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Set Up the Perfect Breastfeeding Station with These 17 Essential Items

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What do you need in a breastfeeding station?

Breastfeeding happens round the clock. And the most convenient way to be ready each and every time is by setting up a breastfeeding station.

This way you know you have everything you need, you know have a general idea of where everything is, and you know when it needs to be restocked.

If you’ll be breastfeeding in different locations in your home, I recommend stocking two or more breastfeeding stations, so you’re always prepared.

And if this list seems overwhelming, consider adding the items to your baby registry. Because that is what it is there for: to help out mom and baby!

Good luck on your breastfeeding journey!

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How do you organize a breastfeeding station?

You’ll either want a caddy or a rolling cart to organize the items in your breastfeeding station.

You can keep a caddy of supplies in each room you will be breastfeeding (or on each floor).

The rolling cart can be stocked in the morning and moved throughout the house. Best if you’re only on one floor.

You could even get some smaller baskets to fully organize your rolling cart.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to keep in your breastfeeding station.

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What do you need to create the perfect breastfeeding station?

Storkcraft glider with ottoman

Comfy Location

The number one thing you need to have the perfect breastfeeding station is a comfy location.

Whether it is a nursing chair, your bed, or your couch, you need to be somewhere that you are supported, and you can easily support your baby.

You also need to think about the time of day:

Daytime nursing sessions can easily be done in a chair. But what about a 2 am feed when you’re exhausted? It may be more convenient to nurse in bed.

And if you are room sharing, you don’t want to have to run to the nursery to feed the baby.

And it’s totally okay if you nurse in different places throughout the day! Just make sure you have enough supplies and set up a breastfeeding station in each location, so you’re prepared. Or get a rolling cart, and tow it along with you.

bed of pillows
Photo by Castorly Stock

Back Support

The longer you breastfeed, the quicker you will realize just how uncomfortable it can be on your back.

Getting that baby to latch correctly is most important, and you’ll use whatever position that works for the two of you.

But that doesn’t mean you should be unsupported.

Gather enough pillows and blankets together to make yourself comfortable. Because you’re going to be at this a long time.

Boppy nursing pillow with zoo animal cover

Baby Support

Now that you’re well supported, you want to be able to bring baby to breast. This is also going to help with back pain and keep your breasts from sagging by being pulled down by baby.

Get yourself a nursing pillow, use code SIP50 to get a discount on this pillow, or find enough pillows and blankets in your home to prop baby up.

I’ve personally used our throw pillows, our bed pillows, and his baby blankets (along with nursing pillows) to find the perfect support. The type of breastfeeding position is really going to determine the amount of support you will need.

Parenting tip: Use muslin blankets to cover anything you don’t want baby to spit up on. You’ll get so many of them. And they are much easier to clean than couch cushions. (I’ve been there; far too many times.)

gray and white baby caddy basket

Caddy or Cart

So, I already covered this when talking about how to organize your breastfeeding station.

But it is so important to have somewhere that you can keep organized.

The size and the design are really going to determine what all you can store in there.

Maybe you even have a larger breastfeeding station in the nursery where you keep all your supplies. And then a smaller caddy that you are able to carry from room to room. Or even a rolling cart with all your items separated.

It’s really up to you, the size of your home, and what you’re comfortable with.

What goes into a breastfeeding station?

bottle of water and slices of fruit
Photo by Alex Azabache

Water and Snacks

First things first, let’s take care of mom!

Breastfeeding is hard work that uses a lot of water and calories. Make sure you are always replenishing your water at each session by keeping a full bottle of water in your breastfeeding station.

And SNACKS! I cannot tell you how hungry I was while I was breastfeeding.

Protein snacks are great for you to keep up your energy and a good, healthy food.

Lactation bars are going to help you produce more milk. Which is great when you’re first starting out and trying to increase your milk flow. And even better when you’re farther along but your milk needs a little boost (if you’ve made any changes to your breastfeeding schedule).

Of course, you can add any of your favorite snacks to your breastfeeding station as well. And while healthy snacks are better for you overall, unhealthy snacks do not affect the makeup of your breastmilk (source).

phone with two chargers
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Long Phone Charger

During those long breastfeeding sessions, there may be nothing else to do but scroll on your phone. Whether you’re doing a little online browsing or uploading adorable baby photos to social media, you want to have a full charge on your phone.

Make sure you have an extra-long phone charger for your iPhone or Android, if you don’t already have one that was packed in your hospital bag.

