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17 Ways to Get Your Husband Excited about Your Pregnancy

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What to do when you see your husband is not excited about your pregnancy?

You did it. You took the test and now you know: you’re pregnant! You’re so excited to be a mom and you can’t wait to meet your new baby. But how do you get your husband excited about your pregnancy from the beginning and keep him excited until he can feel those little kicks for himself. Even when the pregnancy is planned, men just don’t seem as excited by pregnancy. I know, how can anyone not love those little onesies?

When I told my husband we were pregnant, I think it was a combination of shock and disbelief I saw on his face. I confirmed it by showing him the pregnancy test, but I don’t think it was until our first ultrasound when he heard the baby’s heartbeat that it really sunk in for him.

It’s a long nine-month journey, and you know what’s going on with your baby and your body every hour of every day. (Hello late night trips to the bathroom.) Your husband doesn’t have the knowledge or awareness that you do. So, here’s 17 ways for you to include your husband in every step of the journey to keep him excited until that little bundle of joy makes its way into this world.

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husband excited about your pregnancy
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1. Just found out you’re pregnant?

Find a unique way to tell him. Tell him in a way that is meaningful to him.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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2. Making the announcement?

Whether you announcing to just family or exploding your Facebook page, include your husband in the decision. Is he a private person? Does he not want your announcement to go viral? Be sure to discuss what he’s okay with posting before you post. It’s also best to discuss who should be told before the social media reveal. Great-aunt Agnes might not be at the top of your list for a phone call, but if she’s the family matriarch, and it’s going to cause a scene down the road, at least you know ahead of time.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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3. Taking announcement photos?

Get his ideas. Is he a video gamer or into sports? Do you already have a fur baby you want to include? Is there activity you do as a couple?

husband excited about your pregnancy

4. First pregnancy appointment?

Take your husband. Our first appointment was at eight weeks, where we got an ultrasound and heard the baby’s heartbeat. My husband was in awe of that moment. He was always so excited to see what our little guy was up to at each ultrasound appointment. I recommend him coming to all of your prenatal appointments. It will allow him to ask questions and check in on your progress as well.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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5. Looking for baby names?

Start a discussion with your husband. Do you or your husband want to honor your family by using a name passed through generations? Do you want to combine your names in some way? Do you want a unique name or one of the current top 10? If nothing above piques your interest, there’s always the big book of baby names.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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6. Reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting?

Share your current progress (fruit related or otherwise). Let your husband know the growth of the baby: the size, the development of the organs, what the baby is doing in there.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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7. Starting your registry?

Get your partner involved by having him do research of best products. Baby products can be overwhelming, but if you get a list of 3-5 you really like, have your husband narrow down the search. Or just give him your list of anything you don’t want to research. You have enough on your plate!

husband excited about pregnancy: man and woman's hands on pregnant belly
husband excited about your pregnancy
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8. Decorating the nursery?

Ok, you (like every other new mama) probably have the perfect idea of the nursery theme. But does the crib or furniture 100% matter, or could you pass it over to your husband? Or have him give you his top picks. (Furniture assembly is usually a regular daddy pastime.)

husband excited about your pregnancy
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9. Planning a baby shower?

Ask for his list of family or friends to be invited. Does he want to be included in the whole shower? Or would a co-ed shower be something you would both enjoy?

husband excited about your pregnancy
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10. Or maybe a shower just for daddy?

More commonly known as a diaper party; it’s just daddy, his buddies, and diapers. One last hurrah with the guys before daddy duty starts.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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11. Taking a childbirth class?

Have your partner come along. They usually offer great techniques for ways partners can assist with pain relieving techniques.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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12. Packing hospital bags?

Ask what snacks your partner would like. It could be a long time before that baby comes, and you’re not going to be able to eat. You don’t want someone eating something amazing while you’re stuck chewing on ice, or worse, something that smells horrendous. This one is really a win, win for both of you.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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13. Looking for the best route to the hospital?

That’s all up to your husband. You’re not going to be in the best situation for navigating traffic. Just make sure there is a backup route planned out as well; you don’t want weather or traffic to allow any surprises.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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14. Nesting?

Have your husband assist. Maybe rearrange a room, or get some new furniture for the two of you. If you want anything deep cleaned, pass it over to him. Some places are not easy to reach with that baby bump. (I’m talking to you, bottom of the toilet bowl.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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15. Meal prepping?

Make a date night of it, and get some meals ready for the freezer. No one is going to want to cook when you’re not getting any sleep.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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16. Having a maternity photo shoot?

Get your husband to come and make some beautiful memories.

husband excited about your pregnancy
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17. Needing ways to connect?

Don’t forget those ever-important date nights. If your husband is already going to the doctor appointments, why not stop for a meal afterwards or check out the newest movie. Plan a babymoon or have a staycation.

Was there something we missed? How did you keep your partner excited about your pregnancy? Let us know in the comments.

husband excited about pregnancy: man and woman's hands on pregnant belly

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