egg hunt, try making this simple craft from Living Life and Learning. Some brightly colored paper really makes these Easter baskets stand out.

set of 4 paper weaved Easter baskets

Egg Carton Treasure Chest

Plate in 28 has a great upcycled craft using old egg cartons. Some paint, stickers and leftover craft supplies are all your toddler needs to make little bins to hold small treasures.

little girl holding a decorated egg carton

Easter Bunny Craft

This craft idea from Ottawa Mommy Club requires most of the prep work to be done by mom. But once it’s finished, your kiddo will have a cute bunny scene they can play with over and over.

Easter bunny in a carrot patch

Easter Activities for Toddlers: Painting Activities

Easter Egg Symmetry Painting

For beautiful Easter decorations your child can make themselves, try this fun activity from Little Ladoo. Use their free template to make your own egg project even easier.

colorful set of Easter egg symmetry paintings

Cookie Cutter Easter Art

For an easy craft to do with your toddler, check out this beautiful Easter artwork from Fun A Day. Get some washable paints for less mess for a fun Easter activity for toddlers.

Easter cookie cutter paintings

Easter Friends Paint Resist

For a unique Easter activity for toddlers, head over to Homan at Home. Get instructions on how to make these paint resist crafts using their Easter friends’ template, paints and a paper plate.

Easter friends painted on paper plates

Painting with Jelly Beans

Use your favorite jelly beans to make this piece of art from Two Kids and a Coupon. It’s the best toddler activity to keep your little one busy trying out all the different colors.

butterfly painting with jelly beans

Marshmallow Painting with Peeps

This Easter activity for toddlers from Dragon Mama is so much fun and is a really beautiful piece of artwork. Just remember to supervise your kiddo to keep him from eating a paint-covered peep.

2 marshmallow paintings

Easter Stamp Art

This Easter activity from Taming Little Monsters gives your kids hours of fun. And the best part is the stamps are washable, so you can reuse them later.

Easter egg stamp

Handprint Bunny Keepsake

I love this Easter idea from Bunny’s Garden. Just get a large wooden bunny and have your children put their handprints on it. It’s a beautiful addition to your Easter decorations, and it’s something you can look at fondly of when your children were smaller.

large wooden bunny with children's handprints, Easter baskets and little girl

Easter Activities for Toddlers: Educational Activities

Easter Playdough

Crafts by Amanda has an Easter playdough recipe that will keep your toddler entertained all day. It’s one of my favorite ways to get kids of all ages playing together.

stack of pastel colored play dough

Peeps Playdough

This playdough recipe from Living Life and Learning is a fun twist on regular Easter playdough. And the best part is, since it’s made with Peeps, it’s edible!

yellow Peep lying on play dough

Bunny Alphabet Matching Game

This simple activity from Ottawa Mommy Club will bring all the kids together this time of year. Print out the eggs and bunnies and let the kids enjoy this Easter matching game.

decorated eggs with letters

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Easter Sensory Bin

Set up this sensory bin from Two Pink Peonies with a few simple ingredients to have your toddler using their imagination and working their fine motor skills.

Easter themed sensory bin

Easter Bunny Sensory Bin

This fun Easter sensory bin from Taming Little Monsters combines sensory play, fine motor skills, and counting skills. Check out all their other sensory activities for even more fun ideas!

Easter sensory bin with bunny and eggs

Color Sorting Sensory Bin

Simply Full of Delight shows you how to make your own color sorting bin for sensory play. This sensory bin is like having a miniature Easter egg hunt right in your house!

sensory bin with Easter grass, eggs, flowers, and scoop

Easter Bunny Sensory Bin

The two ingredients of this simple activity from And Next Comes L uses foam bunnies and water. By sticking these shapes to a window or mirror, your little one can begin to understand early math concepts such as patterning.

foam bunnies floating in water

Easter Egg Pegboard

This fine motor skills activity comes from Taming Little Monsters. With just a cardboard box, you can easily make this pegboard for your toddler.

Easter egg peg board with different colored pegs

Easter Egg Puzzles

Make these Easter egg puzzles from Little Ladoo for a busy toddler activity that will last all Easter season. Simple puzzles are the best way to introduce your little one to this new activity.

set of 8 felt egg puzzles

Easter Egg Submarines

Team Cartwright has come up with a fun water play activity. Have your little decorate some plastic eggs and then fill them with some basic supplies to use as egg fillers. Discuss with your toddler whether the eggs will sink or float. It’s a simple science experiment for young minds.

Easter egg submarines

Easter Light Table Activity

And Next Comes L has the perfect activity to develop fine motor skills. Using plastic eggs and colorful buttons, this Easter activity for toddlers involves color matching, sorting and counting.

light table with Easter eggs and buttons

Easter Egg Stacking Challenges

Try these 3 egg stacking challenges from Team Cartwright. Using plastic Easter eggs, this is the perfect opportunity to include the whole family in on some Easter fun.

plastic eggs stacked as a bridge

Easter Slime

This updated version of a timeless science activity comes from One Crazy Mom. You don’t need baking soda or boric acid to make this fun Easter activity for toddlers.

pink and yellow Easter slime with Easter eggs


There you have it: some of our favorite Easter activities for toddlers. With ideas for decorating Easter eggs, printable activities, scavenger hunts, craft and painting ideas, and educational activities, I hope I was able to help you find exactly what you were looking for this Easter.

Let us know which Easter activity was your favorite in the comments.

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