Use code SIP50 for a discount on this Charger Extending Pod.

Gerber cloth diapers

Burp Cloths

Babies spit up A. LOT. Breastfed babies not as much as formula fed babies, but it does still happen.

Put two or three burp cloths in your breastfeeding station, just in case you have a massive clean up.

My favorite burp cloths were actually cloth diapers. They are so absorbent (just think about what they are actually supposed to be used for). And they’re huge! So, they covered most of my shirt, and I didn’t have to worry about getting anything on me.

They are also perfect for keeping your furniture spit up free. And work great to place under baby during tummy time.

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Lansinoh nipple cream

Nipple Cream

You’ll want to keep some nipple cream in your breastfeeding station (and your bedroom and bathroom) when you’re first starting out.

Breastfeeding is hard on your nipples, and this cream really fixes any chapping.

It does get easier once you get past the first couple of weeks, but it doesn’t hurt to keep some around just in case. It’s also great for chapped hands.

Also, pack some in your breast pump bag because it might take a while to get used to the flanges.

mom nursing her baby
Lansinoh Hakaa breast pump


The love I have for the Hakaa knows no limits! My only regret is that I didn’t start using it sooner.

You just squeeze the Hakaa and attach it to the breast that the baby is not nursing from. And it catches all the milk that you could otherwise lose to a breast pad. Genius!

It’s the simplest manual pump you will use. And I love this one because it comes with a strap so if it comes away from your breast, you don’t lose all that milk!

I could get anywhere from 3-5 oz. of milk in one session in the morning using the Hakaa. That’s enough milk for you to start a nice freezer stash or to be able to enjoy a night out (with no extra work on your part).

A nurse at the hospital recommend I get two. For when getting out of the shower, as you tend to leak due to the hot water.

Medela disposable nursing pads

Nursing Pads

It’s always good to keep some nursing pads handy in your breastfeeding station. It’s the perfect time to change them if needed. Or to use them to catch a letdown. Although, I still recommend the Hakaa for that!

Use code SIP50 to get some free washable nursing pads! Perfect to use at home.

baby getting a diaper change
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Diapers Changing Needs

A few diapers and a pack of wipes are a good idea to include in your breastfeeding station. Just because you never know.

And if your changing table is not nearby, it just makes it easier to change your baby where you’re at.

You could also include a small diaper changing pad, if you don’t want baby on the floor or furniture. You could also use a muslin blanket or those cloth diapers you’re using as burp cloths (since they’re already in your breastfeeding station).

set of two pacifiers


If your little one is using a pacifier, then definitely keep a few clean ones at your breastfeeding station. It will keep him calm while you clean things up, especially if he’s become accustomed to it.

Parenting tip: Do not introduce a pacifier before your milk supply has been established.

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journal and pen
Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative

Breastfeeding Log

Make sure you have a breastfeeding log (and pen) handy for each session by always keeping it at your breastfeeding station.

You’ll want to track the time of each session and what side you started feeding from. With this tracker you can log breastfeeding sessions, diaper output, nap times, medications, and any questions you have for the doctor (there will be a lot in the beginning).

This information is also good to keep track of, as the doctor will have questions at each appointment.


Again, breastfeeding takes up a lot of time. And while it is important to connect with your baby during this time, you’re going to have more time on your hands than you know what to do with.

Keep yourself busy with your phone, some good books, or a new tablet.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds

While you’re consuming the above entertainment, you don’t want to disturb your baby.

I’ve found that tiny babies don’t care what’s going on around them. They will sleep or eat anywhere.

However, once they are just a bit older, they can be distracted by everything, including their own hands.

Stop any extra distractions by getting a pair of earbuds, so you can still enjoy the times you are attached to a piece of furniture.

woman holding a remote at the TV
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

TV Remote

This is a very important item to keep in your breastfeeding station if you’ll be near the television.

You don’t want to have a hungry baby and everything else ready to go and have the remote just out of reach.

Let your partner know the new location for the remote and to replace it when it’s not being used.

nursery night light


To keep your little one asleep during those middle of night breastfeeding sessions, include this nightlight in your breastfeeding station. It’s much easier to put a baby back to sleep when they haven’t been fully awakened by some bright lights.


There you have it: everything you need to set up the ultimate breastfeeding station! All the important items for baby and you. Don’t forget to get those free items as every little bit helps.

Have you set up your breastfeeding station? Let us know what products worked best for you.

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Set Up the Perfect Breastfeeding Station with These 17 Essential Items

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