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19 Perfect Halloween Gifts for Babies

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What are the best Halloween gifts for babies?

Halloween is just around the corner, so now is the best time to decide on the perfect Halloween gifts for babies in your life.

Whether it’s your baby, grandbaby, niece, nephew, or close friend, if you’re looking for the best Halloween gift, we’ve got you covered.

I had to put on my thinking cap to remember back to my baby’s first Halloween. It wasn’t that long ago, but when mom brain kicks in and you’re in a breastfeeding fog, some things are a little more difficult to recall.

Luckily, I have recovered the file, and I’m ready to give you the best Halloween gifts for babies.

One final thing before we jump into the Halloween gifts:

Halloween is at the end of October, so you can choose to wait until then to give your gifts. But if you want to give your little one his Halloween gifts at the beginning of the month, he’ll be able to enjoy them throughout fall and really get him excited about the upcoming holiday.

Either way, have fun and enjoy your baby’s first Halloween!

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What should I do for baby’s first Halloween?

There are so many amazing things you can do for your baby’s first Halloween. In fact, I have a list of the things you must do for baby’s first Halloween right here!

While you absolutely must dress that little one in the perfect costume and take an insane amount of pictures, it’s also just as important to plan a Halloween gift for your baby, especially since they’ll be no sweet treats this year.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it makes for the beginning of a fun tradition. You can even use that costume as part of the gift.

Check out the rest of the perfect Halloween gifts for babies below.

baby girl sitting on outdoor table in fall
Photo by Hasan Albari from Pexels

What do you give a baby for Halloween?

Themed Halloween Gifts for Babies

halloween gifts for babies: frankenstein trick or treat basket
halloween gifts for babies: ghost trick-or-treat basket

Personalized Halloween Basket

First things first, you need somewhere to store all those Halloween gifts for babies. For my son’s first Halloween, I got him a personalized Halloween basket.

I thought it would be the same idea as an Easter basket, just for Halloween. And in this case, he can use it as a trick-or-treat basket when he’s older.

Reasons I love doing a personalized Halloween gift basket:

  1. You don’t have to wrap anything.
  2. The basket is already themed to the holiday.
  3. It’s reusable (so no need to buy a new basket or wrapping paper each year).
  4. You have a predetermined size for gifts (so you don’t go overboard – good luck!).
  5. There’s no fighting over whose gift is whose (great for siblings, I’m hoping).
baby monkey costume

Halloween Costume

There is nothing cuter than a little baby in a Halloween costume.

But don’t wait until Halloween night to bust out that costume. Yes, it’s true your baby will only wear that costume this year, but that doesn’t mean he can’t wear it multiple times throughout the season.

Plan a photoshoot, visit friends or relatives, plan a gathering at your home, go trick-or-treating, or attend a parade or festival.

Get some use out of that costume, and let others ooh and ahh over your cute little monster.

Halloween footie pajamas

Halloween Pajamas

Another great gift that can be used throughout the month of October is Halloween pajamas. Your baby will be more than prepared for all those late-night Halloween moments with friends or relatives.

Pajamas are also great to use under the Halloween costume, if your October outings are colder than usual.

Halloween playset with pumpkin, cat, spider, candy corn and ghost
black and white shape rattles

Halloween Toys

There’s nothing more fun than giving new toys as a holiday gift, especially if they are holiday themed.

This pumpkin play set is so nice it could be gifted all on its own. (My son got this Easter playset and still carries the duck and frog with him everywhere.)

I also love these high contrast shape rattles. While they’re not technically for Halloween, they do fit in with the festive colors.

These rattles make great sensory toys, and the black and white patterns really makes the toy stand out to babies whose vision isn’t very clear just yet.

Clothing Halloween Gifts for Babies

green long-sleeved outfit with long pants

Fall Outfits

It’s that time of year when it’s starting to get cooler, which makes it the perfect time to gift some fall outfits. Think long-sleeved outfits, long pants, long-sleeved onesies, and sweaters or jackets.

If you’ve read my About Me page, you know fall is my favorite season, so I just love dressing my little guy in those warm, comfy clothes.

set of four Halloween socks for babies
set of six fall-colored socks


With the cold weather quickly approaching, you’ll also want to cover those tiny little toes. You could choose these Halloween socks or some fall-colored socks.

When your baby is tiny, those socks get lost so easily (even among the other baby clothes), so it’s always nice to have extra pairs available.

And if your little one has enough socks, try these rattle socks and wristlets to get baby’s attention.

Playful Halloween Gifts for Babies

orange fox stuffed animal

Stuffed Animal

Fall-colored or fall-themed stuffed animals make a cute gift to include with your Halloween gifts for babies.

This stuffed fox fits right in with the festive fall colors. And stuffed animals offer a great option if your baby starts experiencing separation anxiety.

Halloween gifts for babies: brightly colored building blocks


I love this set of building blocks. They are squeezable, so they are easy for little fingers to pick up and double as teethers.

They are stackable, so they are good for developing fine motor skills. They are colorful with numbers, animals, and shapes on each side, so they are a great teaching tool.

They can be used at bath time, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking things if they get thrown around the room. They check all my requirements for the perfect toy.

Halloween gifts for babies: set of 6 pastel colored bath boats

Bath Toys

I like these bath boats for young babies. Since they are able to dry out completely, there is nowhere for mold to hide.

That’s always important when everything goes in your little one’s mouth.

