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21 Spooky Non-Alcoholic Halloween Drinks for Kids

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What is a good Halloween drink for kids?

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday in our house.

And while dressing up and trick-or-treating are great ways to celebrate the spooky season with your little one, there are many other ways to make this holiday even more special.

Whether planning a kid-friendly Halloween party or just a Halloween at home with the kiddos, these easy-to-make Halloween drinks for kids will surely make your night extra spooky.

These Halloween drink recipes come in many colors, made with ice cream or hot chocolate, fruits and sodas. So, you’re sure to find some fun ideas to quench your thirst this Halloween season.

Check out all the Halloween drink ideas below and share this page with all your Halloween-loving friends!

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Halloween Drinks for Kids: Green Halloween Drinks

Get into the spirit of Halloween with a selection of green-themed Halloween drinks for kids, including Hocus Pocus Halloween Milkshake, Swamp Water Punch, Halloween White Hot Chocolate, and Easy Halloween Punch. These vibrant and delicious concoctions are sure to quench your thirst while adding an extra dose of fun to all your spooky festivities!

Hocus Pocus Halloween Milkshake

green Hocus Pocus milkshake

Source: Trop Rockin

The whole family will love this Hocus Pocus milkshake that’s thick, creamy, and fun! Lime sherbet and drops of green food coloring give this drink its vibrant green color. Keep it festive and top it off with a generous dollop of whipped cream and colorful sprinkles.

Swamp Water Punch

round of green swamp water punch

Source: Ann’s Entitled Life

This swamp water punch recipe is a kid-friendly drink that is murky, spooky, and delicious! They make fun Halloween drinks for kids at your next Halloween party. Add sweetened condensed milk to get that special murky effect and gummy worms to up the spookiness level.

Halloween White Hot Chocolate

white hot chocolate in a mason jar

Source: The Country Chic Cottage

For some delicious drinks this Halloween, try this white hot chocolate recipe. Simply melt white chocolate chips in some milk and add green food coloring for the perfect effect. Then add green food coloring to some corn syrup to make edible oozy green slime.

Easy Halloween Punch

glass of green Halloween punch

Source: Fun Money Mom

This Halloween punch has a fun and spooky look that your party guests will love! With its vibrant green color, gummy worm garnish, and even a few creepy plastic spiders, this punch is guaranteed to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Top with paper straws to sip these spooky Halloween drinks for kids.

Halloween Drinks for Kids: Orange Halloween Drinks

Enjoy all the excitement of Halloween with these orange-themed Halloween drinks for kids, featuring I-Scream Halloween Floats, Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice, Candy Corn Punch, Witch’s Brew Punch, and Vanilla Orange Punch. These easy recipes are guaranteed to add a vibrant twist to all your trick-or-treating adventures.

I-Scream Halloween Floats

drink cauldron of Halloween ice cream float

Source: Mama Loves Food

These Halloween ice cream floats can be made to look like a boiling-over cauldron or a jack-o-lantern. Your kids will have so much fun adding gummy candy and sprinkles to make their floats even more yummy. The best part is the simple recipe: just orange soda and ice cream make these fun Halloween drinks for kids.

Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice

glass of pumpkin juice topped with a cinnamon stick

Source: Sweet Tea and Thyme

Harry Potter lovers can get into the spooky season with this pumpkin juice recipe! Made with simple ingredients and real pumpkin, it’s perfect for a Harry Potter movie marathon or your upcoming kid-friendly Halloween party.

Candy Corn Punch

two glasses and pitcher of candy corn punch

Source: Amanda’s Cookin’

A fun, layered punch recipe, this non-alcoholic candy corn punch is perfect for fall get-togethers or on Halloween night. Layers of mango juice and orange soda give this punch the look of candy corn, with a sweet creamsicle flavor. Top with ice cream and garnish with candy corn to complete these tasty Halloween party drinks for kids.

Witch’s Brew Punch

mason jar of orange Halloween punch

Source: Two Kids and a Coupon

This easy 2-ingredient witch’s punch is the perfect drink for your little one this Halloween season! Made with Fanta orange soda and topped with gummy worms, this is the easiest Halloween drink recipe for your kid’s party.

Vanilla Orange Punch

glass of vanilla orange punch

Source: Amanda’s Cookin’

For a low-key Halloween night, try this creamy, dreamy vanilla orange punch. Using just orange juice, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, and vanilla ice cream, it’s a super easy non-alcoholic recipe everyone will love!

