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35 Life-Saving Tips for Disney World with Toddlers

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What are the biggest tips for Disney World with toddlers?

I’ve been to Disney World nearly a dozen times throughout my life, but never with my own child before.

So, when I set out to plan a Disney trip with my toddler, I wanted all the information I could find.

Navigating the parks (and airports) before kids was a breeze. (Not to mention my trips all happened in the pre-Genie+ era). So, this was going to be a completely new experience for my entire family.

Fortunately, I will say that the trip was a success and more importantly, I have a bunch of useful tips for Disney World with toddlers that will make the experience even better for you!

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How do you do Disney World with a toddler?

Tips for Disney World with Toddlers: Before You Go

Walt Disney World app
My Disney Experience App

1. Download the My Disney Experience App

Before you step foot in any of the Disney theme parks or even check into your Walt Disney World resort hotel, you’re going to want to download the free My Disney Experience App.

This app gives you access to everything Walt Disney World.

You’ll be able to track your hotel and park reservations and make payments for your vacation.

You can book your dining reservations 60 days in advance, so you’re sure not to miss your favorite meals. You can check for dining availability while you’re in any of the Disney parks and make mobile orders.

You can check on wait times for your favorite rides, locate your favorite characters, and find the shortest route to the closest restroom.

You can add things like Genie+ and Lightning Lane purchases once you are on property. And even unlock your hotel room!

It’s a must-have to get the most out of your Walt Disney World vacation.

2. Watch Disney shows

If you’re planning a Disney vacation with your toddler, I’m sure you already watch some Disney shows, whether it’s Disney Junior or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Watching these shows and reading Disney books is a great way to introduce little kids to the characters they could meet.

I also recommend watching YouTube videos about the parks. You can show your kiddo the rides, the characters, the parades, the fireworks, and some of what goes on at the parks.

It’s a great way to get your kid excited for your Disney World trip and gauge their interest in what they might enjoy doing while there.

Some of our favorite YouTube channels are: Paging Mr. Morrow, All Ears, The Tim Tracker, The Disney Food Blog, Mammoth Club, and 4K WDW.

They’re especially great to get you orientated to Disney World, if you’ve never visited before.

3. Visit a local amusement park

Another great way to get your toddler ready for all the Disney World parks is to go to a local amusement park before your trip.

  • You can learn what types of rides they will enjoy. Babies and young toddlers are usually more carefree. Older toddlers and preschoolers start becoming more aware of their surroundings. So dark rides and larger-than-life characters might be more intimidating to them.
  • It’s also a good way to get them used to waiting in line. Because it’s not Disney if you’re not waiting in line for something.
  • You can practice using your stroller in a park. Maybe you have a very independent toddler who wants no part of the stroller anymore. Take it anyway! (See Tips for Disney World with Toddlers #26.)
  • You can practice eating new foods. I don’t think it’s only my toddler who likes what he likes and won’t eat anything else. So, use this trip to try new foods. It will give you an idea of what snacks you’ll need to pack. (See Tips for Disney World with Toddlers #30.)
  • You can also use this experience to explain what Disney World is like. When I asked my son if he wanted to go to Disney World, he said no. I came to realize it was because he didn’t know what it was. One day I mentioned going to the parks, and it started to click for him. He associated parks with the playground, and we talked about the carousel we rode at our local amusement park and then he started getting excited.

Your toddler is experiencing everything for the first time, so they might be a little more cautious about new places. But the more information you can give them beforehand, the better the trip will be for them (and you!).

4. Plan your trip

Obviously, you’re going to book your trip well in advance (mostly so you can start saving for it as early as possible).

But you absolutely want to plan it the right way.

  • First, plan for the “off” season. While there really isn’t an off season anymore, there are times of the year when it is less busy. Since you have a toddler who is not in school yet, the best time to go would be in September or May, when older kids are still hitting the books. Holidays and spring break are also notoriously busy at Disney World, so avoid those if you can.
  • Stay at a fun resort. Staying on Disney property is like staying in the Disney bubble. But even if you choose to stay on property, you have a wide selection of hotel options. While each Disney resort hotel has its own unique theming, the All-Star Resorts offer larger-than-life decor and bright colors that kids will love and also makes for great photo ops.
  • Select your theme park tickets. Do some advanced research of the best rides for your family, so you know which Disney parks you want to visit on what day.
  • Book dining reservations in advance. If you’re staying on property, you can make dining reservations 60 days in advance (for the length of your trip). Take advantage of this, as some of the more popular restaurants will otherwise be booked (especially character meals). Check out the menu for each of the restaurants, so you have an idea of what your child will eat.
entrance of Toy Story Land with Woody
entrance of Toy Story Land

5. Check height requirements

After watching YouTube videos and doing research on the My Disney Experience App, you should have an idea of what rides you and your toddler are interested in.

