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The Perfect Pumpkin Patch Outfit for Moms in 2024

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What is a good outfit for a mom to wear to a pumpkin patch?

It’s that time. Yes! Time to pick your pumpkin. And of course, take all the cute family photos in the pumpkin patch.

So, you’ll want to be prepared and have the perfect pumpkin patch outfit all ready to go.

I love fall! The cool weather, the warm clothes. The scents and the leaves. And I absolutely love visiting all the nearby fall festivals.

Now that I have a kiddo, it’s even more fun going to pick pumpkins and play in the leaves. But having a kid doesn’t mean I can’t still rock my favorite pumpkin patch outfit.

Just in case you haven’t been to a pumpkin patch since you were a kid, I’ve got all the things you’ll need to make your trip a success.

And you’re going to look great while you’re at it!

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When should I go to the pumpkin patch?

field of pumpkins with setting sun
Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

You’ll want to make sure you have your pumpkins picked before Halloween, so you have time to decorate them.

Most pumpkin patches open in early September. That gives you two months to pick your favorite pumpkin.

I would recommend going in early to mid-September. That gives you the most options for good weather. It’s still mostly sunny and warm, with maybe a slight chill in the air.

If you plan to wait until October, you run the risk of rainy (or snowy) weekends and the possibility of having to cancel your trip.

Pumpkins last a good while before they are carved. So, decorate your entryway for fall with your uncarved pumpkin (or use some pumpkin paints to decorate the pumpkin).

Then carve it up about a week before Halloween (or Halloween night) and set it out with some spooky lights to welcome trick-or-treaters.

What should you bring to a pumpkin patch?

woman in golden sweater holding a small pumpkin
Photo by Anna Urlapova from Pexels

You want to be prepared when going to a pumpkin patch, so make sure you bring the following items:

  1. Cash. You’re going to have to pay an entry fee. But there may be food or crafts available for sale, depending on whether you visit a traditional pumpkin patch compared to a fall festival. There may also be activities for kids, such as face painting, pony rides, or a bounce house.
  2. Camera. Of course, your phone will work. You definitely want to capture all the fun moments of your kiddos picking out their favorite pumpkin, especially if it’s your baby’s first Halloween. They may even have a pumpkin painting station, for those fun candid shots.
  3. Sunscreen. Hopefully, you get to visit the pumpkin patch on a bright, sunny day, so you’ll definitely want to bring some sunscreen with you. And of course, if there is rain in the forecast, pack a small umbrella.
  4. Water and snacks. If you’re visiting a traditional pumpkin patch, it’s very likely that there will be no food or drinks available. But after taking the hayride to the pumpkin field, searching for the perfect pumpkin, taking some amazing photos, and taking the hayride back, you’re sure to have worked up a little appetite or be at least a little thirsty. So be prepared.
  5. Drawstring bag. Not only will you have somewhere to carry your sunscreen and water, but it will give you something to carry your pumpkins in. How many times has your little one begged to bring a toy along, only for you to end up carrying it halfway through the trip? Same thing applies. One pumpkin, not so bad. Two or more pumpkins and tiny, tired tots – you’ll want the drawstring bag.
  6. Diaper bag. For all the mommas of babies or toddlers, you’ll want to bring along that diaper bag. Even if your kiddo is out of diapers, it’s best to have a change of clothes, just in case.

Can I wear sandals to a pumpkin patch?

pair of black sandals
Photo by Mike from Pexels

Before we dive into what you should wear to a pumpkin patch, I wanted to start with something I recommend you not wear.

And that is sandals, flip flops, or even open-toed heels.

While it might still be somewhat warm when you visit your local pumpkin patch, most pumpkin patches have uneven ground. You may be taking a hayride, where you going to be climbing some metal steps or a makeshift step stool.

For safety’s sake and for more comfort, leave the sandals at home, and pull out those cozy, comfy boots.

What do you wear to a pumpkin patch?

family of three holding up fall leaves
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

It’s fall, so let’s start with what colors make a good pumpkin patch outfit. Save the pastels for those Easter pics. You’ll want bright, bold colors – think oranges, yellows, and reds – to really bring out the colors of fall.

tall brown boots as part of pumpkin patch outfit

Comfy Boots

First things first, and I already talked about this. It is finally time to pull out those boots you’ve been waiting all year to wear. (Or you could always get a new pair.)

Either way, you want a sturdy pair of boots for all that walking you’ll be doing while picking out your pumpkin and taking those great fall photos at the pumpkin patch.

Also, figure that you may be carrying a little one or a tired toddler, and you’re going to want those boots to be super comfy as well.

pumpkin patch outfit: woman with dark curly hair wearing a pink sweater
woman with pink sweater, blue jeans and white boots

Cute Jeans

Knowing how much women love leggings, I debated on adding both jeans and leggings to include in your perfect pumpkin patch outfit.

But after some consideration, I decided jeans are the way to go. Hear me out:

More than likely, you’re going to be taking a hayride out to a pumpkin field. And you’re either going to be sitting on hay or a hard bench.

Jeans are going to give you more cushion for that bench and more protection from getting stabbed in the booty by some stray strands of hay. Trust me, it’s not pleasant.

Of course, the type of jeans depends on you and the weather.

woman in white shirt, jeans and black cardigan

Warm Sweater

Yes! It’s finally time to pull out those cozy sweaters. If I make my trip in early fall, I will usually include a cardigan sweater in my pumpkin patch outfit.

That way, if it gets too warm, I can easily take the sweater off and still be comfortable. (This is why it’s a good idea to carry a drawstring bag with you.)

woman in white sweater and jeans

But if it’s chillier day, I’ll definitely be all bundled up in a nice, warm sweater. Probably with a hot chocolate in hand.

woman with gray hat and black sweater

Adorable Hat

A perfect fall hat is all you need to keep your head warm, the sun out of your eyes, and totally pull your pumpkin patch outfit together.

No need to worry about taking sunglasses or remembering to take them off for photos.

What do you wear to a pumpkin patch when it’s cold?

If you’re in a super cold climate or you don’t get to the pumpkin patch until later in the season, you’ll want to add some extra layers to your pumpkin patch outfit.

black winter coat with hood as part of a pumpkin patch outfit

Toasty Coat

I’ve been to a pumpkin patch, and all of a sudden: it started snowing!

You’ll definitely want to include a coat in your pumpkin patch outfit if: it’s late October, you live more north, or the forecast is calling for some cold temps.

There’s no quicker way to ruin a great family outing than being too cold to enjoy it.

brown, red and black plaid scarf as part of a pumpkin patch outfit

Beautiful Scarf

Now that you’ve covered up that cute sweater with your warm coat, you’ll want a colorful scarf to show off in those pumpkin patch photos.

You could even get a neutral scarf to wear with your sweater. Fall is the best time to accessorize!


There you have it: the perfect pumpkin patch outfit for moms! The must haves: boots, jeans, a sweater and hat. But don’t forget those ideas for a super cold day: a coat and scarf.

Do you have a favorite item that you’ll be showing off this season at your local pumpkin patch? Let us know about it in the comments.

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The Perfect Pumpkin Patch Outfit for Moms in 2024

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