Halloween Drinks for Kids: Ghoulish Halloween Drinks

Prepare for a ghastly good time with these spine-chilling Halloween drinks for kids, including Hocus Pocus Potion Floats, Frankenstein Smoothies, Purple People Eater Halloween Mocktails, Mad Scientist Halloween Drinks, and a Blood Bag Drink. These various Halloween drink ideas are sure to delight and spook young partygoers.

Halloween Punch

punch bowl of Halloween punch

Source: A Mummy Too

Fill a large punch bowl with this Halloween punch for all your Halloween parties. Made with cranberry juice, lemon-lime soda, gummy candies, and fruits made to be spooky, this punch is a whole lot of fun for kids!

Halloween drinks for kids: Halloween punch, Frankenstein smoothie, punch with fog, poison punch, witch's brew, and ice cream cauldron

Spooky Halloween Punch

glass of Halloween punch with fog

Source: Food Doodles

This easy-to-make Halloween punch is a fruity treat for kids this holiday season. Small pieces of dry ice make these spooky fog drinks that everyone will enjoy after a night of trick-or-treating or at your next Halloween party!

Melting Witch Halloween Brew

punch bowl of melting witch Halloween punch

Source: Food Meanderings

This green witches brew punch makes the perfect bowl of kid-friendly Halloween drinks, ideal for any spooky party! It has key lime sherbet, lemon-lime soda, chocolate cookie witch hats, marshmallow licorice brooms, and candy eyeballs. It’s a kid’s Halloween dream come true!

Halloween Rainbow Sherbert Punch

mason jar of sherbet punch

Source: Box Mix Recipes

This Halloween rainbow sherbet punch recipe features lemon-lime soda, cuties oranges, corn syrup, candy eyeballs, and edible black glitter. It’s a fun and refreshing Halloween drink for kids to enjoy the entire spooky season.

Hocus Pocus Punch

two glasses of red Halloween punch

Source: The Short Order Cook

This Hocus Pocus punch is a kid-friendly drink for your next Halloween bash or while watching some great Halloween movies (like your favorite trio of witches). Made with just 2 simple ingredients, you can mix up these delicious kids Halloween drinks in no time!

Hocus Pocus Potion Float

Hocus Pocus potion float in a martini glass

Source: In Fine Taste

Serve these easy Halloween drinks to all the neighborhood kids for a little magic treat at your Halloween bash! The simple recipe for Hocus Pocus potion floats uses only 3 ingredients: grape soda, rainbow sherbet, and gummy worms.

Fanta Jack O’Lantern Floats

trio of jack o'lantern floats

Source: Belle of the Kitchen

These Fanta jack-o-lantern floats are a sweet and spooky twist on a classic. Made with Fanta orange soda and vanilla ice cream, they’re the perfect, easy treat to impress kids and adults this Halloween!

Frankenstein Smoothie

Frankenstein smoothie

Source: In The Playroom

For healthy and delicious Halloween drinks for kids, try this Frankenstein smoothie. Made with avocados, bananas, and blueberries, and simple decorations on the individual cups, it’s a fun drink for your next Halloween bash.

Purple People Eater Halloween Mocktail

glass of purple people eater mocktail with floating eyeball

Source: Three Olives Branch

This purple people eater Halloween mocktail makes spooky Halloween drinks for your party guests. A drink inspired by the popular song; this simple recipe uses only three ingredients served in a tall glass over some ice cubes. It can easily be turned into a traditional cocktail for adult partygoers.

Mad Scientist Halloween Drinks

pair of green mad scientist Halloween drinks

Source: Oh My! Creative

This spooky green Halloween drink is actually made with white hot chocolate cocoa and green candy melts. For a fun way to celebrate the Halloween season, serve this mad scientist drink in beakers topped with whipped cream and sprinkles!

Perfect Poison Halloween Punch

Halloween poison punch

Source: Two Kids and a Coupon

These kid-friendly Halloween drinks pack enough punch to make them look deadly. Served in fun beaker poison glasses, this poison punch recipe combines lemonade, green Hawaiian punch, and lemon-lime soda for a delicious drink that is so much fun!

Blood Bag Drink

set of blood bag drinks

Source: Finding Zest

These blood bags are the perfect spooky drink to serve at your next kid-friendly Halloween party. Make the blood bag punch with cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and lemon-lime soda and enjoy these fun non-alcoholic Halloween drinks for kids throughout the spooky season!


There you have it: some of the best spooky Halloween drinks for kids to enjoy this holiday season. From simple ingredients to ghoulish creations, you’re sure to find the perfect Halloween drink ideas to impress all your party guests at your next Halloween event!

Which of these easy Halloween drinks for kids is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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