While you’re doing research, make sure to look at the height requirement of your favorite rides. Disney is known for being a family-friendly park, so that means most rides have no height restrictions. But it will save a vacation tantrum, if you know what your child can ride ahead of time.

6. Go before your toddler turns 3

This tip is for the money-saver in us all. Because children 2 and under are free at Disney.

There is so much for toddlers to do in the parks, so why not take them while they are little, and you can save a lot of money?

Just remember to include them on your dining reservations because they do still need a seat at the table.

And just to clarify, it is 2 and under so you can plan your trip as close to your child’s third birthday as possible.

first visit celebration button
first visit celebration button

7. Let Disney know it’s your toddler’s first trip

Disney makes everything a magical experience, including the first time you visit! This is true for everyone (not just toddlers).

Let the cast member know when you book your trip that it will your toddler’s first time visiting Walt Disney World, and they will make a big deal out of it when you arrive at your resort. You should receive a First Time Celebration button. (And they usually write your child’s name on it.)

Wear this button during the length of your vacation to have cast members throughout the parks acknowledging your child’s first trip.

They also have other celebration buttons (birthday, anniversary, I’m celebrating), so be sure to tell the cast member if you are visiting for a special reason.

8. Pack smart

I wanted to title this tip pack light, but I didn’t consider that a very helpful tip.

Depending on how large your party is or how long you are staying, you need to pack for you. (Although, be aware that Disney hotels do have laundry facilities.)

Consider that if you’re flying with a toddler, they can’t carry their own bags. You’ll want the least amount of luggage possible to get through the airports. Use these straps to keep everything together.

When packing your suitcases, use Ziploc bags to separate clothes. Put each day’s outfit in a bag and label it with the day and park. (If you have more than one kiddo, put their names on the bag as well.)

Not only does this keep the clothes organized, but it also saves time getting ready in the mornings. And you can squeeze a lot of air out of the bags to make them fit in your suitcase better.

I also recommend getting packing cubes to organize your suitcase. I was able to fit a week’s worth of toddler clothes into one cube, so I knew I had everything in one place.

One last recommendation is these waterproof bags. They are perfect for carrying wet or soiled clothes during your vacation: wet swimsuits, rain-soaked clothes, and toddler accidents; these bags hold it all.

They’re also a lot bigger than I expected, so you can use them to pack any bottles that may spill in your luggage, and your clothes won’t get ruined.

Tips for Disney World with Toddlers: While Traveling

9. Pack snacks and activities

You could end up with a very cranky toddler, depending on how long you will be traveling.

Pack your little one’s favorite snacks, especially if you’re flying and can’t just make a pit stop. Make sure they eat or drink something during take-off and landing to alleviate any ear pain. (Check out other ways to relieve ear pain when flying.)

Include some fun activities for your little one to do while traveling. We relied on a tablet for this part of the trip. If you’re against that much screen time, try coloring books, water books, sticker books, busy books, or their favorite toys.

tips for Disney World with toddlers - Cinderella castle

10. Use a stroller at the airport

To keep a better eye on your child as you’re rushing through busy airports, strap them in a stroller.

We actually didn’t use the stroller when we left home, but the Orlando airport is very busy, and you’re riding a tram, and you may need to rent a car, and you’re getting your luggage, and going through security, and you may have more bags coming home.

It was so much easier to know he was safe in the stroller, and we could move through the airport a lot quicker.

You will need to close the stroller and run it through the scanner. And when you get to your gate, have them tag it, so you can collect it when you deplane.

11. Book transportation to your resort

Oh, the days of Disney’s Magical Express, picking you up from the airport and collecting your luggage. How I wish it would return!

