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50 Cute Baby Gender Reveal Quotes for Your Baby Announcement

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What is a good caption for a gender reveal?

Whether you’re announcing your good news to loved ones or sharing the excitement on Instagram, these baby gender reveal quotes capture the essence of the big moment you reveal your sweet baby girl or charming baby boy.

From playful hints to heartfelt expressions and pink and blue to gender-neutral reveals, hese quotes will add a touch of charm and anticipation to your journey as you eagerly await your little miracle.

Find fun gender reveal riddles to introduce a great game for your guests and get some ideas for the perfect way to reveal the big moment.

Get ready to share the love, laughter, and wonder that comes with announcing your baby’s gender. Enjoy this time with your partner and all of your loved ones!

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What are good quotes for a baby gender reveal?

There are so many cute ways to announce your good news. And you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your family and may even fit the theme of your party. Use these quotes in your gender reveal party invitations or as your social media announcement.

Traditional Gender Reveal Quotes

  • “Pink or blue, we’re due for someone new!”
  • “Team Pink or Team Blue, we can’t wait to meet you!”
  • “Hats off to pink or blue, our little one is almost due!”
  • “Waves of pink or bursts of blue, our gender reveal is coming soon!”
  • “Painting our world pink or blue, any guesses which hue?”
  • “Pink skies or blue seas, this gender reveal is the ultimate tease!”
  • “As we await the big day, pink or blue, what will it say?”
  • “Dreaming in hues of pink or blue. The answer is soon coming to you!”
  • “Tickled pink or blue in the face? The answer will be revealed with much grace!”
  • “Underneath the moonlight, we’ll find out if it’s pink or blue tonight!”
  • “Hats off to pink or blue, our baby’s gender is about to debut!”
  • “Pink or blue, our dreams will come true!”
  • “Blue or pink, what do you think?”
  • “Either pink or blue, joyous news is coming soon!”
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  • “Happiness blooms, pink or blue rooms?”
  • “Bow or arrow, soon we’ll know if it’s he or she to show!”
  • “Prince or princess, soon to bring happiness!”
  • “Tiny kicks and sweet lullabies, soon we’ll know if it’s bows or ties!”
  • “Cute dresses or little suits, either way, you’ll be so cute!”
  • “Little prince or little princess, what’s your guess?”
  • “Building blocks or Barbie dolls, soon our world will have it all!”
  • “Balloons will rise, and we’ll finally know if it’s bows or ties!”
  • “Tutus or trucks, soon the secret unlocks!”
  • “Dresses and bows or football throws?”
  • “Pink bows or bow ties, we’re about to reveal a big surprise!”
  • “Little fingers, little toes, little eyes, little nose, will it be blue skies or pink bows?”
  • “Surrounded by confetti dreams, soon we’ll know the color schemes!”
  • “Chasing rainbows, revealing colors. Are we expecting sisters or brothers?”
baby gender reveal quotes: dad, mom, and daughter holding pink and blue balloons

Neutral Gender Reveal Quotes

  • “Ready to cheer, a boy or girl is near!”
  • “He or she? Either way, we’re bursting with glee!”
  • “Riding waves of joy, soon we’ll know if it’s a girl or boy!”
  • “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how we wonder what you are!”
  • “Waddle it be? A he or a she?”
  • “Heartfelt joy, little girl or little boy?”
  • “Balloons and confetti, finding out if it’s a he or she already!”
  • “Ready to roar, is it a lion cub or lioness we’ll soon adore?”
  • “Boy or girl to rock our world?”
  • “Team Girl or Team Boy, soon we will have a little miracle for all to enjoy!”
  • “Floating on a cloud of mystery. Will it be a he or she?”
baby gender reveal quotes: pregnant woman and gender reveal quote
  • “Little lady or little man, we’ll love you like no one else can!”
  • “He or she, what will it be?”
  • “Waves of joy, is it a girl or boy?”
  • “Tiny fingers, tiny toes, soon the secret we’ll finally disclose!”
  • “From baby bump to baby shoes, soon we’ll know the gender news!”
  • “The big reveal is near, the moment we’ve been waiting to cheer!”
  • “Ready to pop, and the secret will drop!”
  • “Ready to shine, it’s reveal time!”
  • “Tick-tock, soon the secret unlocks!”
  • “Twinkle, twinkle, reveal the sprinkle!”
  • “Little miss or little mister. Will we have a little brother or a little sister?”
baby gender reveal quotes: pregnant woman and gender reveal quote

Gender Reveal Riddles

A fun way to include your guests in on your gender reveal is to have them guess the baby’s gender. Set up any of these cute gender reveal riddles along with a notepad and pen to collect your guests’ answers and reveal the gender at the end of your celebration.

Riddle 1:

A flutter inside, a little surprise.
Is it a girl with bright sparkly eyes?
Or a boy who’ll bring laughter and noise?
Guess the gender, choose your toys.

Riddle 2:

In a box, a secret is contained,
Open it up, and the truth is gained.
Blue or pink, what will it be?
Guess the gender, soon you’ll see.

Riddle 3:

A baby’s coming, the news is sweet.
Is it a girl with tiny feet?
Or a boy who’ll bring much delight?
Solve the riddle, guess it right!

Riddle 4:

In a box, the answer lies.
Will it be trucks or butterflies?
Guess the gender, take a chance,
Come on in and join the dance!

Riddle 5:

Balloons will rise, colors will fall.
Is it pink confetti or blue for all?
A riddle to solve, a mystery to see,
Guess the gender, soon it’ll be free.

baby gender reveal quotes: gender reveal party

Riddle 6:

A little hint, a clue so slight.
Will it be blue or pink so bright?
Guess the gender, take a peek,
Soon enough, our secret we’ll speak.

