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30 Bold Baby Boy Nursery Themes

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Did you find out you’re having a boy? Congratulations! And now you’re ready to pick out the nursery theme but don’t know where to begin. Not to worry, I’ve narrowed down the best baby boy nursery themes, so rest your swollen ankles and spend some time scrolling through baby themes until you find one that is perfect for you.

If I may offer a piece of advice, once you find the one you love (or two, maybe three), sit with it for a while. Imagine it in your space. If you have a smaller nursery, dark blues are going to make that space look even smaller. And something you may love this week, may change a week or a month from now. And at the end of the day you may even choose a gender neutral nursery theme. Whatever you choose, it will be absolutely perfect for that little guy of yours.

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baby boy in green onesie on blue sheets
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How do I choose a nursery theme?

There are two ways to choose your baby boy nursery theme. You can choose your furniture first: crib, rocking chair, dressers. Then choose your colors and bedding based on the furniture. If you have white furniture, maybe you’d like a dark or bold blue. If you have dark wood furniture, a lighter blue will set off the dark wood. Or if you have a modern looking crib, you’ll want a modern or whimsical theme. But if you have a vintage looking crib, you’ll want a more classic design.

You’re other option is to choose your favorite bedding and select the colors and furniture to coordinate with the bedding. Then select the rest of the room décor based around those decisions.

There’s also a third way, and that is to pick the one you like the best and forget what all the “experts” say (myself included). Once your little guy is old enough to have his own favorites, the room décor will change, so for now, choose something that you enjoy.

What is the best color for a baby boy room?

For a traditional baby boy nursery theme, you’ll want to use shades of blue in your nursery. However, you could also choose to go with a green nursery. Although don’t feel like you have to paint the nursery walls blue. You could choose white, cream, or gray. Or once you select your bedding, pick a color from the bedding and use that for your wall color or an accent wall. Also keep in mind, while most pictures of nurseries are beautiful pastels, babies love bright, bold colors, so try to incorporate some bright colors in your décor.

How do you decorate a baby boy nursery?

A baby boy nursery is no different than a baby girl nursery or a gender neutral nursery. Babies all love the same things: a nice place to sleep, a place to get a clean diaper, and a chair to be rocked or fed. Once you choose your theme, which will mostly rely on the bedding, you can choose your décor. Items you need in the nursery that match or coordinate with your theme will tie the whole room together. You can even DIY some things, if you’re a crafty momma.

When choosing items to decorate a baby boy nursery, don’t select anything too fluffy or frilly. Absolutely get a mobile, but again don’t choose things with pom poms or flowers. You can use a garland to decorate the walls. Choose a pennant banner, a race car banner, or a stars and moon banner. This is something you can easily DIY.

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Baby Boy Nursery Theme: Under the Sea

Under the Sea is a logical baby boy nursery theme as it easily incorporates every shade of blue you could possibly choose.

baby boy nursery theme

This Ocean theme pulls in all the wonderful blues and greens from the water for a beautiful baby boy nursery theme.

baby boy nursery theme

Choose this Whale theme to incorporate some green into your nursery. This also gives you another option for wall colors or décor.

baby boy nursery theme

This Nautical theme would be beautiful with an elegant crib.

baby boy nursery theme

If you’re a beach-goer, this Seashell theme is perfect for you. You can even decorate it with photos of your many beach adventures.

Baby Boy Nursery Theme: Animals

Whether you’re a nature lover or can’t wait to take your little one to your local zoo, you can’t go wrong with an animal theme. It’s also a great way to teach your baby about the different animals and the sounds they make.

baby boy nursery theme

Elephants are everywhere right now, so this theme is perfect if you’re looking for a trendy nursery.

baby boy nursery theme

This Woodland Creatures theme is a perfect way to include other colors in your nursery.

baby boy nursery theme

I really like this Baby Bear because the blue is such a bold shade. This photo also gives you a good example of how to include different colors when choosing how to paint your nursery.

baby boy nursery theme

Jungle themes aren’t just for gender neutral nurseries anymore. You can now choose a cute jungle theme and still keep the traditional blue nursery.

baby boy nursery theme

Bring some of the country inside with this wonderful Bear theme.

