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21 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

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My husband and I started the stocking stuffing tradition the third year we were married. (Because I found stockings on sale after our first Christmas and forgot where I put them on our second Christmas.) And I’ve always had a difficult time coming up with something small enough to put in there.

Now that we have a little one’s stocking to fill it’s a little easier to come up with ideas because he doesn’t have as many things as my husband.

But maybe you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas for stocking stuffers for toddlers. You need something small enough to fit in the stocking, but large enough your toddler won’t swallow it. Or something that won’t get tossed aside the day after Christmas.

So, if I share my ideas of stocking stuffers for toddlers, will you share some ideas for what to put in my husband’s stocking?

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How much do you spend on stocking stuffers?

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Stocking stuffers for toddlers are meant to just be small gifts. I always think of them as a preview of what else is to come.

I would recommend spending between $10 to $30, depending on what other gifts you’ve already purchased, how many people you have to buy for, and the size of the stocking.

Do you wrap presents in a stocking?

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This is more of a personal preference. Since the gifts are hidden within the stocking and they typically don’t show up until Christmas Eve, there is no need to wrap the presents. (Exhausted moms everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.)

But if you have older toddlers and want the suspense that comes with opening presents on Christmas morning, by all means, go ahead and wrap those gifts.

What do you traditionally put in a Christmas stocking?

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Christmas stockings usually hold candy, fruits, small toys and maybe money (if you’re lucky). Watch out for some coal, if you’ve been naughty though.

However, these traditional gifts might pose a choking hazard for a toddler. So what can you use as stocking stuffers for toddlers?

What to fill a toddlers stocking with?

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Themed Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Christmas ornament

Personalized Ornament

If you started an ornament tradition with your baby (or if you plan to start it now), this is something you can put in his stocking each year. Get a personalized ornament with his name and the year, and then he’ll have a set of ornaments to decorate his own tree one day.

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Christmas Plush Toy

Christmas plush toys are the perfect stocking stuffers for toddlers, as they can stick right out of the top of the stocking. It will be the first thing to catch your little one’s eye on Christmas morning.

Finger Puppets

Christmas finger puppets make a cute addition to a stocking. Let your toddler play out Christmas stories all year long with this cute set of finger puppets.


Holiday stickers are a nice addition to a toddler stocking. With these stickers they can decorate their own tree or Christmas character.

Playful Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Bath Toys

We’ve been going through bath toys like crazy, since all those squirt toys grow mold so easily. Either get some bath toys that don’t squirt water like these color changing fish or these clean squeeze squirts that come apart for easy cleaning.

Or try putting some hot glue over the holes in the traditional bath squirts. They’ll no longer squirt water, but you won’t have to worry about what your toddler is putting in his mouth.

Little People Sets

We got my son the Little People Nativity Set as a first Christmas gift. The people and animals are just the right size for his hands, now that he hit toddler age and of course they make nice teething toys. (As do most things at this age.) So we’ll absolutely be getting some more Little People sets to fill that stocking, like these safari animals or these farm animals.

Card Games

So for younger toddlers, you may only need a deck of cards to keep them entertained. My little guy likes to play 52 pick up by shaking all the cards out of the box and having mommy refill it.

If you have an older toddler, card games like Go Fish and Uno make wonderful surprises as stocking stuffers for toddlers.


I got my son a Dimpl as a first Christmas gift, and he wasn’t too thrilled with it. But right around the one year mark, this thing became a huge hit! I can totally understand why. I sometimes sit and play with it myself. Something about popping those things in and out is just very relaxing.


A small car for little hands is a fun stocking stuffer for toddlers. We have pull back cars, but I really like this car because you don’t have to worry about the gears grinding and the toy being ruined. It also works on carpet. And it makes another good teething toy.

Silk Scarves

If your toddler is anything like mine, he is constantly getting into the box of wipes. I’ve given him his own empty box to play with, but he always finds the full one.

To keep your little one from littering the house in wipes, get this set of scarves. Stuff them in an empty box of wipes, and let him pull those out. (Be sure to hide your current box of wipes.) These can also be used for dress up or playtime as well, as your toddler ages.

Crafty Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers


We started “coloring” around 12-15 months. At that age, it’s learning how to hold the crayons, not eat the crayons, and make some marks on the paper.

I always strap my son in his high chair before we get started, and I always use these washable crayons for when the marks don’t quite make it to the paper. They clean right off his high chair tray and the seat cushion, as well as his clothes.


Washable paints make great stocking stuffers for toddlers. I usually use them in a Ziploc bag for mess free fun. But we used them to paint our pumpkins at Halloween, and they are very easy to clean up.


If your little one is quite crafty, get him some tubs of Play-Doh. And if you’ve been in the Play-Doh game for awhile, you could always gift a new activity set and keep the tubs in the stocking, as an added surprise.

stocking stuffers for toddlers: red and white wrapped Christmas present with green bow

Mealtime Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers


Since some of the traditional gifts are fruits and candy, snacks make the perfect stocking stuffers for toddlers. Be sure that they are age appropriate. We’re still big fans of Puffs here, and they’ll fit nicely down in that stocking.

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Toddler Utensils

Get your little one starting to eat on his own with this set of utensils. The shorter handle allows for more control in those pudgy toddler hands. It’s so amazing to watch my son learn to do things on his own. And it’s going to free up more time for momma!

EZPZ Tiny Cup

Another learning mealtime tool is the EZPZ tiny cup. It’s great for tiny toddler hands and those sensitive teeth. And it’s small enough that if it gets spilled, it’s not a big mess to clean up.

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers


I was elated when those first front teeth started showing up. Less so when the molars started coming through. If you’re still in that stage where all your little one wants is some relief for those sore gums, teethers are a must have as stocking stuffers for toddlers. I feel like this is one thing you can never have too many of.

And while you’re waiting on that gift from the North Pole (or the Amazon Prime guy), you can refrigerate a wet wash cloth for your kiddo to chew on for some relief.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are a great way to teach your toddler colors, shapes, numbers and letters, with some parental guidance of course. These touch and feel flash cards are the perfect way to get and keep your little one’s attention. Each card offers additional information on the item and includes pronunciation in four languages.


Socks make wonderful stocking stuffers for toddlers. They easily fill up the bottom of the stocking, so it looks fuller. And that way your toddler isn’t opening socks as a Christmas gift, which is kind of a let down for little ones.


Get some cute slippers for your little one so they’re feet are toasty warm on Christmas morning and throughout winter. Slippers make great stocking stuffers for toddlers each year, as their feet grow so quickly.

Band Aids

Kids love to play with all those fancy band aids. This year, get them their own set of character band aids, but maybe limit them to one boo boo a day.


There you have it: the perfect stocking stuffers for toddlers! Stocking stuffers that are Christmas themed; stocking stuffers for playtime, craft time, and meal time; even practical stocking stuffers. Choose as many or as few as you need to fill those Christmas stockings and be ready with your camera to capture all those wonderful Christmas memories.

What stocking stuffers for toddlers will you be gifting this year? Let us know in the comments. And Merry Christmas!

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