Riddle 7:

In this riddle, a question is posed.
Is it a boy or a girl, disclosed?
Think of baseball or think of lace,
The answer hides in this secret space.

Riddle 8:

In this riddle, a mystery unfolds,
Is it blue blankets or pink bows?
Tiny shoes or little ties,
Guess the gender, the answer lies!

Riddle 9:

A little hint, a tiny clue,
Is it a he or a she, what will you do?
Think pink or think blue,
This riddle holds the answer true.

Riddle 10:

In the oven, a secret bakes.
Is it pink or is it blue, for goodness’ sakes?
When you open the door, the truth unfolds.
Are we having bows or trucks to hold?

baby gender reveal quotes: pregnant woman and gender reveal quote

What are some fun gender reveal ideas?

Your gender reveal can be as exciting as you want without causing a massive wildfire. Here are some creative ways to celebrate with your family and friends. Find the one that best suits your personality or come up with something unique to you.

  1. Cake or Cupcake Filling – Serve a cake with a gender-neutral icing. Cut into it to reveal the gender through the cake colors or put special candy inside.
  2. Hershey Bars – Get individual Hershey bars and color in the “she” or “he” to announce your baby’s gender.
  3. Customized M&Ms – Order M&Ms in the baby’s gender color and share them in decorative containers.
  4. Bubblegum – Pass out pink or blue bubblegum and have your guests blow a bubble to reveal the gender of the baby.
  5. Fortune Cookies – Prepare homemade fortune cookies with messages revealing the baby’s gender.
  6. Baby Shoes – Purchase (or make) a pair of baby shoes in the appropriate color and present them to your guests.
  7. Scratch-off Cards – Get some special scratch-off cards and pass them out to family and friends for each person’s individual reveal.
  8. Message in a Bottle – Write the gender on a piece of paper and place it inside of a bottle. (Perfect for a beach-themed gender reveal.)
  9. Pinata Smash – Fill a pinata with colored candies, powder, or paper, and smash it to discover the gender. (Especially fun for big siblings.)
  10. Balloon Pop – Get a giant balloon (or some smaller ones) and fill it with colored confetti. Pop the balloon to share the news. (Be sure to tie the balloon down if doing an outdoor reveal.)
  11. Balloon Release – Fill a large box with a few helium balloons in the gender color. Open the box to release the balloons. (If doing outdoors, tie the balloons to some ribbon and tape the ribbons to the box.) Try these for an indoor release.
  12. Confetti Cannons – Use cannons filled with pink or blue confetti for a burst of color.
  13. Painting – Grab a canvas and some bottles of water-based paints. Fill squirt guns with the paint and create a work of art for baby’s nursery.
  14. Baseball Hit – Fill a baseball with colored powder and hit a home run to reveal the gender of the baby.
  15. Golf Ball Explosion – Fill a golf ball with colored powder and tee off to share the news.
  16. Smoke Bombs – Set off smoke bombs in the color that represents the baby’s gender.
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What do you write in a gender reveal card for baby?

It can be hard to come up with something to write in your gender reveal card for the new parents. Here’s some sweet sentiments to use as your own or to get your creative juices flowing and add your own special words.

  • “As you eagerly await the pitter-patter of tiny feet, may your hearts be filled with excitement and love.”
  • “Wishing you both a smooth and joyous journey into parenthood.”
  • “Congratulations on this beautiful journey! Your little one is already so loved.”
  • “May every kick, every flutter, and every moment bring you closer to the magical adventure of parenthood.”
  • “May parenthood be filled with laughter, patience, and an abundance of love.”
  • “As you count down the days to meet your bundle of joy, know that your lives are about to be beautifully transformed.”
  • “May your days be filled with anticipation, your nights with sweet dreams, and your hearts with immeasurable joy as you await the arrival of your precious baby.”
  • “Get ready for sleepless nights and endless smiles! Parenthood is an incredible journey, and I know you two will navigate it with love, patience, and grace.”
  • “The best is yet to come! Wishing you all the happiness and love as you prepare to welcome your little one into this world.”
baby gender reveal quotes: pregnant woman and gender reveal quote
  • “Sending you love, warmth, and the best wishes as you enter this beautiful chapter of parenthood.”
  • “Here’s to the incredible adventure that awaits both of you. Congratulations on your new addition!”
  • “In just a short while, your hearts will be forever changed by the love of your little one. Wishing you all the best as you embrace the wonders of parenthood!”
  • “Sending you all the love and good vibes as you prepare for the incredible adventure of parenthood. Your lives are about to become a beautiful love story!”
  • “In a few months, your home will be filled with the delightful sounds of baby laughter. Wishing you both a smooth and joyful transition into parenthood.”
  • “May your days be filled with nursery rhymes, baby giggles, and countless moments of pure joy.”
  • “As your family grows, so will the love that binds you together. Wishing you an abundance of happiness and unforgettable moments on this incredible journey!”
  • “Get ready for a love like no other! Parenthood is a beautiful adventure, and I have no doubt that you both will be amazing parents.”
  • “The countdown to baby cuddles and tiny toes has begun! Wishing you both a magical journey filled with love, laughter, and endless joy.”
baby gender reveal quotes: pregnant woman and gender reveal quote


There you have it: all the cute baby gender reveal quotes to use in your invitations or as an Instagram caption. There are also fun riddles to get your guests in on the fun and some great ways to celebrate your gender reveal. A special quote is a fun way to announce your big moment and tie it into the theme of your party.

Are you excited about your gender reveal? Let us know in the comments how you are celebrating your special moment.

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