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15 Cute First Easter Ideas for Your New Baby

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What should I do for my baby’s first Easter?

What you do for your baby’s first Easter is entirely up to you and the age of your baby.

My son was nearly a year old for his first Easter so I was able to do a lot more with him than if he would have been newborn. At that point, he was able to walk while holding someone’s hand, so we were even able to do a little Easter egg hunt with him.

Maybe you’re not sure what to do with your little one because they are so small, or you are just so tired! Not to worry. I have some cute first Easter ideas you can easily do with a newborn or nearly one year old.

Don’t feel like you have to check off all the things. Do what you can and the things you think you’ll enjoy the most. And then start a new Easter tradition with your toddler next year.

Most importantly, have fun as new parents and enjoy this special holiday with your little one!

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How do I make my baby’s first Easter special?

Although it’s highly unlikely that your little one will remember any holidays or special events during his first year of life, that doesn’t mean you can’t do things to make them extra special. It can be something as simple as just being together as a family.

But if you’re looking for ideas that you can look back on fondly, then try some of these easy baby’s first Easter ideas to not become too overwhelmed while you’re still learning about your newborn.

First Easter Ideas: Gifts

Easter basket
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1. Fill an Easter basket

An Easter basket is the staple of this holiday. And there is nothing cuter than a little one propped up next to a giant basket or a cuddly bunny.

One important question you may have:

What do you put in a first Easter basket?

You certainly don’t want to give your little one (who may not even have any teeth) a basket full of candy or chocolate eggs.

But you could certainly put their favorite non-sweet snacks or baby food in there. Maybe a snack catcher for when they’re a little older.

Here are some great first Easter gifts ideas:

  • Special Easter outfit or pajamas
  • Toys that are bright colors and different textures and work baby’s fine motor skills
  • A carrot teether
  • Easter books

Check out the ultimate list of Easter gift ideas for babies for more great ideas!

little girl with bunny ears and Easter outfit
Photo by Rafaela Souza

2. Buy a special Easter outfit

Getting your little one dressed up in an adorable Easter outfit and taking some cute pictures is something you can’t forget on baby’s first Easter.

This romper is a cute outfit for your baby girl, while this short set is a colorful Easter outfit for baby boys.

These first Easter outfits make a fun Easter basket filler.

baby girl in pink outfit sleeping on pink blanket
Photo by Felipe Sodré

3. Wear Easter pajamas

Another alternative to a fancy Easter outfit are some cute bunny pajamas. They make great Easter basket stuffers.

You can even do matching pajamas for mom and dad or take it easy this holiday and just get a set for your baby.

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Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

4. Read an Easter book

Easter books are one of the most enjoyable things to do for baby’s first Easter.

Not only are you introducing them to the holiday, but your baby is also learning how to communicate along with learning listening and memory skills (source).

A small board book or fun-shaped Easter books are perfect as baby’s first Easter basket ideas. Here’s some of our favorite Easter books we have in our house that are great for babies and toddlers.

First Easter Ideas: Easter Activities

ceramic Easter bunny surrounded by eggs
Photo by Jill Wellington

5. Visit the Easter Bunny

If you’re little one doesn’t like Santa, he might not be too fond of a giant bunny. But those first years meeting the Easter Bunny are some of the most precious.

Instead of forcing your child to sit with the Easter Bunny alone, take a family photo and hold your baby.

Dress him in his special Easter outfit or even those cute Easter pajamas for a more relaxed photo.

little boy wearing bunny ears surrounded by Easter things
Photo by @casalfilmsestudio

6. Take a photo

Whether it’s a photo with the Easter Bunny, one at home coloring eggs or on an egg hunt, or a photo on Easter morning, make sure you capture all the joy of this holiday during the first year, and every year after, with a family Easter photo.

You could even set up a fun photo shoot with a professional photographer.

Or even do a DIY version at home. Some fun ideas could include colorful eggs, a little bunny, a little duck, or a little chick (plush animals, of course) with your little one in a large baby Easter basket. You could do it outside or drape a blanket from your couch to your floor to create a cute backdrop.

people dying Easter eggs
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7. Color Easter eggs

Is it even Easter if you don’t color Easter eggs?

Although it’s a fun tradition, it may not be practical to have a baby color Easter eggs.

For older kids, try placing a hard-boiled egg in a whisk. Let them place the whisk into the egg dye, so they can color their own egg. Of course, you should supervise.

And if you have a new baby, you can always Color eggs while they watch.

first Easter ideas - present surrounded by Easter eggs
little girl with bunny ears holding Easter eggs
Photo by George Chambers

8. Have an Easter egg hunt

You don’t have to plan an extravagant egg hunt for baby’s first Easter. Just a few plastic eggs scattered in a room of your house or in your yard is enough to keep baby entertained.

If you don’t have time to plan your own egg hunt, try a local park that may have set up an Easter egg hunt for babies and older kids. You may even make some new mom friends.

drawing of Easter bunny with crayons
Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava

9. Do some Easter crafts

Your baby’s first year is the best time to do handprint or footprint crafts.

Use your baby’s footprints to make bunny ears or carrots. It’s such a fun way to capture the tininess of your little one.

You could make some for each of your family members as a special Easter gift.

April calendar with colored egg
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich

10. Create an Easter countdown

Since Easter falls on a different day every year, you’ll want to create a countdown you can use year after year. So, you don’t want to rely on the number days of the calendar.

Instead think of using the 12 or 14 days leading up to Easter as your Easter countdown.

Create a paper chain countdown, where you unlink one of the chains each day before Easter. Or use Easter eggs made from construction paper to decorate your walls and take them day as the day approaches. You could even hang them in your baby’s nursery.

I like both of these ideas because they clean themselves up as they go. And once the holiday is over, there’s nothing lying around the house.

baby sitting on a picnic blanket
Photo by Dejan Grujevski

11. Go outdoors

If you live in an area with warmer weather during Easter weekend, you need to get outside.

Whether it’s to do an Easter egg hunt or cross some things off of your spring bucket list, it’s good for new moms to get out of the house. You can get some fresh air, and it will help with those baby blues.

First Easter Ideas: Make Memories Together

stack of pancakes
Photo by Ioana Motoc

12. Have a special breakfast

Have a morning where you can just sit and enjoy each other’s company as a family. Whether it’s an elaborate meal or just some cereal, as long as you’re together it’s a simple way to enjoy the first Easter with your new baby.

large family meal
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13. Visit family for Easter brunch or dinner

I know it’s hard to get out with a new baby, but it’s so important for your mental health.

It’s a great idea to do it this year, when you don’t have time to prepare a meal for yourself or clean your home.

Once you have a toddler, you’ll be worried about other people’s homes being baby-proofed, and it will just be easier to host at your home.

church building
Photo by Adrien Olichon

14. Attend a church service on Easter Sunday

Easter is the perfect time to get to church with your little one.

If you haven’t been to church in a while, talk to friends for a recommendation. Or find one close to home.

Easter is a busy holiday at church, so you probably won’t be swarmed by people, and you can check things out without any pressure.

paper with pen and coffee
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15. Write a letter to your baby

This is one of my favorite first Easter ideas for your new baby. Holidays are always a great time to sit and reflect on your life with your new bundle of joy. You could either get a Letters to You memory book where your memories are kept all in one place. Or write a letter each year and save them in a binder.


There you have it: the easiest things you can do for your baby’s first Easter. Whether it’s gifts, activities, or spending time making memories, there’s something for everyone on this list of first Easter ideas. Don’t forget to take some time to really enjoy this special occasion with your new baby.

Let us know your plans for your baby’s first Easter in the comments.

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