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21 Fun Easter Traditions for Toddlers

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How do you make Easter special for toddlers?

Starting new traditions and creating memories is one of the best jobs of motherhood. And holidays are a great time to start a new tradition.

Toddlers don’t know that a certain day of the year is special. (Mine certainly doesn’t know that Saturdays are for sleeping in.)

But the way to make this holiday extra special is by creating Easter traditions for toddlers.

If it’s something you do year after year, it gives them something to look forward to and creates a unique link within your family.

Your little one will look back on these years fondly, remembering all the good times and memories made in your home.

And you certainly don’t have to have a bunch of traditions to make this (or any) holiday special. Pick the ones that you want to incorporate (and have time for) and just do those.

Any activity you plan for your little one should add to the holiday, not make you a tired and cranky momma. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, as well!

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What are fun Easter traditions?

flower with Happy Easter sign
Photo by Alena Koval

Easter Traditions for Toddlers: Getting Ready Ideas

These getting ready for Easter ideas can start such a fun tradition for toddlers by preparing them for the upcoming holiday and including them in on the fun. Bonus for you as your kids grow, they’ll want to do more of the holiday prep work.

ceramic Easter bunny surrounded by eggs
Photo by Jill Wellington

1. Visit the Easter Bunny

This is right up there with meeting Santa Claus.

If your kiddo isn’t a fan of the jolly, old elf, he may not take too well to a giant, life-sized rabbit. But you never know until you try. And it can make for some fun photos.

If your little one is spooked, get the whole family involved. Some places even offer days for your fur babies to meet the Easter Bunny.

candles and egg decorations

2. Decorate your home

You’ve decorated your home for Christmas, Thanksgiving, probably even Halloween, so why not Easter?

It’s a great way to get over the winter blues, and it can be something as simple as hanging a wreath on your front door.

Some cute throw pillows, a table runner, or some Easter signs would brighten up in the inside of your home. Your toddler could make some Easter crafts to hang (check out those ideas below). You could even make a little springtime fairy garden.

Easter tree with ornaments
Photo by Ioana Motoc

3. Make an Easter tree

Sticking with the decorating ideas, have your little one help make an Easter egg tree.

You can do this outdoors or inside.

For an outdoor tree, choose a tree that has lost its leaves and get some plastic Easter eggs and some string. Then tie the eggs to the tree branches. Just make sure to cut all the string from the tree branches when you’re done, so the tree can continue to grow.

For an indoor Easter tree, choose a small tree you could use as a table centerpiece, then hang Easter ornaments to decorate the tree. You can purchase some trees with their own set of ornaments, or you can make your own.

April calendar with colored egg
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich

4. Easter countdown

Easter falls on a different day every year, so if you want to create a countdown you can use year after year, don’t have rely on the number days of the calendar.

Instead think of using the 12 or 14 days leading up to Easter as your Easter countdown.

Create a paper chain countdown, where you unlink one of the chains each day before Easter.

Or use Easter eggs made from construction paper to decorate the walls and take them day as the day approaches.

I like both of these ideas because they actually clean themselves up as they go. Once the holiday is over, there’s nothing lying around the house.

Easter Traditions for Toddlers: Food Ideas

Food is always a fun way to celebrate any holiday. You can make it even more fun and memorable by coming up with a special treat for your kiddo: Easter baking, holiday-shaped foods, or a special meal together.

basket of Easter cookies
Photo by Jill Wellington

5. Bake Easter cookies

Some kitchen fun is always a hit at the holidays.

Get your little one involved in Easter cookie baking by putting them in charge of the cookie cutter or adding sprinkles to the icing.

Older children can help make the batter.

And if you’re short on time, you can always get some pre-made cookie dough and let your kiddo put it on the baking sheet.

Easter cakes with bunny toppers
Photo by cottonbro studio

6. Make an Easter cake

Another fun Easter tradition for toddlers is baking an Easter cake.

You can certainly make any type of cake you want.

But I’ve seen some very unique cake ideas: a cross for the resurrection of Jesus or using different shaped cakes to make a bunny cake.

stack of pancakes
Photo by Ioana Motoc

7. Have a special Easter morning breakfast or a delicious Easter brunch

Whether it’s the type of breakfast you never usually make, or you go all out and make pancakes in the shape of bunnies, sharing a special breakfast with your own family is a great way to get some quality time on Easter morning.

Maybe you skip breakfast altogether and make a delicious Easter brunch as a new family Easter tradition. Better yet, go out and have someone else handle the prep and cleanup.

Whatever you decide, start your day with a calm morning before all the sugar from the Easter candy gets in their system.