For now, you have to find your own way to your resort:

  • Uber or Lyft – cheapest option but not good for a large group
  • Mears Connect drive by Sunshine – bus company that ran Magical Express, now just with a cost, makes multiple stops
  • Rental Cars – higher end option but have your own vehicle on property
  • Private Vehicle – most expensive option

Car seats are required for children under 5 in Florida. If you want to be certain of the safety of the car seat, I recommend bringing your own.

However, you can book a car seat with your rental car or private vehicle. Uber offers car seats in Orlando for one child. And you don’t need a car seat with Mears Connect.

Tips for Disney World with Toddlers: At the Resort

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort
Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort

12. Stay on Disney property

If your budget allows, I suggest staying at a Disney hotel.

As I stated earlier, there are many resorts with many different price points, each with their own special theming. So, you’re sure to find a great atmosphere in your budget.

Each resort has its own pool, restaurant, gift shop, and laundry area. Some offer playgrounds and arcades. And there are always activities going on during the day, maybe even characters to meet.

A huge benefit to staying on property is not having to pay for parking at the parks and being able to quickly get to your hotel for an afternoon nap or swim in the pool (or an outfit change during those super-hot days).

13. Request a pack ‘n play

If your little one is still using a crib at home, you can request a crib (usually a pack ‘n play) at your Disney resort.

Make your request online when you book your trip or ask a cast member when you call to make your reservations. You can also ask for bedrails, if you’re nervous about your little one falling from the bed.

The pack ‘n play was a great place for my kiddo to sleep. We set it up in the sink area (between the sink and the wall safe). There is a curtain to separate the sink/bathroom from the sleeping area. So, we closed that at night to give him his own sleep space.

It was almost like home. The first night took some adjusting to, but after that, he was so tired from the days in the parks that he had no problem falling asleep.

Disney bus
Disney bus

14. Use Disney transportation

If you’re not taking your own car or have a rental vehicle, you’re going to be relying on Disney transportation.

However, even if you do have a vehicle, I still recommend using Disney transportation.

But what is Disney transportation?

There are many ways to get around the Walt Disney World resort (most of which are absolutely free!):

  • Buses – There are buses to take you from your hotel to any park, water park, or Disney Springs. You can even take some buses from park to park. Unfortunately, you cannot travel between resorts by bus. This is probably the slowest option of transportation, but you don’t have to do any driving once you’re on vacation, and that is a huge convenience.
  • Boats – The Friendship boats are available to take you from Epcot and Hollywood Studios to Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. There is also the Sassagoula River Cruise that takes guests from the Port Orleans Resorts to Disney Springs. The boat rides are free and offer a more unique way to get to different places on property from your hotel.
  • Skyliner – The Skyliner is the newest form of transportation that connects four Disney resorts (Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Riveria Resort) to Hollywood and Epcot. It is my understanding that these resorts do not offer buses to those parks, unless the Skyliner is closed due to weather. This is also an amazing way to park hop from Epcot to Hollywood Studios and back. It’s so much quicker than a bus, and you get an amazing view of some of the neighboring resorts.
  • Monorail – There are two ways to travel on the monorail system. You can take the monorail between Epcot and Magic Kingdom, again saving more time than taking a bus. Or if you’re staying at one of the resorts surrounding the Seven Seas Lagoon (Contemporary Resort, Grand Floridian and Polynesian Resort), this is the BEST way to travel to the Magic Kingdom.
  • Parking Trams – If you do choose to drive yourself to the parks, the parking trams are running again to take you from your car to the front of the park!
  • Minnie Vans – This is Disney’s Lyft service, driven by Disney cast members. They are minivans, dressed up with Minnie’s polka dots. This is the only Disney transportation that is not free. They do come with 2 child safety seats, so you can safely get where you need to go quicker.

