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15 Places to Have a Toddler Birthday Party That Won’t Break the Bank

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What is the best place for a toddler birthday party?

It’s official, my little guy has hit the toddler years. And this year I’m wondering just where to throw his birthday party.

A lot of work goes into toddler birthday parties. Guest lists are bigger, which means you need to plan for more food and games for kids. And you need the right space.

So, what are the best places to have a toddler birthday party that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

Every area is different, so you may have to do some research into what is in your town, but the birthday party locations below are some great ideas for your child’s party. Some even offer birthday party packages to help keep the price down.

Hopefully, you can find a unique experience that will make your toddler’s birthday bash a huge success!

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What is the best place for a 2-year-olds party?

The best places to have a toddler birthday party is going to be somewhere he is most comfortable. So probably in your own home (or somewhere that he visits regularly). That could be the park, your local library, or your church.

However, if your home is not big enough, the library is too quiet, or you’re not a regular churchgoer, here are some of the best places to have a toddler birthday party that will provide much fun for everyone invited and won’t break the bank.

Most Inexpensive Places to Have a Toddler Birthday Party

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1. Home

Let’s start with the most inexpensive option and consider having your toddler’s birthday party in your own home.

This is an excellent option for small family gatherings, parties in the cold weather months, or if you just need to save some money. Also, your toddler might be more comfortable being in his own home.

While the upside of a party at home is that it is less expensive, if you have the room, you can also choose to throw an outdoor party in your backyard. Plan some fun activities for the kids and even the adults. Play games like freeze tag, set up an obstacle course or scavenger hunt, rent some bounce houses for the event, or have an ice cream bar.

The best thing about a party at home is that you have total control over the party space: the time, the decorations, the food. It’s the perfect location to do whatever you want.

Consider that you will have to make the food or have the party catered. And you’ll want to make sure you have enough parking available.

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2. Local Park

Another inexpensive location for your toddler’s birthday party is a local park.

Parks are a great place to hold a birthday party because they may have pavilions or even playgrounds. (That really cuts down on the activities you have to provide for the kids.) You could even opt to have a birthday party picnic.

While some parks may actually be free, they still may require you to call ahead for a reservation. Others may require you make a donation or even pay a fee.

Remember if you choose a local park for your child’s birthday party to always clean up after yourself, leaving the place just as good (or better) than you found it.

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3. Church

If you or your family belong to a church, you may consider holding your party there.

There are usually private rooms in the basement that would be the perfect location for a small event. And some churches have rec centers or a little gym attached that has enough space for large groups.

If you’re not affiliated with a church, many churches will let you rent out their facilities for a small fee. Just remember to clean up before you leave.

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4. Community Centers

If you have a community center in your area, it may be worth it to ask if it’s available for parties.

They usually charge a fee, but you would have full run of the facility, as most have a full kitchen. You would have enough parking and enough space to decorate as you wish.

You would have to provide the party entertainment, so make sure you have games or activities planned for the kids who are attending (and maybe even the adults).

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5. Library

Although you may have to use your inside voices, libraries can make a great place for your child’s special day.

Most libraries have a section dedicated to children’s books, so you could have your own story time event.

Also ask if there are any private rooms that you can hold the remainder of your activities.

Cake and light snacks would be enough for your partygoers. And you could do a craft related to the books you read or something your child is interested in.

You may have to pay a fee for use of the space, but you’ll be helping your library become more well-known to other children in your area.

Indoor Places to Have a Toddler Birthday Party

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6. Bowling Alley

Bowling alleys are a fun place for kids of all ages. Even the adult guests can get a lane of their own and join in.

Ramps can help younger kids enjoy the game without having to set up the ball on their own. Also ask to have the bumpers up so little ones don’t get discouraged by getting a gutter ball. The bumpers are even great to keep older kids interested in playing.

Check with your local bowling alley to see if they have birthday packages. If not, no worries! Pizza and cake make an easy birthday meal, and everyone is sure to have a great time!

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7. Trampoline Park

Let your little one and all their friends burn off some energy at one of the best birthday party places: the trampoline park.

Let someone else handle all your party needs, while you enjoy this special event with your birthday child.

Each trampoline park has different birthday party options. But you can typically “jump” for about two hours and then get a private party room after everyone is done jumping.

Some places even have special accommodations for their littlest jumpers, so check with your local trampoline park to see exactly what they offer.

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8. Laser Tag Arena

Another great way to burn off some toddler energy is at an indoor laser tag arena.

This birthday party location gets kids of all ages up and moving, while adults can also get in on the fun. Have parents team up with their child to make things more exciting.

After everyone is done with their game, head back to your own party area for some delicious food and birthday cake.

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9. Family Fun Center

If you’re lucky enough to have a family fun center in your area, this might be the best place to have a toddler birthday party.

Your local fun center should be well-equipped to host a birthday party, so all you need to do is show up with a birthday cake.

