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40 Great Summer Books for Toddlers

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What summer books are perfect for toddlers?

Summer is finally here! And hopefully you haven’t heard those dreaded words yet. I’M BORED!

There’s plenty to keep your toddler busy this summer. And these summer books for toddlers make the top of my list.

Whether you’re reading about a favorite vacation spot or the bugs in your backyard, these are some of the best summer books your toddler won’t want to put down. And they may even learn something as well.

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First Summer Books for Toddlers

Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson

cover of Mouse's First Summer book

Follow along with Mouse and Minka, as they sneak along on a picnic and experience all the fun things to do in summer in Mouse’s First Summer.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Summer by Eric Carle

cover of The Very Hungry Caterpillar's First Summer book

Allow your little one to experience all the sights, sounds and scents of summer with The Very Hungry Caterpillar in The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Summer.

Touch and Feel Summer Books for Toddlers

Llama Llama Sand and Sun by Anna Dewdney

cover of Llama Llama Sand and Sun book

Another great addition to the Llama Llama series, Llama Llama Sand and Sun offers a fun introduction of all there is to do at the beach.

Give it to your toddler before heading out on your own beach vacation.

Baby’s First Ocean by Little Hippo Books

cover of Baby's First Ocean book

Baby’s First Ocean has many great facts about ocean animals and offers fun sensory items on each spread. It’s a great introduction to sea animals.

Ocean Friends by Little Hippo Books

cover of Ocean Friends book

Another great book of ocean animal facts and a variety of sensory elements, Ocean Friends is a fun and educational summer book for toddlers.

Backyard Bugs by Little Hippo Books

cover of Backyard Bugs book

With cute rhymes that ask informative questions about Backyard Bugs, this summer book for toddlers will have your little one excited about those creepy crawlies in your backyard.

Lift the Flap Summer Books for Toddlers

Baby Loves Summer! by Karen Katz

cover of Baby Loves Summer! book

Follow Baby as she discovers everything about summer found under the flaps in Baby Loves Summer!.

Summer in the Forest by Rusty Finch

cover of Summer in the Forest book

Summer in the Forest follows a mama and her cubs on their journey through the forest to discover all the wonders of summer.

Where Is Baby’s Beach Ball? by Karen Katz

cover of Where Is Baby's Beach Ball? book

Where is Baby’s Beach Ball? is a fun lift-the-flap adventure for your toddler as they find lots of fun things at the beach.

Into the Sand Castle by Cindy Jin

cover of Into the Sand Castle book

Look Into the Sand Castle to see what sea animals are hiding inside. This is a cute summer book to read with your toddler.

Little Blue Boat by Ginger Swift

cover of Little Blue Boat book

This is a beautifully illustrated summer book for toddlers where the Little Blue Boat meets all kinds of ocean animals on the high seas.

Let’s Play Baseball by Ginger Swift

cover of Let's Play Baseball book

A wonderful introduction to the summer sport, Let’s Play Baseball teaches your toddler about the basic rules and equipment of the great game of baseball.

Little Yellow Bee by Ginger Swift

cover of Little Yellow Bee book

With colorful illustrations and simple sentences, Little Yellow Bee takes your toddler on a tour of the garden and all his friends that live there.

Beach Time Summer Books for Toddlers

Daniel’s Day at the Beach by Becky Friedman

cover of Daniel's Day at the Beach book

Come along with Daniel Tiger in Daniel’s Day at the Beach. This summer book for toddlers shows your kiddo all the fun things to do at the beach while staying safe.

Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoon

cover of Penguin on Vacation book

Follow a Penguin on Vacation as he spends time at the beach, unsure of what to do until he befriends a crab who shows him how to have fun. This summer book for toddlers is a story of friendship and fun.

Beach Baby by Laurie Elmquist

cover of Beach Baby book

With beautiful illustrations and poetic verse, Beach Baby showcases a fun day at the beach while describing each picture. It’s a great summer book for toddlers who are learning to associate words with pictures.

Beach Day by Karen Roosa

cover of Beach Day book

Fun illustrations and cute rhymes give your toddler a picture of what happens on a typical Beach Day. Read this summer book for toddlers as you gear up for your summer trip to the beach.

The Happy Snappy Crab by Tiger Tales

cover of The Happy, Snappy Crab book

This is a fun pop-up summer book for toddlers where The Happy Snappy Crab goes on an adventure meeting other sea creatures: turtles, a shark, fish, and an octopus.

Hello, World! Ocean Life by Jill McDonald

cover of Hello, World! Ocean Life book

For fun facts about oceans and the animals that live there, your toddler will enjoy Hello, World! Ocean Life.

Dr. Seuss Discovers: Sharks by Dr. Seuss

cover of Dr. Seuss Discovers: Sharks book

A great summer educational book for young minds, Dr. Seuss Discovers: Sharks will introduce your toddler to all different types of sharks. It’s a great way to learn about these sea creatures in a fun way.

summer books for toddlers: cover of Summer Things book

Good Night Beach by Adam Gamble

cover of Good Night Beach book

Let your toddler spend a day enjoying all the fun things there are to do at the beach until the moment comes when you must say Good Night Beach.

