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30 Spring Bucket List Ideas Your Family Will Love

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What are some fun ideas to add to my spring bucket list?

Spring has sprung! And the sun is shining, so it is time to enjoy the great outdoors, spend some quality time with your favorite people and shake off those winter blues.

But what exactly should you be doing to make great memories this spring? Not to worry! I’ve created a free spring bucket list that you can easily cross off as you go.

Use it year after year as you start your own family traditions or tweak it some to include things you love doing. Some ideas are better for families with little ones, but there are fun things for everyone. So, check it out and head outside today to enjoy some warm weather!

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What are popular spring activities?

I think the most fun spring activities include things you can do outdoors (since we’re finally entering the warmer months). That’s why over half of the things I listed on this spring bucket list are things you can enjoy outside.

Whether it’s something as simple as sitting outdoors or taking a walk or even something that might take you out of town like a spring festival or a baseball home opener, these spring activities are fun for the whole family.

And don’t forget all the fun holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Earth Day, and Mother’s Day. You can always make a holiday craft or some special treats to go along with the holiday.

Or go out and clean up your local park. Whatever you choose to do this spring, be sure to spend time together as a family and make some awesome memories!



What do I add to my spring bucket list?

Spring Bucket List: Outdoor Ideas

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1. Sit outside

This is so simple. And yet, I think it’s one of things we often forget to do.

Everyone is so busy that we don’t just take some time to slow down and enjoy each other’s company.

So, grab a blanket and sit under a tree or get some patio furniture for your porch. And just sit, relax, and enjoy the fresh air and your time together. Yes, that means no electronics, but you could always take some time to enjoy a good book.

Of course, if you have little ones, they are free to run about while you sit and watch. (Cause I know there’s no stopping my son from running through our yard.)

2. Cloud watch

While you’re sitting outside, go ahead and look up.

Cloud watching is a fun activity to do with little kids. Let their imagination wander as they try to identify different shapes in the clouds.

It’s also an enjoyable experience for parents. You get to bond with your kiddos and recapture some of your youth.

3. Plant flowers

I’m a horrible gardener. The only houseplant I can keep alive is a cactus. But I will say it is thriving!

That doesn’t stop me from digging in the dirt and planting some spring flowers as part of my spring bucket list.

It’s also a great activity for your kiddos. What little one doesn’t enjoy getting dirty and making a mess on purpose? And as those flowers bloom and grow, they can be proud of something they had a hand in.

You may even think about getting some fresh flowers you can plant in butterfly gardens around your home. Then you have some visitors to watch all through the spring season.

4. Splash in puddles

A rainy spring day shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the warmer temperatures. It’s what we’ve been waiting all winter for. So go ahead and add splashing in puddles to your spring bucket list.

Little kids are sometimes not allowed the joy of just being little, so why not take the whole family out for some rainy-day fun.

5. Blow bubbles

Blowing bubbles is another fun activity for younger kiddos, and it’s great if you included some bubbles with their Easter gifts. But even bigger kids can get in of the fun with one of these bubble wands.

6. Draw with sidewalk chalk

Let your kiddo’s imagination run wild with some sidewalk chalk. This is a great outdoor activity to enjoy after being couped up in the house for months.

You’re outside and can let the chalk dust fly. Teach your little ones an outdoor game that you may have played as a child: hopscotch, four square, Pictionary, and even twister.

7. Fly a kite

Spring is the perfect season for kite flying because it’s so windy. Whether you do it in your back yard, a nearby park, or take a spring trip to Jockey Ridge State Park, flying a kite should be one of the top things on your spring bucket list.

8. Go fishing

Treat your kids to a new experience and take them fishing. Or if you’re an avid fisher family, try a new location or a new type of fishing. Add fishing to your spring bucket list year after year for a unique experience each time.

9. Take a nature walk

Now that you can finally be out in that sunshine, why not take a walk in nature? I don’t consider myself a hiker, but I can still enjoy a peaceful walk on a trail.

