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21 Fun Indoor Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

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How do you entertain a toddler at an indoor party?

Oh, toddlers. One minute, they’re asking for a snack. The next, they’re pulling on the curtains or fingerpainting on your rug.

So, how do you keep their attention at an indoor birthday party (and not lose your mind)?

I’ve got some of the best indoor toddler birthday party ideas for your child’s next birthday, and some of them don’t even include being in your own home. (So you don’t have to worry about cake being smashed into the carpet or someone riding on the back of your German shepherd.)

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or family when setting up games (or snacks) for your child’s party. The larger number of guests you have, the more work and planning you need to do. And it can escalate quickly. Find a few things your kid will enjoy, and forget the rest!

Enjoy this party and this time with your little one!

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What are some places I can have an indoor birthday party for my toddler?

Whether you have a child with a winter birthday or you just don’t want to risk a rainy day, these indoor party locations offer so many fun ways to celebrate your toddler’s birthday. Some may require more set up on your part, but all of these indoor toddler birthday party ideas will be a hit with the birthday boy or birthday girl and all their little friends!

Fun Indoor Birthday Party Places

kids at a birthday party with balloons and hats
Photo by Vlada Karpovich

1. Home

The simplest place to have your toddler’s birthday party is at your own home. You can control exactly what happens. You handle all the decorating, the food, and all the fun. (Check out some indoor games below to make sure your guests have a great time!)

The only downside is that you also handle all the cleanup. But if you have a large room in your home to host all your party guests, this could be the best place to celebrate your child’s birthday.

bowling alley
Photo by Matthias Zomer

2. Bowling Alley

A bowling alley is a fun place to have your toddler’s birthday party. Get a lane or two for the guest of honor and the other little kids. Set up the bumpers and get a ramp so the younger kids can enjoy the fun as well.

Then get a separate lane for the parents who choose to stay for the party. Order some pizza and have a birthday cake, and that’s all you need to celebrate your child’s special day!

kid jumping on a trampoline
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya

3. Trampoline Park

Let those little ones burn off some energy at your local trampoline park.

Each trampoline park has its own party packages. But most offer a 2-hour window for jumping then a private room to have your toddler birthday party. Some even have special accommodations for their youngest jumpers, so call to get all the details.

Photo by Laserblast Laser Tag Equipment

4. Laser Tag Arena

Another great indoor birthday party idea to burn off some energy is the laser tag arena. Have the kids team up in small groups or team parents up with kids to make this an activity everyone will enjoy.

After the laser tag battle, celebrate your child’s party in one of the private rooms available at most of these locations.

boy on climbing wall
Photo by Nikita Grishin

5. Urban Air Adventure Park

Combine a trampoline park, rock climbing walls, obstacle courses and playgrounds and you have an Urban Air Adventure Park. Check out the Adventure Park website to find the closest location near you and the different activities they have.

Plan your child’s birthday party with them and get your own party host, so you can sit back and enjoy. Book a party table or a private party room.

kids playing with dinosaur at the museum
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

6. Children’s Museums

Your local children’s museum is a great place for your child’s birthday party.

The exhibits are geared towards children and are mostly hands-on. No need to worry about the kids knocking over a priceless artifact.

Each museum is different, but most offer a dedicated party space and entrance to the museum. The best part is no cleanup for you, and you don’t have to provide any entertainment.

kids enjoying an indoor pool
Photo by Bulat Khamitov

7. Indoor Pool or Waterpark

An indoor pool or waterpark is an especially fun location if your child has a winter birthday. The kids will have so much fun splashing around when the snow is falling outside.

If you don’t know where to look for an indoor pool, check out your local YMCA. They usually have private rooms to rent for your party, and then offer guests time to swim.

A nearby indoor waterpark is also a great option, as they may have more areas geared toward smaller swimmers, such as splash pads or fountains. This is nice for young children who aren’t as comfortable in a large pool.

mother and kids feeding the birds at a zoo
Photo by Los Muertos Crew

8. Petting Zoo

For the birthday child who loves animals, a petting zoo is the ultimate indoor toddler birthday party idea.

A petting zoo is a great choice for any age group, and you can have a much more personalized experience with the animals. Check out places in your area that offer party packages on zoo grounds.

father and daughter ice skating
Photo by cottonbro studio

9. Ice Skating Rink

An ice skating rink is a fun idea for a winter birthday. It’s the perfect way to keep kids entertained without having party guests track snow through your home.

You may be able to rent a private room for your birthday bash, then skip the party games and enjoy your time at the rink.

party girl blowing a party horn
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How can I celebrate my toddler’s birthday at home?

The best way to create a fun experience during your toddler’s birthday party at home is to play indoor party games with all their little friends. The best games are ones that will hold those short attention spans and get the kids involved. And the ones listed below aren’t difficult to set up and won’t cost much for the supplies.

Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games

1. Scavenger Hunt

Host a treasure hunt throughout your house for all the little kids who attend the party. Start with one clue that leads to one of your household items, where they’ll find the next clue, leading up to a big reveal (maybe the birthday cake).

For younger kids, use simple picture instructions or get an adult to help read the clues.

indoor toddler birthday party ideas: toddler girls dancing

2. Obstacle Course

With just a little imagination, this indoor toddler birthday party idea can be done in so many fun ways.

Use household items to create your obstacles and if you have the extra space, set this up before the party starts.

Use painter’s tape to create a balance beam or set as your track. Use couch cushions as part of the floor is lava game. Use a broom and two chairs to create a limbo challenge. Add tunnels by lining up chairs and covering with a blanket. Set up a hopscotch area using painter’s tape. Add a balloon pop or bean bag toss to create a time-related challenge.

