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27 Beautiful Baby Shower Venue Ideas Perfect for Any Expecting Mom

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What is a good place for a baby shower?

Are you planning a loved one’s baby shower and have no idea where you’re going to have it?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only do I have some of the most beautiful baby shower venue ideas for your pregnant friend, I also have a list of questions to consider when trying to decide on your baby shower venue.

Whether you have a small budget or are looking for an elaborate affair, whether you would like an indoor location or outdoor area, and whether you want classy and chic or more informal and fun, you’re sure to find the best choice for the guest of honor in the guide below.

So, sit back and scroll through these wonderful baby shower venue ideas that will (almost) make you wish you were having your own baby shower.

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What to Know Before Choosing Your Baby Shower Venue

Who is traditionally supposed to host a baby shower?

A baby shower is traditionally hosted by the mother, mother-in-law, sister, or close friend of the mom-to-be.

However, anyone wishing to host a baby shower in honor of mom and baby is more than welcome to throw their own shower.

This is especially true if the two sides of the family live far apart and most people wouldn’t travel for a shower.

Or if the mom-to-be is close with her work colleagues, they may even decide to throw a separate shower for her at work.

And although baby showers are not typically hosted by the mom-to-be, there is nothing saying she can’t be involved in the planning and preparation.

When should you hold the baby shower?

There’s no rule about when to hold a baby shower, but they are typically held one to two months before the due date.

This allows for lesser risk of miscarriage and that the party won’t be canceled due to the baby showing up early.

It’s also a nice time for the mom-to-be to get out of the house while she can still comfortably get around. Later in her pregnancy, she will have a hard time bending over to open gifts and she may be feeling very tired.

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What is your baby shower theme?

Is mom-to-be an outdoor type? Is she classy and stylish? Is she artistic? Is she more whimsical and fun?

These questions will determine if she would enjoy a tea room or banquet hall for her baby shower location over an outdoor venue.

Not quite sure what the theme should be?

It’s a good idea to simply ask your pregnant friend. It is her shower, after all.

If she doesn’t know (or doesn’t care), take a look at what bedding set she has registered for. Is it stylish, woodsy, or Disney-themed? There’s a great place to start.

How many guests are typically at a baby shower?

There are usually anywhere from 20 to 50 guests invited to a baby shower.

Of course, this number can vary depending on how large of a family each of the new parents has and how many friends will be invited. Whether or not you’re hosting a co-ed shower (which could immediately double that number). And whether children will be invited.

Make sure to discuss the guest list with the mom-to-be. She may only want an intimate gathering with a few close friends. Again, this party is for her, and the most important thing is that she is comfortable with the decisions being made.

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What kind of food will you serve?

Do you want to make the food yourself (and have to do the clean up afterwards)?

Is it something you could have catered, or do you want to sit in a restaurant?

Is it brunch, lunch or afternoon tea?

There’s no wrong answer. It’s just a good idea to know this ahead of time when searching for the perfect venue.

Will there be baby shower games?

People have a love-hate relationship with baby shower games.

I personally love them, and you may not. And that’s fine.

But check with the mom-to-be.

If she’s expecting there to be games at her baby shower, then you’ll want to have something planned.

And if you don’t want to play traditional baby shower games, you can opt for some baby-inspired activities instead. (Best if you’re planning a co-ed shower.)

When should I book my baby shower venue?

This absolutely depends on where you are planning to host your baby shower and the time of year you will be having it.

But as a general rule of thumb, consider booking your baby shower venue 4 to 6 months in advance. Many popular baby shower locations will be booked if you wait much longer than that.

You’ll also need to take into consideration any holidays falling in the same month as your shower. December, for example, is an especially busy time for most of the best venues.

Even if you are planning to hold the shower at the host’s home, plan to book your catering company well in advance (if you’re using one.)

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How can I host an inexpensive baby shower?

First thing, you’ll want to come up with some inexpensive baby shower venue ideas. (Check out the list below.)

Go for some low cost or DIY decorations to make your space really pop!

Food is going to be one of your biggest additional costs. Can you make the meal yourself, hire a caterer or host a fancy tea luncheon and just serve finger sandwiches? The choice is yours. Just weigh your options to determine the best price.

The final thing in determining your budget is the size of your guest list. The more guests you have, the more food you’ll need and more space to hold everyone. You’ll either need to narrow down your guest list as much as possible or choose a baby shower venue that does not have a guest to price relationship (such as your home).

Finally, if you would like to hold a more extravagant baby shower or you don’t think you can make the budget work, asking someone to co-host the shower is a good option. Sisters, cousins, and friends can all chip in a little and help make a very memorable moment for the mom-to-be.