A few helpful tips for Disney World with toddlers when using Disney transportation:

  • You don’t need a car seat on any of the free transportation.
  • Your stroller will need to be folded up (on the trams as well). The only time we didn’t have to fold it was on the Skyliner. But we were the only ones in the gondola, and it was a single stroller. Double strollers will need to be folded.
  • You may not get a seat. At the end of the day, the buses/boats/monorail will fit as many people as possible, with standing room only. So, while you may get on, you may be standing (unless someone offers you a seat).
  • Opt for Disney transportation to Magic Kingdom (even if you have your own car). You must park at the Ticket and Transportation Center at Magic Kingdom, and then take the monorail or a ferry boat to the entrance of the park. You may as well skip all that and take transportation directly from your hotel.
  • All Disney transportation is wheelchair accessible. When taking the buses, wheelchairs and electric scooters are the first to board. There is an accessible line for the Skyliner, which stops for easier access.
pool at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort
pool at Port Orleans Riverside Resort

15. Plan rest days at your resort

The best thing you can do in the middle of your week at Disney is take a rest day or two.

Between spending hours in the parks and ALL THE WALKING, you’re going to need a break so you can keep going. It’s also going to give your kiddos time to recharge.

Sleep in, go to the pool, grab a nap, or take a look around your resort. There are usually activities you can enjoy while spending time there.

You could also hop over to Disney Springs for some shopping and good food.

Or even resort hop. While you can’t use the pools at other hotels, you can enjoy a good meal, check out some animals, or take a tour.

16. Have items delivered to your resort

I already talked about packing smart, and this is an extension of that.

If you don’t have room in your luggage for everything you’ll need, you can ship non-perishables ahead of time.

Just address the label to your name, c/o Your Resort Hotel’s front desk, your arrival date, and the address. Make sure you use a flat-rate box from the post office, so you are not charged by weight.

You can also make a Target run on your way to your hotel, if you have a rental car to grab cheap snacks or extra supplies.

If you can’t drive to the store, set up a grocery delivery to come to your resort hotel. Garden Grocer is the best-known grocery delivery service for Walt Disney World, and since they deliver to bell services, you don’t need to be present to pick up your order. You could also use Amazon Prime or Wal-Mart to deliver your order.

17. Take advantage of in-room babysitting

If you want some time alone, consider hiring an in-room babysitter.

This is a great option if it’s just the two of you with the kids. You can have a nice evening out at one of the amazing restaurants or a late night in the parks.

And your kids get a night of games and activities tailored to them.

You can even use this service if you’re looking for extra help with your kids in the parks.

Tips for Disney World with Toddlers: At the Parks

entrance of the Journey of the Little Mermaid
entrance of the Journey of the Little Mermaid

18. Plan one must-do activity each day

I already talked about planning your vacation.

So, you should have an idea of what park you’re doing on which days, where you want to eat, rides you’re interested in, characters you want to meet, and the shows you want to see.

Just typing that is a lot! And with a toddler, you probably won’t accomplish it all.

So, pick one thing each day that you absolutely MUST DO!

As long as you do that one thing, you’ve been successful for the day. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

19. Take advantage of Early Theme Park Entry

Staying at a Disney resort gives you early access to the parks every day.

Staying at any of the deluxe resorts also gets you Extended Magic Hours in the evenings at select parks.

Since you get early morning access no matter where you stay, take advantage of that time with your toddler. You more than likely won’t be staying out late with your little one, so those late evening hours may not be something you’ll ever need.

Hitting the parks early allows you more time with fewer lines and the ability to head back to your hotel for an afternoon nap or a stop at the pool, before returning to the parks in the evening.

20. Familiarize yourself with Genie+

I’m not a fan of using Genie+ because I remember the free Fastpass system. And I don’t want to pay even more if it’s not necessary.

However, you should be aware of Genie+ and all it has to offer, so here’s a brief rundown.

  • The My Disney Experience App gives you access to everything Disney World (wait times, character meetings, dining reservations) and it’s all free.
  • Disney Genie is there to help schedule your day. It gives you tips for how to enjoy your day at the park you are currently in (also free).
  • Genie+ is a per-person add-on feature that helps your family skip the lines (known as Lightning Lanes). The price varies depending on when you visit. You can book a Lightning Lane for a popular ride. Two hours later (or once you’ve checked into that ride), you can book your next Lightning Lane. (It’s great if the lines are too much for your little one to handle.)
  • Individual Lightning Lanes are for the most popular rides and are not included in Genie+. You can book one of these as early as 7 a.m. on the morning of your park day. They are a separate fee, and you don’t need to purchase Genie+ to buy an Individual Lightning Lane. (I did purchase this for my husband to ride Rise of the Resistance, and it was super easy to navigate.)
  • Virtual queues are also available on some of the popular rides. These are free, but you need to be on the app at 7 a.m. to snag a pass. I loved the virtual queue because you don’t have to wait in a ridiculous line for hours waiting to ride. (We used this for Guardians of the Galaxy, along with Rider Switch (Tip #21), so we were both able to ride this thrill ride while my son hit up the gift shops.)