However, if you want to get some bath squirts, just put some hot glue over the hole to keep water from getting in there.

orange fox lovey blanket


Again, try to get a fall-themed lovey, so it’s something different and fits with the fall colors.

This fox lovey is just adorable with the fall leaves. It’s sure to brighten up that Halloween basket.

cover of Babies Love Halloween book


One of my favorite gifts to give for any holiday is books. Not only are they educational, but they typically keep children’s interest longer than regular toys and are more durable.

Babies Love Halloween is a great way to introduce your baby to all the Halloween traditions.

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Halloween gifts for babies: pie pumpkin with ceramic ghosts

Mealtime Halloween Gifts for Babies

pack of Gerber puree foods

Baby Purees

Depending on the age of your baby at Halloween, you might be heading into solid foods.

That makes it the perfect time to stick some baby purees in his Halloween basket. If your little one is just starting out, I recommend starting with bananas.

We started with peaches, and it was not a big hit. Peaches have quite a strong flavor, and after only having breastmilk for months, my son wasn’t quite ready for something so shocking.

So, start with something kind of bland, and work in the other flavors.

If you’ve been doing solids for a while now, you know your little one’s favorites, so be sure to pack a few of those in there.

Gerber puffs
Gerber yogurt melts
Gerber lil crunchies


Another great Halloween gift, if you have an older baby, is snacks. Puffs are the go-to snack in our home. But we also enjoy Yogurt Melts and Lil’ Crunchies.

And throw this super cute Halloween snack catcher in the basket to keep in your diaper bag.

Just a reminder when starting snacks:

Check the age range before giving your baby any snack, and always supervise when it’s snack time.

My little guy would put handfuls of those Lil’ Crunchies in his mouth in one go, if given the opportunity.

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blue and green sippy cups
take and toss colorful sippy cups

Sippy Cups

Something else to think about when giving gifts to babies is not only what they like now but where they are going to be in 3 to 6 months from now.

So, while you might be nowhere near the sippy cup stage yet – I see you momma, cleaning all those bottle parts – you will be there eventually, so it’s nice to be prepared.

We’ve used a few different types of sippy cups. My son actually prefers to drink his milk from this cup and his water from this cup. (I don’t question what works.)

My point is you may need to try different cups, just like you had to try different bottles. We’re still working on drinking out of a straw, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

It’s also a suggestion to give grandparents or other relatives or friends, if they’re looking for a Halloween gift for babies.

Tell them you’re venturing into sippy cup land, and you’re open to trying a few different options.

set of four baby bowls with lids


These small bowls with lids are nice when you’re first starting into the world or purees.

You can easily put the amount you need into the bowl, since you shouldn’t feed your baby right out the serving container.

These bowls are also nice when you’re on the go. I’ve used them many times when we’re traveling in the car.

I’ll pack a fruit pouch and squeeze it into the bowl.

I don’t have to worry about making sure the fruit pouch is refrigerated, until after it is opened, and I can usually make it home before that happens. So, no need to carry ice packs or a cooler.

colorful divided plates
suction plate for babies
colorful flat plates


Same concept here as with the sippy cups. You want to be prepared for future mealtimes, so get some plates that are kid friendly.

We’ve used the divided plates once we started having a larger meal but were still eating mostly purees. We’ve used the suction plate early on, when we were still learning to not throw everything on the floor.

Now that we’re to the point of feeding ourselves, we’re moving into the deep walled flat plates.

These give your little one a bit more freedom than the suction plates, but you still don’t have to worry about the plate breaking, if it accidently ends up on the floor.

soft tip spoons
toddler utensils

Baby Utensils

One last thing in the mealtime Halloween gifts for babies category is baby utensils.

Again, something you might not be needing for a while, but it’s good to have. Giving it to your baby as a gift makes it exciting, and hopefully he will want to use it.

When you’re just starting on purees, you’re going to want the soft-tip infant spoons. But once your baby becomes more independent, you’ll want to move onto this fork and spoon set.

My little guy still struggles with keeping food on the spoon, but he is now able to feed himself with the fork, once I’ve stabbed it.

Anything helping to develop those motor skills and making mealtime easier on momma is a huge plus!

Practical Halloween Gifts for Babies

teether set
teether keys
fox teether


Babies can start cutting teeth as early as three months, so even if you don’t need a teether just yet, the time is coming.

I would suggest a few different types of teethers:

A small, flat teether is easier for younger babies to hold on to themselves. As your baby grows, he may like the teether keys that have more textures.

There’s also this super cute fox teether, to fit in with our fox theme from above.

And this may sound crazy, but try a clean, unused (I’m talking right out the package) diaper cream applicator.

Maybe don’t give it as a gift for this purpose, but my son found an extra one we had, and it has worked like a dream.

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Pampers wipes

Diapers and Wipes

This is more of a suggestion for anyone who is not the parents of the baby.

Babies go through diapers and wipes like crazy, so it’s always a nice gesture to throw some in with the gift. Even a small pack is a huge help.

Halloween is a great time to give a more practical gift that your baby will get a lot of use from.


There you have it: my list of the best Halloween gifts for babies. Whether you just get one or two items, or you go all out and get everything on the list, you and your little one are going to enjoy this first Halloween and so many more to come.

The first Halloween is the best time to start new family traditions, so get out there and try new things, take a ton of photos, and have a blast!

Did you find the perfect gift from our list of Halloween gifts for babies? Let us know in the comments what you picked.

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