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25 Nourishing Summer Self-Care Ideas

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How can I take care of myself in summer?

Warmer days have finally arrived!

I know I can’t wait for summer, but if you have littles, you may dread that three-month span know as summer vacation, where 2 weeks in your kiddos are bored and you’re pulling your hair out. This is why it is so important, as a mom, to continue your summer self-care routine.

While it may not be easy to remember to take care of yourself in the summer, if you can do something as simple as getting outside to enjoy the sunshine, it can be quite beneficial. Keep reading for more ideas on how to take of yourself this summer.

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How do you stay mentally healthy in summer?

Now that the sun is shining most days and you can get out of the house, that is exactly what you should do in the summer. No one is meant to stay couped up in their home or office all the time. And the best thing for your mental health this time of year is to get out and enjoy life around you. Whether that’s a walk alone, a bike ride with friends, or a vacation with your family, spending time outside or away from your daily routine is going to relax you and give you that mental break we all need.

How do you rejuvenate in the summer?

Summer Self-Care Ideas: Relax

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Summer was made for relaxing. So, find a quiet spot and take some time for yourself.

1. Read

Reading allows me to relax by transporting me to another time and place and gives me a moment to forget about everything going on in my life. I know everyone may not take a liking to reading as much as I have. But there’s so much more to read than just books.

You’ve found your way to my blog, so why not spend so time here reading some other articles. Or another blog that may interest you. Read to learn about a favorite hobby or a new one you want to try. Start reading a magazine on a topic you enjoy. Choose a cookbook and learn some new recipes. Find something to read that allows you to relax, makes you happy and brings you peace.

2. Listen to music

Summer is my favorite time of year to put on some music from my childhood and relive those summers so long ago. Music from the first concert you attended or music from your high school years is something to transport you to a time when you weren’t the one making all the decisions. (And maybe it will get the current kiddie song out of your head for a few minutes.)

3. Enjoy a sunset

Take some time at the end of your day to relax and enjoy a sunset. Whether it’s time by yourself with a glass of something to sip. Or on a blanket on your lawn with your hubby. Or make it a family night out and spend the time watching the sun with your kiddos.

4. Stargaze

While you’re out there enjoying the sunset, take a little time to watch the stars come out. Again, it’s something you can enjoy alone or as part of your family self-care routine.

5. Meditate

Take some time this summer to be alone and meditate. If you’re new to meditation or just need some direction, try the Headspace: Meditation & Sleep app or the Serenity: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness app. (I’ve used this one while pumping at work.)

6. Have a movie marathon

The perfect addition to your summer self-care routine, especially on a rainy day, is a movie marathon. Movies are a fun way to connect with your kiddos. Or head out with some friends and cool off in the theater with this summer’s blockbuster.

Summer Self-Care: Get Active

two women on hiking trail
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Summer is the perfect season to be active. The sun is finally shining, and the rainy days are behind us. Adventure awaits!

7. Walk

The easiest summer self-care activity is taking a walk. Whether it’s around your home, around your block, or at your local park, a summer walk is the best way to break up the monotony of your day. Sitting at a computer for hours on end or being couped up with a house full of miniature versions of yourself can start to take its toll. Simply taking even 5 minutes to get out, get some fresh air and stretch out your muscles is sure to help you recenter yourself so you can continue with your day.

And while this is important for self-care for moms, taking a walk with your kiddos can be fun as well. For the pre-k crowd, it gives them a change of scenery and may even get them to be a little more chatty (if you have a late talker). And for school-age kids, it gives them a chance to tell you about their day, without much pressure.

8. Bike

Now is the time of year to dust off your bike and take a ride around your neighborhood or hit up your local park or bike trail. Biking gets you outdoors and is great exercise. Get your family together once a week for some family self-care as well.

9. Hike

When someone says they’re going hiking, I think heavy boots, backpack, maybe a walking stick. (I’m not a hiker.) So, when I say hiking, I’m really talking about taking a walk in nature. Find a trail where you can be at peace for a while. Maybe you can find some inspiration to write or paint. Of course, let someone know where you plan to go, or invite friends to go along as well.

