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The 13 Best First Mother’s Day Gifts

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What do you get someone for their first Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we have a list of the best first Mother’s Day gifts for that new mom in your life. Being a mom is hard, and every mom deserves some recognition, whether she’s been doing this for six years, six months, or six days. Most new moms just want some sleep, a warm shower, and some down time, so if you’re willing to take over baby duty for a couple of hours, you could give a new momma exactly what she’s craving.

But if you want to mark this very special day with something tangible, here is our list of the best first Mother’s Day gifts.

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What should I do for my wife’s first Mother’s Day?

Depending on when your wife became a mother determines what you should do for her first Mother’s Day. If it’s any time between January and May, your wife probably just wants some rest, maybe a hot shower, a nice home-cooked meal, and a little time alone. If your baby was born before January, you most likely have a good routine in place, and you’ll probably want to venture out. Plan a nice meal (make reservations in advance or go on Saturday for less crowds). Maybe even get a babysitter so you two can spend some time alone.

Whatever your situation, your best bet is to have a conversation about what she expects from this day. Does she want to be in a restaurant with a bunch of other people? Would she rather spend time at home with just your little family?

Of course, you’ll want to get her something nice to commemorate the occasion (as it is a big deal). You can’t go wrong with some flowers. But I’ve also got you covered for some extra special first Mother’s Day gifts below.

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First Mother’s Day Gifts: Clothing Items

matching gray first Mother's Day t-shirt and onesie

Matching Mom and Baby Outfits

There is only a short time when kids are okay with wearing matching outfits with parents or siblings. Take advantage of that time and get the new mom a matching shirt and onesie set. The outfits are made of 100% cotton and come with customized names and colors.

tan, white and gray woman's cardigan

Long Sleeve Cardigan

I love this so much better than a robe, which she probably already has from her hospital stay. She can wear this around the house when visitors come over (and not feel frumpy) or even out to a nice dinner. This cardigan is perfect for fall, winter, spring, and even those chillier summer evenings, so it makes one of the best first Mother’s Day gifts.

First Mother’s Day Gifts: Sentimental Items

customized first Mother's Day picture frame

Personalized Picture Frame

Help mom cherish these moments forever with this personalized photo frame. With four different designs and either horizontal or vertical orientation to choose from, you can select the most unique gift for the new mom in your family. Each frame includes mom and baby’s names.

mother and daughter interlocking circles necklace
mother and son interlocking circles necklace


You can never go wrong with jewelry! Get mom something special to celebrate this special time. It makes a great gift from baby. I love that there is a mother-daughter option, as well as a mother-son option.

baby photo album

Photo Baby Book

Get a photo baby book for mom to highlight all the baby memories and milestones along the way. This book even comes with prompts to guide mom in what to write. Each book contains a code for a set of free photos.

digital family photo album

Digital Photo Album

Create a digital photo album of mom, dad, and baby from the first year as new parents. This book comes in a variety of sizes, and a new mom would be thrilled to have beautiful memories to display without having to do all the work of creating the album herself.

first mother's day gifts: bouquet of roses

First Mother’s Day Gifts: Comfort Items

personalized first Mother's Day blanket

Personalized Blanket

Keep that new mommy warm as she snuggles that tiny bundle of joy with a personalized blanket from baby. This fleece blanket comes in two sizes and is perfect for keeping the chill off.

Burt's Bees moisturizing set

Hand and Foot Cream Gift Set

Most new moms don’t have time to get a mani/pedi, so give her something she can easily do at home. After all those diaper changes, her hands need some love. These all natural, moisturizing products are perfect for caring for chapped hands and sore feet.

black massage pillow

Massage Pillow

That new mom probably isn’t getting a massage any time soon (unless you’re offering to babysit). Instead give her the gift of an at-home massage. This massage pillow comes with four massaging nodes and a heat option to relieve sore muscles from your neck to your feet.

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gray memory foam slippers


After she has used the foot cream and the massager, give mom the ultimate luxury of these soft, memory foam slippers. They come in seven different colors (match it to her cardigan) and have non-slip soles that are great for use on slippery bathroom tiles, stairs, or outdoors.

First Mother’s Day Gifts: Functional Items

blue first Mother's Day tumbler with moon and stars

Personalized Tumbler

Let that new mom know she’s doing a great job! And keep her hydrated (or caffeinated) with this personalized tumbler. The tumbler comes in a variety of colors and can be used for hot or cold beverages. Add a personal touch with baby’s name.

set of personalized tote bags

Personalized Tote Bag

Because moms carry everything and need a place to keep it all. This cotton canvas bag comes in six colors and two sizes for the mom that needs even more space.

black Keurig with single cup of coffee


Because what mom doesn’t need a jolt of caffeine to keep her going? (Double check with breastfeeding moms and get them decaf cups.) This Keurig makes a warm cup of coffee or use the ice setting for iced coffee. It also comes with a hot water button to make instant soups and oatmeal. A great timesaver for that busy new mom!


There you have it: the 13 best first Mother’s Day gifts for that new momma in your life. What was your favorite first Mother’s Day gift? Let us know in the comments.

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The 13 Best First Mother’s Day Gifts

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