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19 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

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What do you bring to someone’s house on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is coming. It’s my all-time favorite holiday!

If you’re making your way to a family member or friend’s home for the holiday, you’ll want to be sure to bring some Thanksgiving hostess gifts as a way to say “I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done.”

This couldn’t be more true, if you’ve recently had a baby and might still be breastfeeding. Having someone else cook you a homemade meal, when all you have to do is show up, is like some kind of magic.

Find your favorite Thanksgiving hostess gifts below, have them shipped to your home, and you’re ready to go.

Hostess gifts don’t need to be wrapped, so there’s no extra work for an already busy momma.

Just enjoy this time together with family and friends!

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What to bring when you’re told not to bring a thing?

It is a great thing when someone decides to host Thanksgiving, especially when they say “you don’t need to bring a thing.”

But does that actually mean you shouldn’t bring anything?

It means they don’t need you to bring food.

Maybe they are looking forward to doing all the cooking themselves (especially if this is the first year they are hosting). Or they could know of special allergies someone on the guest list may have that you are not aware of. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to bring any food.

However, that doesn’t mean you should show up empty handed.

Someone was nice enough to extend you an invitation into their home. So what do you bring? Thanksgiving hostess gifts, of course!

And I’ve gathered up some of the most thoughtful gifts I could find to help you.

What is a good hostess gift for Thanksgiving?

Wine Themed Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Wine always makes a good hostess gift. But have you ever considered some wine accessories?

3 bottles of wine
Photo by Min An from Pexels


I feel like this is the most obvious go-to when you are considering Thanksgiving hostess gifts. (It actually makes a great gift for a housewarming or an engagement party as well.)

If you know your hostess well, pick up a bottle of her favorite wine. If not, then treat her to one of your favorites. And dress it up with a cute bow.

If your hostess is not a wine drinker (or if you’re unsure), you could get her a box of specialty teas instead.

thanksgiving hostess gifts: wine bottle labels

Personalized Wine Bottle Label

If you do happen to gift a bottle of wine, make it super unique with this personalized wine bottle label.

wine bottle bags

Wine Bottle Bag

If you decide to skip the cute bow on the bottle of wine, opt for this wine bottle bag instead. It’s a cute way to wrap it, without having to worry about it breaking through a traditional gift bag.

Thanksgiving wine glass charms

Wine Glass Charms

Last one for the wine theme. Check out this set of Thanksgiving themed wine glass charms. When guests start mingling, it’s very easy for glasses to get mixed up. But not with this cute set of charms.

Hosting Themed Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

If your Thanksgiving host is the one to host most holidays, then these hosting themed gifts will be just what she needs.

pumpkin scented hand soap

Hand Soap

With all the extra guests during the holidays, your hostess will be more than happy to receive some fall scented hand soaps. Place them in this cute fall gift bag for a memorable delivery.

dish towels with fall leaves

Dish Towel Set

With all those dishes to be done, your hostess can never have too many holiday themed dish towels. This set is cute enough to be used for display, but not so cute that your hostess will mind using them to actually dry the dishes.

white be our guest hand towels

Bathroom Hand Towels for Guests

Again, with all the visitors your hostess will be entertaining this holiday season, it’s nice to have something designated just for the guests. This set of hand towels are very welcoming and are a perfect addition to any guest bathroom.

Thanksgiving hostess gifts: bottle of wine, grapes, and roses

Holiday Themed Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

A holiday themed gift is a great idea to include with the theme of the table.

thanksgiving hostess gifts: outdoor planter

Personalized Centerpiece

This personalized centerpiece is actually an outdoor flowerpot.

So, get the flowerpot and some cute fall flowers (maybe mums) or artificial fall leaves, and give your hostess a cute centerpiece to show off on her Thanksgiving table.

Then she has something she can use in her yard when spring arrives.

set of Thanksgiving turkey centerpieces

Thanksgiving Decoration

If you want something quicker and easier than the centerpiece idea, gift these cute Thanksgiving turkeys to your hostess. Again, it’s something nice that can be included with her Thanksgiving décor.

thanksgiving hostess gifts: pumpkin spice candle

Personalized Candle

It is pumpkin spice season, and this personalized candle fits right in! Your hostess can enjoy the sweet smells of the holiday long after the leftovers are gone.

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fall leaf tea light candle holders

Tealight Candle Holders

These tealight candle holders let everyone know your hostess is ready for fall. They are perfect addition to any Thanksgiving table. I love to use them during dessert (as I stuff my face with pie).

Make sure you buy some tealight candles to go with them or consider an LED version, if your hostess has small children.

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thanksgiving hostess gifts: christmas ornament

Personalized Christmas Ornament

This personalized Christmas ornament is something nice for your hostess to remember the holiday she hosted. Maybe it’s her first time hosting or your first time being invited.

leftovers are for quitters napkins

Fun Napkins

There were years before I was a mom that the only thing I could be counted on to bring was napkins or soda. Think of the time Monica put Phoebe in charge of cups and ice – that was me!

If that happens to be you as well, get this set of festive napkins. They work great as a cocktail napkin or a dessert napkin. Trust me – I know napkins!

Kitchen Themed Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Kitchen themed gifts are perfect for your hostess, as she spends many hours preparing that Thanksgiving meal.

set of 5 Thanksgiving wooden spoons

Wooden Spoon Set

These wooden spoons make such a great idea for Thanksgiving hostess gifts. They can be used to make the kitchen more festive for the holiday and work perfectly to prepare that tasty meal.

thanksgiving hostess gifts: cutting board

Personalized Cutting Board

Everyone has a regular old cutting board in their kitchen, but this year you could present your Thanksgiving hostess with this personalized cutting board that is all her own.

Cheese Board

This cheese board pairs well with the wine that I’m certain someone brought as their Thanksgiving hostess gift. You could even bring some crackers and cheese to enjoy with your pre-dinner cocktails.

thanksgiving hostess gifts: serving tray

Personalized Serving Tray

This beautiful, personalized serving tray will make a wonderful addition to any holiday meal.

thanksgiving hostess gifts: canister

Personalized Canister

Here is another great personalized gift option. This beautiful, personalized canister will be a nice addition to your hostess’ kitchen during the holidays. You could even make a batch of homemade cookies as an extra special treat.

thanksgiving hostess gifts: baking dish

Personalized Baking Dish

I left this one for last because maybe you’re the person who doesn’t want to come without bringing food. Or maybe everyone is bringing food and you also want to give your hostess something special.

Make your special dish in this personalized baking dish and gift the dish to your hostess. The bonus here is you don’t have to worry about carrying anything home.


There you have it: the best Thanksgiving hostess gifts for this year’s gathering. From holiday themed gifts to personalized ideas, there’s something for everyone. Have fun and enjoy the holiday!

Have you ever received Thanksgiving hostess gifts? What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Thanksgiving hostess gifts: image of wine bottles, image of wooden spoons, image of candle, image of cheese on cheese board

19 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

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