Easter Traditions for Toddlers: Clothing Ideas

One of the classic Easter traditions of most families is wearing special Easter clothes. Whether you’re attending church services or just spending time together, you can make some fun memories by wearing something extra special.

little girl in flowered pajamas and sleep mask
Photo by RODNAE Productions

8. Wear Easter pajamas

An adorable idea that makes Easter morning even more special is giving your toddler a set of Easter pajamas, which will make for some really cute pictures, as well.

This is also a holiday where you can get away with not having to match everyone in the family. (But it’s up to you, if that’s your thing.)

little girl in Easter dress with bunny
Photo by Marina Abrosimova

9. Buy a special Easter outfit

Thinking back to Easter as a kid, it was the one time of year everyone dressed up. (At least long enough to sit through a church service and maybe take some pictures.)

I recommend planning this Easter tradition for toddlers for as long as your little one allows. Get the picture and ooh and ahh over their cuteness and their new Easter clothes.

But then change them into play clothes before any outdoor activities. They really can’t be held responsible for all the mud puddles they jump in.

Easter Traditions for Toddlers: Activities

Keep your little one busy by doing some fun activities together. Coloring and hunting Easter eggs are a staple of this holiday. But you could also make handprint crafts and special gifts for loved ones. Check out some other great ideas below!

Easter basket
Photo by Em Hopper

10. Fill Easter baskets

Coloring eggs and Easter baskets are the two biggest memories I have as a kid. (And all that Easter candy!)

I’m certainly not suggesting you give your rambunctious toddler chocolate. I’m trying to keep mine away from it as long as possible.

But that doesn’t mean your little one can’t enjoy a basket full of goodies. Whether it’s games or toys, something for an upcoming trip, or even some new rain gear, your toddler will have a blast digging through their Easter basket.

One year, my mother-in-law used upside down kids’ umbrellas as the basket. And included rain boots and jackets and toys the kids would enjoy.

If you need some other ideas for toys small enough to fit in an Easter basket, check out these great toddler gifts for Easter.

Easter traditions for toddlers: boy with set of bunny ears peeking over the table
people dying Easter eggs
Photo by cottonbro studio

11. Color Easter eggs

This is a staple activity for most families celebrating Easter.

It’s the one that I remember most as a kid and the one that I most looked forward to when my son was born.

But how do you let your kiddo enjoy coloring eggs and not make much of a mess?

I learned this little trick from one of the cashiers at our local grocery store.

Take a whisk and slip the hard-boiled egg inside. Give the whisk to your toddler and let him dip it in the cups of egg dye.

Of course, you’re going to supervise this activity. But it gives your toddler some freedom to color his own egg, while remaining mostly clean.

And if your kiddo is still in a highchair, it helps to put them in there rather than on the floor, so at least they’re contained if when a mess happens.

Grab your egg coloring kit now, before you forget!

two girls hunting for Easter eggs
Photo by Eren Li

12. Have an Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts are fun Easter traditions for toddlers, and they can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

It’s also the perfect indoor or outdoor activity.

You can put little treats in some of the plastic eggs. Or hide a giant egg with a really great prize.

You could even plan epic egg hunts for your friends and neighbors with younger children and older kids and separate the egg hunts by age. It’s a fun way to create family traditions with the people around you.

But if you don’t want to do all the work yourself, you can usually find a local egg hunt somewhere in your area.

boy running through a field at sunset
Photo by jonas mohamadi

13. Hold an Easter-themed scavenger hunt

Ok, so you’re probably already hunting for eggs, but this takes it one step further. And you could easily combine the two, especially if you do it indoors.

For toddlers, simply give them pictures of items around your home and hide some eggs in those spots. And once they get a little older you can do rhyming Easter clues. You could even ask them the rhyming question and have them figure out the answer.

church building
Photo by Adrien Olichon

14. Attend a church service on Easter Sunday

Christmas and Easter are the two biggest times of year at church.

If you’re a regular churchgoer, this is probably already one of your Easter traditions for toddlers.

However, if you’re not and you’re looking to get back into it. Or you’re just a little curious. Easter is actually the best day to go.

The church will be full (so get there a little early to get a seat), but no one is going to single you out.

Sure, they might greet you at the door and ask a little about your family. But there are so many people that no one person can spend too much time getting to know you. (This is perfect for someone like me who is introverted and quiet around new people.)

If you’re just trying out a new church, you can kind of feel it out without the pressure. They might remember you if you return the next week, but no one will be surprised if they don’t see you again. And you never know, you might make a new friend (a thing that SAHMs desire the most).

mom and toddler watching TV
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

15. Watch an Easter movie

Getting ready for any holiday should include some favorite movies.