Baby Boy Nursery Theme: Disney

I just love Disney, so it makes it hard to choose between these themes. It’s also nice because there is so much Disney merchandise available, it makes it easier to find items to decorate for your baby boy nursery theme.

baby boy nursery theme

You can’t think of Disney and not think of Mickey Mouse, so this theme is perfect for any Disney fan. I also love the non-Disney touches, like the blue ombre basket for holding blankets, toys, stuffed animals, or diapers.

baby boy nursery theme

Winnie the Pooh is the best if you’re a huge Disney fan, but you want to do a teddy bear theme. Of course, Winnie the Pooh is never without his best friend Piglet. This theme makes it easy to include the whole 100 Acre Wood gang.

baby boy nursery theme

For your little one who “just can’t wait to be king,” there’s this Lion King theme.

baby boy nursery theme

I will say if this Star Wars theme was available before my son was born, this would have been the theme of his nursery, as my husband is a huge fan. It offers a lot of unique touches as well, such as the lamp, mobile and storage bins.

baby boy nursery theme

I really like this Finding Nemo theme because it’s using more vibrant shades of blue, which is especially good for babies.

baby boy nursery themes: nursery with blue walls and white crib

Baby Boy Nursery Theme: Space

How many little boys dream of becoming an astronaut? Get your little one started reaching for the stars early with these space themes.

baby boy nursery theme

For bright, bold blues, choose this Space theme.

baby boy nursery theme

For more muted colors, choose this Rocket theme.

baby boy nursery theme

To incorporate other colors into your nursery, choose this Galaxy theme.

Baby Boy Nursery Theme: Sports

Got a sports lover in the family? These themes are right up your (bowling) alley. (Sorry for the bad dad pun.)

baby boy nursery theme

This Animal Sports theme is an adorable way to introduce your little guy to a world of sports.

These Sports Dogs will have your little guy chasing after balls before you know it.

baby boy nursery theme

Go all out with your sports theme and choose the #1 Athlete theme.

Baby Boy Nursery Theme: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Boys love things that go, go, go! So get your little guy on the move right from the start.

baby boy nursery theme

Got a car guy in the family? Choose this Vintage Car theme.

baby boy nursery theme

For all things that go, choose this Planes, Trains, and Automobiles theme.

baby boy nursery theme

Get your little guy ready for the driver’s seat with this Race Car theme.

baby boy nursery theme

This Plane theme pulls in the blues of the planes and the sky above, so you have many shades to choose from for your décor.

Baby Boy Nursery Theme: Just Blue

Maybe you’re not into all the kid-looking themes, and you just want something more chic and stylish. So here are some of the best just blue themes too.

baby boy nursery theme

Are you one that favors the pastel palette? Then this Blue Gray theme is for you.

baby boy nursery theme

If you’re into the bolder blues, choose the Be Brave theme and decorate with any accessories you like.

Baby Boy Nursery Theme: Miscellaneous

For those really cute nursery themes that just don’t fit in any other category, here are the best random baby boy nursery themes.

baby boy nursery theme

Boys love Dinosaurs, and this theme can get your son started learning those dino names from a very early age.

baby boy nursery theme

I just love Snoopy and his pal Woodstock. This is so lighthearted and fun, and you could pull any of those patterns to decorate the walls. I even got the Snoopy Baby Book to track all those baby firsts.

baby boy nursery theme

I really like this ABC 123 theme because you can use any of the elements of this bedding to decorate the rest of the nursery: letters, numbers, or the items associated with either of those. You could decorate with some sports items, like this lamp; or some car memorabilia, like this toy chest; or even a dinosaur hamper. One other reason I love this blanket… it would be great for tummy time to keep your little one engaged.

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baby boy nursery theme

Finally, send your little guy off to dreamland with this cute Cloud theme.


There you have it: the best bold baby boy nursery themes. Once you choose your theme, make it your own by choosing décor to match and coordinate with your theme. Your son’s nursery can be as unique as him. Have fun with it, and get excited! Your little guy will be here before you know it.

Did you find your perfect baby boy nursery theme? Let us know what you chose in the comments.

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