Set a timer to make crossing the finish line even more exciting and see who has the best time.

One of my favorite challenges was during a Girl Scout Halloween party.

We crisscrossed string throughout the room, making a spiderweb, using one string for each party guest. The first person follows the string through the room as it tangles with the other strings. Each person starts about 30 seconds after the person before and whoever gets to the end first is the winner.

Although in this case, everyone had a plastic spider ring tied to the end of their string as a prize.

kids running in cardboard cars
Photo by Ron Lach

3. Relay Race

This great party game works best with an even number of guests. It can be done in so many unique ways and can be adapted for most birthday party themes:

  • Spoon race – instead of eggs, use a ball or aluminum foil
  • Three-legged race – for younger kids, have them link shoulders or hold hands
  • Pillowcase race – so you’re not searching for potato sacks in the days leading up to the party
  • Balloon race – rather than pop it, pass it between legs or over the head while standing in a line
  • Popcorn race – kids must fill a bowl with popcorn across the room, using a sand shovel or large spoon

That’s just a few ideas to get you started. Try doing this with your child before the party to see which idea they enjoy most.

pastel balloons
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

4. Balloon Pop

A simple game for your child’s next party is the balloon pop.

And there are so many ways to incorporate this into the party:

  • Add it to the relay race.
  • Add it as part of the obstacle course.
  • See how many balloons each child can pop in under 30 seconds.
  • For a small group of kids, give each one a specific color to pop and fill and area with balloons of every color. Whoever pops all their balloons first, wins.
  • Make two lines and have kids face off against each other to pop their balloon first. Whoever wins, goes on to round two. Repeat until you have a winner.

Remember that smaller balloons are harder to pop, if you want to give older kids more of a challenge. (And maybe let your dog outside before all the balloon popping starts.)

5. Bean Bag Toss

You can play the bean bag toss game a few different ways. An easy way to play is to let kids catch the bean bags and have them spread farther apart until there is only one team left.

Another way is to toss bean bags into a bucket to see who can score the most points. Or you can try this bean bag toss game. It’s just the right size for an indoor birthday party for toddlers. And the reverse side is a Velcro dart board with balls.

6. Simon Says

A fun game that requires no additional cost is Simon Says. Teach little party goers body awareness and motor skills while listening for instructions. You can give a prize to the winner or let them be the next Simon.

kids sitting on wooden chairs
Photo by cottonbro studio

7. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a classic game for all toddler birthday parties. All you need are kid size chairs and some music.

If you don’t have enough chairs to accommodate all the younger members of your guest list, simply use sheets of colored paper. Something that can easily be seen and sat on.

The rules are the same; walk around the chairs (or paper) as the music plays and when it stops, sit down. Take away a chair or paper each time until there is only one child left.

little girl dancing
Photo by cottonbro studio

8. Freeze Dance

This is another fun game set to music, and you don’t need any extra props.

It’s a great way to get kids up and moving, so they can burn off some energy while indoors and they can be silly at the same time. Encourage the kids to really let loose as the music plays, and when it stops everyone freezes. If someone doesn’t stop dancing or loses their balance, they’re out.

9. Pin the Tail

This is another easy game that should hold those little one’s short attention span. Young kids and older kids both enjoy watching where the tail will end up as others take their turn.

Not interested in pinning a tail on a donkey? Don’t worry, select a pin the tail game to match your party theme.

Mickey Mouse punch a hole game
Mickey Mouse punch a hole game

10. Punch a Hole Game

I actually set up this game at my son’s birthday party, so you may know this game by a different name. It’s based on a game from the Price is Right.

For our version, I used a piece of cardboard and spray painted it black. Then I attached the cups with prize numbers to the piece of cardboard. The kids got to choose their prize based on the number the selected. The kids really enjoyed it and parents were planning it for their next party.

kids painting
Photo by Yan Krukau

11. Painting Party

It may take some pre-planning to get your home ready for a painting themed party, but it’s a fun way to celebrate with a small group of kids. Have kids bring old clothes or purchase small painting smocks for the party guests and give them away as party favors.

Get some small canvases so each kid can make a special piece of art.

bingo cards and numbers
Photo by Tatiana Аzatskaya

12. Bingo

For some quiet sit-down time at your kid’s birthday party, set up a bingo game. Make your own cards to match your birthday party theme or get a set of generic birthday bingo cards.

Bingo also allows time for some free play where you can let the kids do what they want before cake and presents.

set of three goody bags
Photo by RDNE Stock project

Are goody bags necessary?

As just a quick note, I want to address the question of goody bags.

Is it okay to not give party favors?

I dread the goody bags. Giving them and getting them.

They’re usually filled with small plastic toys that break shortly after getting them home and just end up in the trash. And they can cost just as much as the cake and decorations, once you put one together for each child.

It is a nice gesture to give your party guests something for coming, and that’s why I mentioned giving a paint smock as a party favor at your painting party. It’s something the kids can use when they paint at home.

If you can find something to go with the theme of your party that is reusable, you’ve found the perfect party favor! Otherwise, I think it’s just one more unnecessary thing to add to your to-do list.

For my son’s last party, I gave these reusable cups, some temporary tattoos, and bubble wands. You can easily find them to match your party theme and not blow your budget on party favors.


There you have it: 21 fun indoor toddler birthday party ideas your child will love. Whether it’s a special place to have your toddler’s birthday or fun activities to do in your own living room, there’s enough indoor birthday party ideas to make your toddler’s birthday a great time.

Are you planning an indoor birthday party for your toddler? Let us know what fun ideas you’ve come up with for your party or some of your favorite birthday party themes.

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