This system is a lot to grasp until you actually use it, so get in the app and watch some videos of how it all works to understand it better.

tips for Disney World with toddlers - Cinderella castle at night

21. Use Rider Switch

I just talked about Rider Switch, so let me explain it a little better.

For certain rides, you can check in with a cast member before you get in line and set up a Rider Switch.

This allows all the people who want to ride to get in line, while someone stays behind with those not wanting to ride.

After the first group has ridden, the second person goes through the lightning lane for their turn to ride. The second person can also take an extra person with them to ride, so if you have older kids, they could experience the ride twice.

As I said, we used it with Guardians of the Galaxy, and it was amazing! But you must check in with a cast member before the first party rides, or the system isn’t aware of what you are planning.

22. Get the memory maker

To truly capture all these wonderful memories with your toddler at Disney World, add the memory maker to your vacation package.

What is the memory maker?

For one fee, you can download all the photos that Disney PhotoPass Photographers take while on your vacation. That means you actually get to be in the photos with your family!

To fully take advantage of this service, stop every time you see a PhotoPass Photographer. They are found in the most iconic locations (park entrances, park icons, character meet and greets).

They also offer magic shots, so let them know you have the memory maker and want the magic shots. They can add special characters to your photos.

Ride photos are also included with your memory maker. And there is also a special studio in Disney Springs for extra magic shots.

We got over 400 pictures from our week-long trip, and we didn’t even hit every spot.

If you’re not interested in adding the memory maker, you can ask the photographer to take a picture with your phone.

character signatures on art canvas
character signatures on art canvas

23. Get or create an autograph book

If you plan on meeting characters, consider purchasing an autograph book for the characters to sign.

Each character has their own unique signature, and it’s fun to watch your child interact with their favorite Disney characters.

You can wait to buy an autograph book while on vacation, purchase one ahead of time, or even make your own.

I have one of these from when I was younger, so I didn’t think we needed another book that my son might not even look at.

And then a week before we left for our trip, I found some much better ideas than a simple book. One is having characters sign wooden Christmas ornaments, and the other is having them sign art canvas (which is what we did).

I loved this idea; since we can hang them in his room, and he can enjoy the signatures.

I got three circles to make a Mickey head (not knowing how many signatures would fit). We filled two, so I can write the year or paint a castle on the third.

24. Take advantage of toddler firsts

There are some super fun things you can take advantage of during your toddler’s first trip.

One is getting their first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom. While anyone can get a haircut here no matter their age, a first haircut package comes with a special ear hat, a keepsake lock of hair, and a milestone certificate.

Another is selecting your own ear hat and having it personalized at Box Office Gifts at Town Square Theater. You can get up to two lines of text in your favorite color and font. These make for such cute photos in front of the castle.

The final thing your little one can experience is a trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Magic Kingdom. This is where your child can choose their favorite princess (or knight) costume and have a special makeover. Be aware that this is only for children ages 3 through 12.

25. Utilize the Baby Care Centers

There is a baby care center located in each of the parks.

Whether you need a private space to breastfeed, change a diaper, or just take a moment to rest, you can visit a baby care center. They have toddler-size toilets, if you’re little one is afraid of the big ones. They even have a small store with baby products for sale.

There is also a first aid station nearby equipped with nurses who can treat you and paramedics on site to assist with major medical emergencies.

26. Take or rent a stroller

I already talked about how a stroller is best for the airport, so maybe you’re already taking your own stroller. If you are, I suggest getting (or making) a stroller tag, with your family name, so you can pick it out of a crowd. You’ll be shocked at how many rows deep those strollers are around the carousel!

Also, get some stroller hooks, so you have extra room to haul your backpack, snack bag, and shopping bags. You can even click your water bottles on for easier access.