Along your way, teach your kiddo about the trees or wildlife you may encounter, how to be respectful of nature, and pick up a few pinecones for a fun activity I’ll share with you below.

10. Ride a bike

Dust off those bikes and take a bike ride around your neighborhood. Or find a local trail. This is a fun activity for the whole family and a great way to get some exercise after spending a long winter indoors.

11. Watch a sunset

With the arrival of spring, we’re getting into longer days and it’s not as cloudy, so why not spend an evening watching a sunset together.

Grab a blanket and sit outside. Drink a cool beverage and have some yummy treats while taking in the beautiful pink and purple hues of a spring sunset.

12. Stargaze

Since you’re already outside, why not stick around for a night show.

You might need to grab a light jacket, if you’re out there for any length of time, but it’s always fun to look up and find the spring constellations. You could even get yourself a telescope for a better view.

13. Visit your local park

Spring is the best time to take your kiddos to one of your local parks. It’s not too hot to be outside and it shouldn’t be too busy just yet. Hit the slides and swings, take a walk on a trail, feed ducks, or take a moment to clean up some trash.

14. Play a game of kickball, soccer or baseball

Why are all sports not as fun as a good grade school game of kickball?

Get your kiddos outside and burn off some of that winter energy with a good ball game in your own backyard. It’s a great way to spend time together as a family and burn some winter calories as well.

spring bucket list: boy with bubbles

15. Attend a festival

This is something a little different to add to your spring bucket list activities. It may even be something you’ll have to leave your town to find. But since it’s strawberry season, keep a look out for a strawberry or flower festival.

I’ve been to a strawberry festival, and it was a fun carnival-type atmosphere with rides and games for kids, good food, and some local talent.

A flower festival or exhibit could be just as fun. If you live near a conservatory or botanical garden, check to see if they have a spring collection. It’s a beautiful place to take pictures or get some inspiration for your spring garden at home.

16. Attend the season opener of your local baseball team

Early spring is the beginning of baseball season. So, grab some tickets to your local team’s home opener.

Get a hot dog and some peanuts. Teach your kiddos how to do the wave. And don’t forget that seventh inning stretch.

There’s so much to enjoy at a baseball game, even if you’re not all that interested in the game. It’s such a great thing to experience as a family!

Spring Bucket List: Spring Food Ideas

person grilling
Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

17. Fire up the grill

Spring is the official start to barbeque season. So bust out the tongs and the grill apron and have a backyard party. Invite the neighbors, your closest friends, or just your household for some yummy outdoor eats.

18. Have a picnic

Go all out for this one and get yourself a picnic basket and blanket and make some foods that your whole family will love, and enjoy a fun meal outdoors. Then do some cloud watching or just lie back, relax, and enjoy your time outside.

19. Make a berry pie

After attending one of those strawberry festivals, I mentioned earlier, of course you’re going to want to make your own berry pie.

Strawberry is a favorite of mine, but you could also try making a rhubarb pie (that’s another yummy spring fruit).

Other popular fruits include grapefruit, kiwi, kumquats, mango, pineapple and apricots, so if pie isn’t your thing, use one of these fruits for a sweet treat (maybe on top of some ice cream).

Hit up a local farm or a farmer’s market to find the best fresh produce.

20. Make homemade tea or lemonade

Teach your little ones how to make homemade drinks that are super refreshing in these spring months. After you have a fresh pitcher, grab a blanket and some glasses and head outside to enjoy your work and relax.

Spring Bucket List: Holiday Ideas

2 kids coloring Easter eggs
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

21. Set traps to catch a leprechaun

While St. Patrick’s Day falls just a few days before spring officially begins, I’m adding it to my spring bucket list anyway. (Cause I’m a rebel!)

Leprechauns are tricky. They’ll leave green pee in your toilet and little footprints all over your home. So, this year, set up a trap to catch a leprechaun.

Use an old shoebox, cover it with green felt or paint it, draw a rainbow on the side, and leave some gold coins inside. Use a small stick to prop it up and wait to catch that little holiday prankster.