10. Take a swim

Summer can be excruciatingly hot, so why not go for a swim? If you don’t have your own pool, it’s time to make friends with your neighbor down the street. (I’m only half-kidding.) Check out your community pool for when it is less busy, or join your local YMCA to cool off.

11. Workout outside

Summer is the best time to take your workout outdoors. Whether it’s yoga, running, or an outdoor sport like tennis, volleyball, or even frisbee, give your workout a change of scenery. It’s even a great time to find a workout partner to keep each other accountable.

Summer Self-Care Ideas: Grab a Pen and Paper

woman writing in a journal
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Keep a pen and paper handy for all those ideas that pop into your head this summer: grocery lists, doctor appointments, back-to-school shopping, vacation locales. Or spend time with just your thoughts and a journal for some reflection.

12. Journal

On days when you’re stuck inside or you’re feeling kind of mopey, writing in a journal is a wonderful way to find the joy in your day and bring yourself some peace. Whether it’s a gratitude journal you started during your fall self-care routine or if it’s just something you bring out every now and then, a journal is the perfect place for capturing your thoughts for the day and reflecting on your life.

You could also just spend some time reading entries you’ve written in the past. I don’t journal often, but it’s always nice to look back and reminisce about something I’ve written about previously.

summer self-care: woman in infinity pool

13. Make a summer bucket list

Take some time doing summer self-care by making a summer bucket list. So many summers have passed me by where I didn’t really do anything. I say, no more!

Write out an actual list. You’re more likely to accomplish the goals you write down. So, if there is something you’ve always wanted to do or learn, put it on your list, and then take the steps to accomplish it. You have three months of beautiful weather to do all the things you never have time for. Take this time to grow as a person. You’re not just a mom, wife or someone’s employee, you’re a woman with your own goals and dreams.

Summer Self-Care: Love Yourself

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Make this summer all about you. Take care of your mental health and body, especially your skin.

14. Go screen free

There is so much to do in the summer, so now is not the time to be connected to your devices. I get that we can’t disconnect all day, every day. But for some rejuvenating summer self-care, take a break from those screens as much as possible. Cut down your evening screen time by an hour, get rid of it completely on the weekends, or even try a week completely screen free. (Granted, this may only work while on a vacation.)

If any of those ideas makes you want to quit reading this article, try a different approach and make it a game. Mark your calendar for each day you cut back on screen time. Get your family involved and try reading those books we talked about, adding in some family game nights, or take some day trips around your town.

15. Go makeup free

Being outside gives you a wonderful glow, so consider going makeup free this summer. (Or at least some of this summer.) It will allow your skin time to breathe.

And this is one where I need to take my own advice. So, if you’re a big makeup wearer, try easing into this one. Just do some foundation or mascara. Or do it on a day where it doesn’t matter how you look. Like at the beach or an amusement park. Just enjoy your time (and the extra time you’ve gained while not applying your makeup). And don’t worry who will see you; chances are, you’ll never see them again anyway.

16. Use sunscreen

Whether or not you wear makeup, don’t forget to love your skin this summer and apply sunscreen. I didn’t care enough about this before I turned 30, but you can be sure I’m not spending any more time in the sun without the proper protection. Between the possibility of skin cancer and those wrinkles creeping in, I’m doing all I can to protect my skin.

17. Drink enough water

Be sure to take care of yourself by drinking enough water this summer. Getting caught up in all the fun summer activities can distract you from this, and you can easily become dehydrated. (Especially if you’re a breastfeeding momma.) Carry this cute water bottle with you, so you are aware just how much you’re really drinking throughout the day.

Summer Self-Care: Indulge Your Senses

woman eating an ice cream cone
Photo by Jonathan Borba

Don’t be afraid to eat all the yummy treats that come around only in the summer. Chase down the ice cream truck, enjoy a friend’s grilling skills, or spend time at a farmer’s market.

18. Enjoy some ice cream (guilt-free)

Ice cream is the best summer indulgence. And while you’re practicing your summer self-care routine, you are not concerning yourself with the calories. I recommend taking some time away from your family and enjoying this sweet treat all alone. No one to give you the stink eye or someone asking for a bite. Just enjoy it, and don’t worry about anyone but you.