If you’re not taking your own, you can absolutely rent one from Disney. They have both daily and weekly rates. There are some downsides to the Disney strollers:

  • They don’t recline, so napping could prove difficult.
  • They don’t offer much shade.
  • You can’t keep them for the week. When you enter a park, you get a stroller and then return it before you leave. If you’re park hopping, you must do this at each park. And you’ll have to carry your very tired kiddo to your car or bus for the ride to your hotel.

You can also choose to rent one from an off-site company. There are a few different companies, but the one I was leaning toward was Kingdom Strollers. I had read other reviews and thought they had the best price. They offer more traditional strollers and will deliver to your hotel (and now the airport). They also have cribs and electric scooters for rent.

27. Take safety precautions

While it may not be something you want to think about, and I hope it doesn’t happen, you should be prepared if your child should get separated from you.

Take safety precautions before you leave home.

  • Consider a child safety harness, backpack, or wrist links to keep your child nearby.
  • Use a stroller with an attached snack tray, so your child can’t sneak away (most likely when you’re in a gift shop).
  • Get some waterproof ID bracelets, with your child’s name, your name, and phone number.
  • Attach an AirTag to your child’s shoe, so you can track them with your iPhone.

Once you’re at the parks, show your child a cast member’s name tag and tell them to look for someone with that tag, should they get separated from you.

Also, take a photo of your child in the morning before you start your day. This way you know exactly what they are wearing, if you need help looking for them.

28. Stick to your home schedule

I know you want to fit as much fun into your vacation as possible but try to stick to your home routine as best you can.

Plan meals around the same time each day.

And if you’re still doing naps at home, try to fit one in during the day. Whether you go back to your hotel, or your kiddo gets a stroller nap, downtime is super important.

You can try to keep bedtime the same, but you’re on vacation and it’s mostly going to depend on how you spend the rest of your day.

29. Take a backpack

This is probably a no-brainer since you’ve been lugging a diaper bag around for a while now, but a backpack is a lot easier to carry than some diaper bags. Make sure it is comfortable to wear.

You’ll need to bring diapers; if you’re not potty-trained. And a change of clothes, if you are potty-trained and in case of rain.

Ponchos are a must. Water and snacks. Autograph books. There’s so much to carry when you’re traveling with a toddler.

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tips for Disney World with toddlers - entrance of Walt Disney World

30. Bring snacks but enjoy some park food

If you have a picky eater, you definitely want to pack some of their favorite snacks. Some of the foods they prepare in the restaurants that would be toddler-friendly (mac and cheese) do not taste the same as what they eat at home, so you need to be prepared.

If you don’t have a picky eater, please tell me your secrets! You still might want to pack some snacks, if you get stuck in a long line and you haven’t eaten lunch yet.

With any type of eater, be sure to check out the park foods. Your toddler may find something they didn’t even know they liked. And a cold Mickey-shaped ice cream sandwich on a hot day is good no matter what age you are!

31. Be safe in the sun

Even in winter, the sun can be intense in Florida. Be prepared by using sunscreen each morning and reapplying as necessary.

Get a reusable water bottle for your little one to keep them hydrated. You can get free ice water at most restaurants. Or fill it with bottled water, so they have a straw. (Disney only has paper straws, and tiny teeth can destroy those pretty quickly.)

Use a hat to keep the sun out of their face and the stroller shade to keep the sun out and temps low. Also, pack a stroller fan to keep the air moving.

If you need to, find an indoor ride or restaurant for some a/c.

32. Bring a distraction for long lines

Waiting in line can be brutal for a toddler. (I know because it’s brutal for me.)

Bring along some things your little one can do to distract them from the wait and all the people.

Coloring books, stickers, small toys, or your phone are all things that can make the time go by faster.

Some of the rides at Magic Kingdom even have in-line entertainment for kids. Dumbo has an entire indoor play area where you can wait until your party is called. There are also play activities in the lines for Winnie the Pooh and Seven Dwarf Mine Train.

33. Visit the child play areas

When visiting Walt Disney World with a toddler, sometimes you have to do the things they like to do. And for my son, that is the playground.

Most resorts have playgrounds, and three of the four parks have child play areas.