After the kiddos are asleep, spring the trap and leave leprechaun pranks around the house for them to find in the morning.

Let Silly McGilly teach your kiddos all about the pranks leprechauns play. The Silly McGilly website even offers some ideas for tricks to play at home.

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22. Celebrate April Fool’s Day

Kids love being in on a good joke. And I think April Fool’s Day can be a way to celebrate this in a fun way. Of course, remind your kiddo it’s not funny if it’s hurtful.

But a harmless prank like filling their closet with balloons or tying streamers across their bedroom door is something fun they will remember for years to come.

23. Dye and hunt Easter eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is fun no matter how old you are. And now that I have a little one, I actually have an excuse to do this again. So, definitely make time to do this with your family.

And don’t forget to hide eggs as well. If you don’t want to hide candy in the eggs, coins or small toys are great also. And if you just don’t have time to set up an Easter egg hunt at home, attend a local event in your community.

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24. Celebrate Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day, so take some time on this day (or during a free weekend) to do something to help the Earth.

Take advantage of the warmer weather to plant a tree, start recycling or composting, clean up your neighborhood or local park. Or even create an Earth Day scavenger hunt to search for things found in nature and talk about what you can do to protect our environment.

Spring Bucket List: Creative Ideas

bird feeder
Photo by Maria Tyutina from Pexels

25. Create a craft

There are so many great ideas out there for spring crafts, so find something that your kiddos are capable of making and include some aspect of spring. These also make some fun activities for a rainy day.

  • Suncatchers are nice this time of year. Use different colored tissue paper to create a beautiful prism.
  • Collect rocks, leaves and other nature items to make your own set of wind chimes.
  • Paint rocks to place in a garden or along your entryway.

26. Build a bird feeder

Your level of craft ability is going to decide what type of bird feeder you make.

An easy activity for younger kids is taking a pinecone (that one you found on your nature walk) and covering it in peanut butter and birdseed. Attach a string and hang it from a tree in your yard to attract the birds.

You could also get out the power tools to make a wooden birdhouse or even make a hummingbird feeder from a soy sauce bottle.

If you just want to be able to enjoy the birds (without any work), get yourself a beautiful birdhouse or this birdfeeder and start bird watching today.

27. Plan a trip

I fully believe that planning a trip is half the fun of taking a trip. Come together as a family and decide on the best destination, then pick out all the fun things to do.

This is also a great way to teach your kiddos how to budget and save money for something they want in the future.

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Spring Bucket List: Memory Making Ideas

mom with 2 kids at mountain lake
Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

28. Take a spring vacation

With all the talk of planning a future vacation, why not go ahead take a spring trip somewhere. If you’re from a place where spring break is a thing (we’re not that lucky here), grab the kiddos and head somewhere for the week.

Whether it’s a road trip across the country, a trip to Grandma’s, or a relaxing staycation nearby, the time you spend with your kids is always something they will cherish.

29. Take a family photo

Whether it’s a picture taken in your fancy clothes on Easter morning, fun pictures during the Easter egg hunt, or a photo from that spring vacation, make memories with your family and take the photos doing your favorite things for proof later.

As kids grow, they love looking at pictures of themselves, so take lots. And be sure to get in them too, momma!

30. Practice self-care

Self-care is just as important in the spring, as any other time of year. Unfortunately, as we spend more time in the sun, it seems we spend less time on ourselves. And that is certainly not the best way to live.

You might not have time every day to spend time alone, but spring self-care can also be done as a family. Taking time to check things off your spring bucket list is one of the many things you can do as a family that can recharge everyone.

It’s always important to talk to your kiddos about self-care and their mental health as well.


There you have it: the 30 spring bucket list ideas your family will love. Outdoor activities, food ideas, holiday activities, creative ideas, and memory making ideas are all included in this spring bucket list.

Remember to have fun and make plenty of memories together! And don’t forget to get your very own spring bucket list, so you can start crossing things off today.

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