19. Grill out

Okay, this one may seem more like a chore than something to add to your summer self-care list. But hear me out. Most men love to grill out. There’s just something about cooking over an open flame that does it for them.

So, ask the man in your life if he wants to grill out this weekend. You’ve made him happy, you don’t have to cook or clean the kitchen, and you get a meal out of it.

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20. Eat fresh foods

I feel like summer is the best time to get back to eating more healthy foods. With farmers’ markets being opened and roadside fruit stands popping up, summer is the opportune time to eat fresh. Add a veggie kebab to your grill, a fresh watermelon as a sweet side, or some corn on the cob to your summer picnic.

Summer Self-Care: Use Your Creative Mind

woman painting outdoors
Photo by Valeria Ushakova

It’s time to let your creativity shine outside. Spruce up your yard with decorations or a flower garden. Paint a new design on your mailbox. Let the creative juices flow!

21. Decorate your yard

Whether you’re decorating for the 4th of July or just want to put out some patio stones, decorating your yard can be a soothing addition to your summer self-care routine. Consider painting those patio stones or making a birdfeeder or adding some decorative planters to your porch. You are able to spend time enjoying the outdoors while being creative.

22. Draw or paint something

Although I’ve been to a few paint-and-sips in the last couple of years, I would never describe myself as an artist. However, I don’t let that stop me from creating things. Grab a sketchbook or a paint set and head outside for some summer inspiration. Being in nature is enough to get your creative juices flowing.

Summer Self-Care: Refresh

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Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

A big part of summer self-care is breathing new life into yourself, so find a way to recharge.

23. Update your wardrobe

While spring cleaning is a great time of year to declutter your closets, mid- to late summer marks the perfect time to make some updates to your wardrobe. You should be able to find some great end-of-summer or back-to-school sales, where you can add both summer and fall pieces to your collection. Plus, there’s nothing like a good shopping spree to give you some much needed endorphins.

24. Take a vacation

If you have a family, then summer is the optimal time for a vacation. And while it is most likely that you will be spending the bulk of your time with other people, it is good to show your kiddos how to treat themselves to some self-care. Use this time to make special memories, relax, and also spend a few hours each day apart from each other. If you have little ones at home, consider inviting grandparents or another family along to swap babysitting duties.

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25. Reconnect with family and friends

After months of being couped up at home, it’s time to get out and see people. Since kids are out of school, it makes it easier to visit family and friends or have them over to your place. Have that barbeque I talked about earlier, and let the men do all the cooking while the women sip some summer drinks. Or go for a hike with friends. Invite someone along during your summer self-care activities, so you can unwind together.


With warmer weather and the sun shining longer, summer is a great season to make up for any self-care you have missed out on during the year. Pick something fun that will get you outside and enjoying yourself!

Summer is the perfect time of year to introduce your family to your self-care routine. Hit up the pool, take a vacation together, or have a movie night. Teach your kiddos how important it is to unwind and take care of themselves.

Have you tried any of these nourishing summer self-care ideas? Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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25 Nourishing Summer Self-Care Ideas

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  1. Hi Samantha, Firstly, thank you for joining us at B&I FB Group. I am browsing around here on your blog, and love what I have seen so far. You have some awesome tips for the summer, and we are about to do one, hopefully, more, this coming week as my husband and I will be spending some time on a small Lake resort here in Canada. Looking forward to chilling out, no screentime, eating some ice cream, walking, hiking, and just enjoying the outside and nature.
    Hope to see more of you. Take care

    1. Esmé, thanks so much for coming to check out my site! I’m so glad you’ll be able to take some time for yourself this summer and glad you found this article helpful. Enjoy your time away!

  2. Love this! It’s so true that often we forget ourselves during the summe with the kids home and all we want to do for them!
    I do man of those already like sunset watching, journaling, biking, meditating and love all the other ideas, will come back this summer to get more ideas!
    One of my favorite that is not in your list is photography! It’s very calming and focusing for me.

    1. Anouk, glad you enjoyed the article and are taking care of yourself! I also enjoy photography. Keep an eye out for my summer bucket list coming soon; it’s on there!

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