Here are some family-friendly Easter movies to check out:

mom and toddler reading outside
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

16. Read Easter books

Holiday books are great for toddlers because they can continue learning about the holiday throughout the year. And remember the joy the experienced during the day. (My son is still talking about Santa, as I’m writing this.)

Check out these fun Easter books and for stories about the Easter Bunny and religious ones as well. They make the Easter story easier to understand for younger kids.

Check out this book to teach your toddler the true meaning of Easter.

little girl holding a bunny craft
Photo by Eren Li

17. Special Easter activities

I’ve listed a lot of Easter specific activities already (mostly with eggs).

But if you’re looking for something a little different, grab some craft supplies and try making a sensory bin, a light table, handprint crafts, paint with jelly beans, or use resurrection eggs to celebrate Holy Week.

Check out some other great Easter activities for toddlers that are free and loads of fun!

family spending time outdoors with kids running
Photo by Elina Fairytale

18. Get outdoors

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area that is not covered in snow at Easter, it is the best time to get outdoors. Spring is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to go for a walk or even cross some things off your bucket list for spring.

You could also plan your Easter egg hunt or scavenger outdoors as well. Or even have a picnic lunch.

Easter Traditions for Toddlers: Making Memories

I’ve already talked a lot about the things you can do during Easter to make memories together. But here are some easy ways to make some Easter fun and also connect as a family.

little girl with bunny ears and Easter outfit
Photo by Rafaela Souza

19. Take a special photo

With everyone decked out in their best Easter outfits, this holiday is the perfect time for a beautiful family photo.

But it doesn’t have to be a fancy photo. Take a photo of your child decorating eggs or baking cookies, hunting eggs or in their special pajamas on Easter morning.

My mother-in-law takes a family photo at every holiday, and it is a great way to see how much the kiddos have grown during the year. And as your kids get older and your family expands, it will be wonderful to see the additions to your family in this special way.

large family meal
Photo by cottonbro studio

20. Have a meal with family

Holidays are a great time to be together with family, and Easter is no exception.

With a toddler, you may be worried about the safety of someone else’s home, so start a potluck Easter tradition for your whole family.

You can host, but everyone can bring food, so it’s not all on one person.

You could even make time after dinner to play some Easter games that your toddler will enjoy:

  1. Matching Egg Shapes (ages 1+) – Shape recognition sorter puzzle includes set of 12 eggs in an egg carton. Perfect for little learners working on fine motor skills. The Matching Eggs Alphabet is a fun sorter puzzle for kids learning their letters.
  2. Floppy Hoppy’s Happy Hunt (ages 3+) – Color matching game where you have to be the first to fill your Easter basket. Another game that works fine motor skills.
  3. Happy Bunny (ages 3+) – A cooperative game where everybody collects carrots for the bunny to take home to his family while the farmer tries to collect more. Great for learning how to take turns and work as a team.
  4. Candy Land (ages 3+) – Skip all the candy in the Easter basket and race through this iconic land of sweets instead. Using colors and pictures, it’s the perfect game for little ones who are still learning numbers.
  5. Jumping Jack (ages 4+) – Pull carrots from the carrot patch until Jack jumps. Everyone gets a chance to catch Jack and work on hand-eye coordination.
  6. Bunny Hop (ages 4+) – A memory matching game where bunnies hop out of the carrot patch. Be the first to collect a bunny of each color to win.
  7. Funny Bunny (ages 4+) – Be the first to get one of your bunnies to the carrot at the top of the board without getting knocked off or falling in a hole. The game changes where the holes appear so you can play over and over without getting bored.
  8. Uncle Wiggly (ages 4+) – Be the first to the finish line in this counting and reading game. The rhyme on each card tells your child how many spaces to move and includes the number.
  9. Egg Toss (ages 4+) – Similar to Hot Potato, but with silly egg puns instead of music. Don’t be the one to crack the egg, or you’re out.
  10. Candy Trains (ages 4+) – A cooperative game where everyone races to stop the candy bandit. A great game to improve teamwork between siblings.
paper with pen and coffee
Photo by Kaboompics .com

21. Write a letter from the Easter Bunny

Write a letter to your kiddo from the Easter Bunny to go along with their Easter basket or as the kickoff to the egg hunt.

Keep the letters in a folder each year for your child to enjoy throughout the year.


There you have it: some of my favorite Easter traditions you can easily start with your toddler this year. With ideas on getting ready for this special holiday, fun food and clothing ideas, all kinds of special activities, and ways to make special memories, there are so many great ideas for your very own Easter traditions for toddlers.

I hope you found a new way to celebrate Easter this year and next year, as well. Just remember not to overwhelm yourself and have a wonderful time with your little one!

Did you find a new Easter tradition to start with your toddler? Let us know in the comments what you’re planning for this holiday.

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