While every family fun center is different, they can be similar to a Chuck E Cheese. Meaning they have arcade games and some rides. Some may have slides or bounce houses, specifically for small children.

Check out what’s available in your area to find the something your toddler would enjoy.

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10. Children’s Museum

For a unique birthday experience, check out your local children’s museum.

You can have a dedicated party space, and then the kids can enjoy the museum’s exhibits (most of which are hands-on).

The best part about this venue is no clean-up at the end of the party and you don’t have to provide any party entertainment.

To cut down on costs, limit your guest list to just the closest friends of the birthday kid.

Outdoor Places to Have a Toddler Birthday Party

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11. Pool or Splash Pad

Your local pool is a great place for a fun summer party.

You could even try your local YMCA for details on renting a private room and then spend some time in their pool. And this idea gets extra bonus points because you could still have a swim party in the middle of winter.

Other birthday party options would include splash pads and wading pools that could be found at a park. These places are perfect for young children, as the water is not as deep as a pool, and there are typically less older kids splashing around.

One last option is getting your own splash pad or slip and slide for your backyard party.

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12. Zoo

Here are two good options rolled into one.

You could check out your local zoo that may provide you with a party area or pavilion. Some zoos offer packages where you can visit with animals during your event.

Or have everyone meet at a local petting zoo, where you’re sure to get an up-close encounter with a furry friend.

Animal lovers are sure to go crazy over this great birthday party idea.

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13. Mini Golf

A great outdoor party idea is a round (or two) of mini golf. (Although one round of mini golf with toddlers could feel like three.)

Keep the party simple with cupcakes or cookies and a small treat bag, as most mini golf locations don’t have much more than some picnic tables.

You could also look into an indoor mini golf course that may have more birthday accomodations.

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14. Summer Camp

No, I’m not saying to send your child away for his birthday.

But you could definitely look into some nearby summer camps to see if they have anything available.

Some summer camps don’t actually run all summer long, and children don’t stay on-site. Those types of camps may be open on the weekend for other events.

There may be a lake nearby for swimming or even some playground equipment.

If you can’t find a summer camp near you, you could incorporate a summer camp theme into your backyard party. Pitch a tent, earn some wilderness badges and toast marshmallows. Consider other camp ideas as well, such as space camp or science camp.

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15. Ice Skating Rink

An ice skating rink is a great place for a toddler’s birthday party for your winter baby.

If you’re considering an outdoor rink, you could make the party be the skating and just have hot chocolate and birthday cookies for everyone when they’re done.

If you have an indoor ice rink in your area, you may be able to book a private party room somewhere at the rink. You can have a traditional party with a birthday cake. Then skip the party games and enjoy your time ice skating.

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FAQS About Toddler Birthday Parties

Should I have a party for my toddler?

The perfect way to celebrate your toddler’s birthday is with a party.

Now, that doesn’t mean it has to be a blowout. It can be just your immediate family sharing some cake with minimal decorations. This is certainly the best way to go if your budget won’t allow for a larger event or if your little one just isn’t into crowds. (My son doesn’t like being sang to by a bunch of people.)

You know your toddler best so you know what type of party he would most enjoy. But yes, I believe you should have some type of party for your toddler. We only get so many years of having our birthdays be a big deal, and it’s a great way to bring people together.

What is the best time to have a toddler party?

I don’t think there is any right answer for what time to hold your toddler’s birthday party.

First, consider your child. Is he cranky in the morning? Choose a late afternoon time. Does he still nap? Pick a time before lunch.

Second, consider your guests. Do you have a lot of out-of-town guests? They might not make it to an early party. Is it mostly younger children? Morning might be better for their schedule (or their parents).

Third, consider your budget. A morning party (before lunch) means you don’t have to provide an entire meal. Snacks and cake should be enough. Hold a party closer to lunchtime or evening and your guests are going to expect to be fed.

How long should a toddler birthday party last?

Considering little kids have a very short attention span and most of your party guests are busy people, your party should only last 2-3 hours.

Although it could run longer if you have a large guest list, people who don’t get together very often, or if the kids are just having a great time.

For this reason, I suggest not putting an end time on your party invitation, if the location you chose doesn’t require you to leave after a certain amount of time.

How do I make my toddler party fun?

The easiest way to make a toddler’s birthday party fun is by choosing a theme.

You can base your theme on something the guest of honor is interested in: favorite cartoon, favorite animal, favorite color. Or even base the theme on the place you chose to have the party.

Once you choose your theme, run with it! Decorations, foods, games, prizes – theme everything!

You could do a craft that matches the theme or even have your guests come dressed to match the theme.

Once you’ve chosen your theme all the ideas will fall into place and it will be easier to search for even more fun ideas.


There you have it: the best places to have a toddler birthday party and not spend a fortune. From a simple birthday party at home to a more unique experience, I hope you were able to find somewhere wonderful to hold your next birthday party.

Let us know in the comments where you held your toddler’s birthday party and why it was the perfect choice.

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