Whatever you do, please do not ask that guests pay to attend the shower. There’s a good chance they will just not attend.

Where do I host the baby shower?

Once you’ve answered the questions above, you should be able to narrow down what type and size of venue you’re looking for.

The due date is going to determine the time of year the baby shower will be held and whether or not you can hold your baby shower outdoors.

To help you make the decision, here are some fun and unique baby shower venue ideas. (Some of which are free or low cost to help you save money.)

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Inexpensive Baby Shower Venue Ideas

1. The Mom-To-Be’s Home

This is such a convenient baby shower location because once the gifts are open, she doesn’t have to take them anywhere. And it is relatively inexpensive.

Things to consider: you’ll be in charge of food and clean up. (Being the guest of honor, your pregnant friend should not be doing either of these things.)

Parking could also be an issue, if you have a decent sized guest list. Which makes this a better option for small groups.

2. Close Family Member’s Home

If the mom-to-be doesn’t want to hold the baby shower in her own home, a family member could host it in their home and just include other close family members.

Still an inexpensive option with the same considerations above, but the mom-to-be doesn’t have to worry about having guests in her home this late in her pregnancy.

3. Close Friend’s Home

While everyone in the immediate family may be getting ready for baby’s arrival, another budget-friendly option is to host the baby shower at the home of a close friend.

Of course, this friend should offer her home and the same food and parking arrangements should be taken into consideration.

4. Backyard

Want to be outside but still have the convenience of being at home?

Host the baby shower in your backyard.

Again, food and parking are both things to consider. But it’s also a great idea to have a backup plan in case of rain. Make sure you have enough room to move the party indoors or rent a tent to make a beautiful outdoor space.

5. Poolside

Have a friend with a pool?

A poolside baby shower makes a beautiful backdrop for those baby bump photos.

And with a poolside party, you can skip the baby shower games and offer everyone a nice cool dip.

6. Church Hall

Most churches have a social hall or annex where they hold private events. There’s usually a kitchen and enough tables and chairs for everyone.

If the parents-to-be are religious, check with their church first. Or a church someone in the family is affiliated with.

Not the religious types? That’s okay, some churches will offer their church hall to non-members.

Even if they don’t charge a fee, it is customary to make a small donation and clean up when you are done.

7. Community Centers

Your local community center is one of the best baby shower venue ideas on the list.

They’re inexpensive (or maybe even free). They’re made for hosting social events, so they usually have large parking areas, a kitchen and enough seating for everyone. And they can be decorated to fit any theme.

You may even have a stage for mom to open her gifts or to use as a cake display.

8. Local Park

For a fun outdoor baby shower, check out your local park.

Many parks have pavilions with picnic tables you can rent for the day. And some have playgrounds where guests’ children can play while you have your festivities.

Some park areas may even be free but call ahead to make reservations.

Plan your decorations accordingly, so they don’t blow away. And be sure to clean up before you leave.

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Small Baby Shower Venue Ideas

9. Restaurant

Does the mom-to-be have a favorite restaurant? Or is there a fancy dining room in your area?

With a small number of guests, you could book a few tables at a restaurant.

For a larger party, ask about a private dining room. This gives you the privacy to decorate as you choose and not interrupt other restaurant goers.

A restaurant is one of the best places to hold a baby shower, since you don’t have to worry about food or cleanup.

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10. Tea Room

For an elegant baby shower venue with her closest friends, check out a local tea room.

The meal would be provided. And it provides a more intimate setting that offers your guests a great way to mingle and chat, especially if they haven’t seen each other in a long time.

And if you’re not into baby shower games or activities, no one is going to expect to be sniffing chocolate “poopy” diapers while they’re at such a sophisticated venue.

11. Bed and Breakfast

For a fun and intimate getaway, reserve a private room at a local bed and breakfast.

And as a treat for the soon-to-be momma, you could book her an overnight stay in one of the rooms.

12. Boat

A beautiful setting for any baby shower would be out on the water in your own private boat.

What do you mean you don’t have a boat?!

That’s okay, check out air bnb to rent a boat just like you would a house.

Or even look into local boat tours in your area and ask about hosting your baby shower there for a unique experience for the mom-to-be, as well as the guests.

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Unique Baby Shower Venue Ideas

13. Country Clubs or Golf Clubs

A country club or golf club is going to offer the most private experience for your baby shower.

Although someone will probably have to be a member of either the country club or the golf club you’re eyeing up, it would make a great venue for a co-ed shower. As everyone could play a round of golf instead of the traditional baby shower games.

