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23 Adorable Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

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Christmas is coming, and it’s time to start thinking about your baby’s first Christmas gifts. There are so many wonderful options out there for your baby. And this Christmas is the most magical for you as a parent. There are many Christmases ahead of you, but this is the one you will cherish as the first Christmas with your new little family.

I didn’t know what to get my little guy for his first Christmas, and you might be in the same boat. Your baby might not be able to sit up yet or unwrap things on his own. Still, it’s nice to have a few gifts for your new baby. It’s so much fun seeing Christmas through my son’s eyes.

So here’s a few things my son got as first Christmas gifts to help with your search. When purchasing toys, may I suggest getting things that will last well beyond your child’s current age. Mostly all of the gifts my son received for his first Christmas are still being used almost a year later. (That’s the sign of a good gift.)

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Themed Baby’s First Christmas Gifts


Pack some Christmas pajamas in your baby’s Christmas Eve Box for some cute Christmas morning pictures. If your baby is crawling or walking by Christmas, you’re sure to get some cute shots of him making a run for the tree.

personalized baby first Christmas ornament


One of the best ways to remember baby’s first Christmas is with a celebratory ornament. An ornament is also an easy tradition to start with your baby and keep up with year after year.


Baby’s first Christmas is the best time to start the stocking stuffer tradition for the whole family. Whether you choose a baby’s first Christmas stocking or a traditional personalized stocking, this is a cute tradition that is fun for everyone.

Christmas Books

My favorite gift for babies for any holiday is books. Books last years longer than most traditional toys. Once you read the story, you can always go back through and explain what is going on in each scene. Reading to your baby is a great way to develop language skills early. So get an easy to read book like Babies Love Christmas.

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Plush Toy

This Rudolph plush toy is an adorable addition to your baby’s first Christmas gifts. This plush toy is embroidered with baby’s first Christmas and plays part of the “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” song. You could also include the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Lift-the-Tab book, so your baby can learn the story that goes along with his new toy.


To celebrate baby’s first Christmas, be sure to gift this Christmas rattle. Your little one will spend all of Christmas day shaking this rattle, and it makes a great item to pull out each year once your little one isn’t so little anymore.

Little People Nativity Set

I got my son the Little People Nativity Set for his first Christmas. I had a porcelain nativity set as a kid and wanted to pass that onto him. However, babies and porcelain don’t mix. I love this set for babies. The people are just the right size for those chubby little hands and end up great as teethers.

And surprise, my mother also purchased this set for him (completely by accident). So now we have one we play with year round and another we keep for under the tree.

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red cookies for Santa plate with belt buckle
red milk for Santa cup with belt buckle

Santa Plate and Cup

A plate and cup for Santa’s treats are nice baby’s first Christmas gifts. They are something your little one can get excited to unpack each year as he gets ready for Christmas day.

personalized Night Before Christmas book

Personalized Night Before Christmas Book

I love personalized books as baby’s first Christmas gifts. This one follows the original Night Before Christmas story but puts your baby as the star of the show. Your child’s name is used throughout the book. He even gets added to Santa’s Nice List and gets his own stocking.

Santa’s Workshop Playset

Teach your little one the giving nature of Santa with this Santa’s Workshop Playset. The plush toys easily fit into the playset for perfect storage. Use it throughout the year or pull it out just at Christmas, so your baby has his own set of decorations.

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Playful Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

Activity Cube

My son loved his VTech Activity Cube as one of his baby’s first Christmas gifts. He had to have it out of the box immediately, and he carried those shapes around with him all day. He still loves hearing the songs and putting the shapes in the cube sorter almost a year later.

baby's first Christmas gifts: red wrapped presents in front of Christmas tree

Sensory Balls & Cups

These sensory balls and cups make great Christmas gifts for babies. The cups are stackable and are great for bath time. The balls each offer a different color, size and texture to stimulate your baby. They also make great teethers.

Rattle and Sing Puppy

The Rattle and Sing Puppy was a toy my son got as a first Christmas gift. It’s small enough for baby’s hands to grab and shake and has crinkle ears and a delightful set of songs that you won’t mind getting stuck in your head. This is another toy he is still playing with almost a year later.

Crawl Ball

For babies who are just starting to crawl or aren’t quite there yet, the VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball is great for one of baby’s first Christmas gifts. It offers just enough stimulation to get your little one motivated to get moving.

Baby Rattle Toys

These baby rattle toys make great baby’s first Christmas gifts. They are small enough for little hands, and the bright colors and different sounds and textures make them wonderful sensory toys. You can wrap them in the container they come in (which makes its own fun toy) or use them as stocking stuffers.

Stacking Rings

These stacking rings are a great for sensory development, with the different colors and textures. They make great teethers. And as your baby grows, they can be used as they are designed and your little one will be correctly stacking the rings before you know it.


If you haven’t already purchased these blocks as a Halloween gift for your baby, make sure you get them as one of your baby’s first Christmas gifts. I love this set of building blocks because they are easy for little hands to pick up.

They make great teethers, work great for bath time, make great learning tools, and are perfect for developing fine motor skills. And my biggest selling point: they won’t break anything when thrown around the house!

baby on tummy in Santa hat
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Practical Baby’s First Christmas Gifts


I’ve found you can’t have too many teethers. Just wait until those back teeth start coming in. This Christmas tree teether is a cute addition to your baby’s first Christmas gifts list and will come in handy sooner than you think.

Water Mat

This water mat is perfect as one of your baby’s first Christmas gifts, especially if you have a baby who is reluctant to practice tummy time. This mat offers some visual stimulation while working on that important muscle development.

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Spin and Stand Entertainer

The Infantino Spin and Stand Entertainer is recommended for babies four months and up, but you’ll need to wait until your little one can hold up his own head before you can use this. Once you reach that milestone, this is great to strengthen those little baby legs to get ready for walking. Your baby can practice standing and then rest in the seat if he tires out.

I used this with my son while we decorated our tree. It kept him contained while including him in on the fun. It’s safer than a walker, since it’s stationary. And it offers three heights to grow with your baby.

My Favorite People board book

My Favorite People Book

This was one of my favorite gifts for my baby’s first Christmas. With covid keeping us from visiting family, the My Favorite People board book allowed my son to become familiar with all of his relatives.

personalized NIght Night Time book

Night Night Book

In our home, we often refer to bedtime as Night Night Time, so this book was a must have as one of our baby’s first Christmas gifts. Even if that’s not your special term for bedtime, this story is too cute to pass up. Your little one’s name is used throughout the book and even in each of the page designs.

Cute Booties

Get a pair of cute booties as one of your baby’s first Christmas gifts to keep his tiny toes warm throughout the winter season. They’re just cute enough to wear all Christmas day as well.


There you have it the most adorable first Christmas gifts for your baby. Whether it’s something practical, something playful, or something themed to the Christmas season, your little one will be delighted on Christmas morning. Enjoy this magical time!

Did you find the perfect gift for your baby’s first Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

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