  • I already mentioned the one in line for Dumbo. (You can access this even if you’re not waiting to ride.) It’s a great place for everyone to cool off. Near Dumbo, you can also find the Splash Station inspired by Dumbo’s Circus. There are bathrooms nearby to change into swimsuits.
  • Magic Kingdom also has Tom Sawyer’s Island with a fort and caves to explore. This is located on an island, only accessible by a river raft. It’s outdoors, and there are no longer any concessions available, so bring your own water.
  • At Animal Kingdom, you’ll find The Boneyard where your kiddo can enjoy bridges, caves, and slides. There’s also a dino dig site where they can uncover fossils. And a shaded area for parents to sit.
  • Epcot has both indoor and outdoor play areas. One is an indoor playground located at the exit of the Seas with Nemo & Friends. Another indoor play area is at the exit of Mission Space. There is also an outdoor playground with benches for parents near Test Track. There are also several splash pads located in Future World.
  • While Hollywood Studios doesn’t have any play areas for kids, they do have Disney Junior Play and Dance! It’s a fun-filled dance party with favorite Disney Junior characters and music from the shows, where kids can dance out their energy.
fireworks above Cinderella castle
fireworks above Cinderella castle

34. Use noise-reducing headphones

If your little one has a noise aversion, take a pair of noise-reducing headphones for watching fireworks.

Some rides and even the crowds can be especially loud at times. You may even find them helpful on the plane, depending on where you sit.

My son isn’t a fan of the vacuum, so we already have a set of these, and they definitely came in handy during those fireworks.

35. Don’t try to do it all

While this may be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for your family, don’t try to do it all. There’s no way you can do everything that Walt Disney World has to offer in just one trip. Even with all the times I’ve been there, I still haven’t done it all. (And it’s always changing.)

Stick with the rides and characters your kid likes. Pivot from your original plan if your toddler is not into dark rides, can’t sit still through the shows, or isn’t a fan of the fireworks.

And always consider their mood. With the heat, long days, and constant stimulation, meltdowns are bound to occur. Let them lead the way.

When in doubt, find food, water, or a/c, and take a break.

Cinderella castle
Cinderella castle

Tips for Disney World with Toddlers: FAQS

Is it worth taking a 2-year-old to Disney World?

It is absolutely worth taking your two-year-old to Disney World! Disney is made with kids in mind, so there will be plenty for your two-year-old to do in the parks and at the resorts.

And best of all your two-year-old is FREE! So, take the trip and make the memories.

How many days should a 2-year-old spend at Disney World?

This really depends on your child. Do they enjoy amusement parks? Are they good in large crowds?

If you plan on visiting each of the four parks, then you should plan at least one day at each park. Maybe two at Magic Kingdom because it is so large.

But you should also plan on rest days, as well. They are so beneficial to the whole family and make your vacation even better.

Review the rides and attractions at each park before going so you know what you want to see, and maybe you can park hop Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Or Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.

Is Disney World good for 3-year-olds?

My son was three when we visited Disney World for the first time, and I would absolutely recommend taking a three-year-old to Disney World.

Three-year-olds are more interactive and have a little bit more of their own personality, so you really get to see them enjoy themselves more than younger kids.

They’re also a little bigger, so they can enjoy more rides.

After we came home, my son seemed a little more mature from the whole trip. And he’s asking when we can go back.

Which park is best for toddlers at Disney World?

You know your child best and what they enjoy.

But when looking at rides you can do with a toddler, Magic Kingdom Park is going to be the best park at Disney World for a toddler. They offer the most rides with no height requirement, and the favorite ride of all toddlers: it’s a small world!

Although the other parks do offer things that toddlers will enjoy, Magic Kingdom will give you the most bang for your buck, and you may even need to spend two days at the park to see it all.

What to bring to Disney with toddlers?

This is just a list of what you should bring to the parks in your backpack every day. Check out the ultimate toddler packing list, so you don’t forget any of the basics.

  • Diapers/wipes
  • Extra clothes
  • Stroller
  • Poncho
  • Safety gear
  • Sun protection
  • Snacks/water bottle
  • In-line distractions
  • Noise-reducing headphones
  • Autograph book


There you have it: the best tips for Disney World with toddlers to help you plan an amazing vacation! I hope this was able to help you relieve some of your worries about traveling to Disney World with your little one. It’s such a wonderful experience to see Disney through a child’s eyes. I’m sure you’re going to have a great time!

Did you find these tips for Disney World with toddlers helpful? Let us know which one helped you the most or any of your own that you would like to share.

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