14. Botannical Garden or Conservatory

If you’re looking for a beautiful landscape for some insta-worthy pictures, check out your nearest botanical garden or conservatory.

While most gardens will be perfect for an outdoor party, a conservatory offers the same beauty, only indoors. Most places will have a meeting room or can provide a tent for your gathering.

15. Local Zoo

You may not initially think of a zoo when thinking of baby shower venue ideas. But this is another fabulous location to celebrate the mom-to-be.

Many zoos have private rooms for celebrations, some even overlooking animal enclosures. Or maybe an outdoor pavilion or tent.

You may even be able to book an animal encounter, which makes this an ideal location if you choose to invite kids.

16. Museum

Another sophisticated choice of baby shower venues is a museum.

Many museums have private rooms for special occasions such as these. Or they may even use the open space of the gallery to host your event.

17. Beach

What a more perfect backdrop than the beach for your baby shower?

Rent a beachside home for family and friends. Or scout out a location with beach access and leave someone else in charge of the heavy lifting.

If you plan on doing it yourself, check out rental companies in the area. You may be able to find tents and chairs and they may even include set up.

Just remember to check out what time high tide will be, so you don’t get washed out to sea.

18. Rooftop Terrace

For a trendy location, consider hosting your baby shower on a rooftop terrace.

It’s the perfect out of the way spot in the city and offers a beautiful backdrop for an afternoon or even an evening shower.

If you’re hosting a rooftop terrace baby shower in the cooler months, it would be nice to include blankets for your guests or ask about renting heaters.

19. Air BNB

Rent a home away from home for a weekend baby shower get away.

For a mom looking for a quiet and relaxing party before the little one comes, an air bnb is the perfect venue to host your baby shower.

It’s a great location for an intimate baby shower with just her close friends and family.

20. Banquet Hall

Looking for a beautiful location that provides everything and it is all done for you?

Consider hosting your baby shower at a banquet hall. With large spaces and high ceilings, banquet halls can accommodate a large guest list and can be decorated beautifully.

No need to worry about set up, clean up, food, seating or parking. Banquet halls cover everything.

21. Hotel

Whether you book a hotel room(s) for your party or you want to use a hotel event space to include more guests, consider a local hotel to host your baby shower.

This baby shower venue idea is especially perfect if you have a lot of out-of-town guests flying in and you can find a hotel near the airport.

22. Barn

Rustic barns are no longer just places for wedding receptions. They can be the perfect location for this special event.

A barn makes a nice option for a co-ed shower. You could even rent a tent to include additional seating or as an outdoor game area, as opposed to the traditional baby shower games.

23. Winery

Although that mom-to-be can’t partake in the wine, everyone else can raise a glass to the little one.

Another perfect venue for a co-ed shower, some wineries offer tours of the factory and vineyards.

24. Paint and Sip Studio

Paint and sip studios are widely popular and are unique places to host your baby shower.

Check ahead to see what snacks you can bring. Typically, each person brings their own drink, but you could provide a variety of wines for everyone to taste, and they could bring their own as well.

While it may be a small space with fewer guests, this is quite the unique venue that would offer much fun for your guests and the guest of honor.

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Social Distancing Baby Shower Venue Ideas

25. Virtual Baby Shower

If you’re still worried about having an in-person baby shower, you could always set up a virtual baby shower.

No, there won’t be baby shower games, but everyone will still be able to see the mom-to-be, watch her open gifts and share her special day.

This is even a great option if you have family from out of town who won’t be able to make it.

26. Drive By Shower

The drive by shower allows momma to stay socially distanced from guests, while they drop off gifts.

Since there is very little to offer in the games and food area, it is a nice gesture to offer goodie bags with a cupcake or sweet treat as a token of appreciation for stopping by.

27. Open House Shower

Also, known as a come and go shower, this one won’t keep guests away from mom, just away from other guests.

It’s a great shower for your pregnant friend who may be overwhelmed by having so many people being focused on her. Or if she ends up on bed rest during the end of her pregnancy.

It’s also the perfect baby shower venue if the baby comes early and you have to cancel the shower.

As long as it is okay with the new mom, set up times for people to visit her and the new baby once she is home from the hospital and comfortable with visitors.


There you have it: the best baby shower venue ideas expecting moms will love! Inexpensive to luxurious, classy to rustic, indoor and out; you’re sure to find the perfect place that will fit your budget, your theme, and your pregnant friend’s personality.

Did you find your perfect baby shower venue? Let us know in the comments where you chose or if you found something we didn’t even think of.

Don’t forget your free Baby Shower Planning Checklist before you go!

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