Other fun summer books for toddlers in this series include Good Night Ocean, Good Night Seashore, Good Night Lake, Good Night Mountains, and Good Night Campsite for wherever you spend your summer vacations.

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Fourth of July Summer Books for Toddlers

Corduroy’s Fourth of July by Don Freeman

cover of Corduroy's Fourth of July book

Join Corduroy and his friends as they celebrate Corduroy’s Fourth of July by having a picnic, going for a swim, taking part in a parade and watching fireworks.

You’re My Little Firecracker by Nicola Edwards

cover of You're My Little Firecracker book

You’re My Little Firecracker celebrates the love of a parent and child while including the festivities of the Fourth of July. It offers cute cutouts and raised elements to keep your toddler engaged and entertained.

Parade Colors by Barbara Barbieri McGrath

cover of Parade Colors book

Parade Colors is a cute Fourth of July book to introduce your toddler to this patriotic holiday. Your toddler will notice the different shapes, colors and objects as the parade goes by.

Curious George Parade Day by H. A. Rey

cover of Curious George Parade Day book

Follow George as he causes mischief before this year’s Fourth of July parade and be there as he saves the day in Curious George Parade Day.

Hello, Fourth of July! by Martha Day Zschock

cover of Hello, Fourth of July! book

Join a parent and child eagle as they celebrate the things that make the Fourth of July so much fun and take in some historical sites as well in Hello, Fourth of July!.

This summer book for toddlers will help your little one understand why we celebrate Independence Day.

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Great Summer Books for Toddlers

Summer by Child’s Play

cover of Summer book

Follow the kids of Summer as they describe how they know it’s summer: the sun shining, having picnics, smelling flowers, and playing in a pool.

Summer Song by Kevin Henkes

cover of Summer Song book

Summer Song offers artwork that showcases the beauty of summer as it describes the sights and sounds of the season.

Summer Things by Dr. Seuss

cover of Summer Things book

Summer Things follows the antics of Thing One and Thing Two as they explore summer water activities, cool treats and endless summer evenings with the wonderful rhymes of Dr. Seuss.

This is a must-have addition to your collection of summer books for toddlers.

Good Night Summer by Adam Gamble

cover of Good Night Summer book

Spend a day doing all the fun things of summer: planting flowers, feeding ducks, swimming, flying kites and enjoying ice cream – until evening comes and your little one says Good Night Summer.

Jane Foster’s Summertime by Jane Foster

cover of Jane Foster's Summertime book

With one word and picture to a page, Jane Foster’s Summertime introduces your toddler to summer words in a way that is easy to understand.

Curious George Curious About Summer by H. A. Rey

cover of Curious George Curious About Summer book

Get your toddler excited about every aspect of summer with Curious George Curious About Summer. No one is more curious than George, so your toddler is sure to get a good grasp of everything that makes this season so wonderful.

Mama, Is It Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure

cover of Mama, Is It Summer Yet? book

Follow along as a little boy asks Mama, Is It Summer Yet? and they find all the signs that summer is coming: birds are singing and flowers are blooming.

The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli

cover of The Watermelon Sees book

For a fun summer book for toddlers, check out this crocodile who worries what will happen if he eats The Watermelon Seed.

Your kiddo will be laughing along with all his silly thoughts and it’s the perfect opportunity to ease any fears in your toddler.

Baseball! by Cottage Door Press

cover of Baseball! book

Use the baseball finger puppet to sing along to Take Me Out to the Ball Game as the Baseball! makes its way around the field and across home plate.

I Like You More Than Ice Cream by Brick Puffington

cover of I Like You More Than Ice Cream book

I Like You More Than Ice Cream is another fun finger puppet book that shows just how much you care about your little one – especially if you’re a fan of ice cream.

Is It Warm Enough for Ice Cream? by DK

cover of Is It Warm Enough for Ice Cream? book

Is It Warm Enough for Ice Cream? actually takes your toddler on an adventure through every season asking if it’s time for ice cream, why it’s not and what else there is to do in that season. That makes this summer book for toddlers a good read all year long.

You’re My Little Sunshine by Natalie Marshall

cover of You're My Little Sunshine book

Another book from the You’re My Little series, You’re My Little Sunshine is filled with rhyming text and cute illustrations of parent-child relationships. With cutouts and raised elements, this summer book for toddlers is sure to delight.

Hello, World! Backyard Bugs by Jill McDonald

cover of Hello, World! Backyard Bugs book

For good information on the bugs your toddler may see in your own yard, Hello, World! Backyard Bugs is a great summer book for toddlers that gives them easy to understand facts about the world around them.

Hello, World! Garden Time by Jill McDonald

cover of Hello, World! Garden Time book

The latest book in the Hello, World! series, Hello, World! Garden Time explains how plants grow in simple terms for your toddler to understand.


There you have it: 40 great summer books for toddlers to entertain and teach them about the world around them. And don’t forget to check out the Amazon Book Box to get all your summer favorites!

Do you have a favorite summer book for toddlers that didn’t make the list, or did you find a new one to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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40 Great Summer Books for Toddlers

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