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10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday

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Why is Thanksgiving the best holiday?

Do you have a favorite holiday? Mine is Thanksgiving. It has been for years.

And I’m here to tell you not only why it’s my favorite but to give you the 10 reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever!

Don’t believe me? Just check out the reasons below. I’ll give you a sneak peek: one of them includes pie. (Say no more, I’m there!)

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What day exactly is Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. That’s not one of the reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday, but it certainly makes for easy planning.

What’s so special about Thanksgiving?

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It’s that time a year when you come together with family and friends and celebrate all you have and each other. It’s a time of togetherness that’s not based on gift giving or the rush of life. It’s truly a day to eat, drink, and be merry!

What is the best part of Thanksgiving?

Here are my reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday. I’ve chosen not to number my reasons because I can’t really say that one is any better than the other. That’s what really makes Thanksgiving the best holiday: there are too many reasons to decide which is the absolute best.

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Food is the #1 thing that Thanksgiving is about, so of course it makes the list of reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday. I start planning my Thanksgiving meal halfway through October, just to make sure I don’t forget anything. Although I’m a big fan of yummy foods, so this one ranks really high with me. Especially since you’re almost required to eat pie.

And also, you get at least three to four days of leftovers, if you plan it right. Any holiday that allows me three days with no meal planning is a fantastic holiday in my book!

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Family Time

Another of the reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday is spending time with the family. Whether it’s your immediate family or family you don’t get to see very often, Thanksgiving gives you time to be together without any of the usual distractions.

I like to take a “more the merrier approach” to Thanksgiving and have had a dozen or so people around the table during the holiday. And that has included family, neighbors and friends. I don’t think anyone should spend Thanksgiving alone.

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Game Time

So in most American households, you may believe that game time means a day of watching sports. Not in this house: Thanksgiving is the day we bust out our board game collection.

We’ve had many fun Thanksgiving game nights after the leftovers have been put away. From Uno and Dominoes to Apples to Apples and Wits and Wagers, our board game closet is full of all the best family games.

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No Gifts

It’s a holiday not centered around gift giving. (Unless of course you wish to bring a hostess gift.) That means no list making, no wrapping, and no shopping months in advance.

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that isn’t very commercialized, so you can simply enjoy being with family. And not worry about all those sales until the next day.

reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday: pumpkin pie and coffee
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Less Stress

To go along with no gift giving, Thanksgiving is a holiday with less stress. Sure you may have family visiting and need to go grocery shopping, but it’s nothing like the stress that comes with Christmas. So enjoy this little break before the rush starts.

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Thanksgiving Day Parade

There is no other holiday that offers such an amazing parade. As a kid, I watched the parade every year. As an adult, not quite as often. But when I do get a peek at a float or a balloon going by, there’s just this wave of nostalgia that takes over. It’s like I get to be a kid again (even if it’s only until the next commercial break.)

Now that I have a little one of my own, it’s going to be years of enjoying the parade all over again and sharing those memories with him. And as an added bonus: the National Dog Show comes on right after the parade. A treat not to be missed for any dog lovers out there.

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Beginning of the Holiday Season

Sure there is Halloween at the end of October, but Thanksgiving feels like it is the official start of the holiday season. There is a chill in the air and warm smells coming from the kitchen. You may be heading back to the town where you grew up. Or may be attending a parade in your own town.

Cities are probably already decorated for Christmas, and the weekend after Thanksgiving is a great time to decorate your own home. The whole day just brings out the festiveness that is to come. (Yep, festiveness is a word; I actually didn’t make that one up.)

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Potential Long Weekend

One of my favorite reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday is having time off. Kids usually get a long break over Thanksgiving. And if you’re lucky maybe your place of business gives you Friday off to recover from your turkey coma or to get an early start on those Black Friday sales.

If not, it’s a great day to take off to spend extra time with your loved ones, especially if you’ve done some serious traveling to get there.

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Minimal Decorations

Thanksgiving is a holiday where you can get by with very little decorations. A table runner and a centerpiece or a wreath for your door is really all you need to be festive during this holiday.

And since you’re probably going to be decorating for Christmas soon, it makes it even easier to switch out the décor.

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Nap Time is Acceptable

If you know anything about me, you know I love taking naps. So, any holiday that not only allows for a nap, but where it is almost expected of you to take a nap – that has to be the very best holiday! Just make sure you’re awake in time for pie.


There you have it. My 10 reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday. I hope I was I able to convince you that Thanksgiving is the best. But if not, have some pie, take a nap, and we’ll talk about it later.

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments.

reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday: turkey and sides for dinner

10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday

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