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50 Unique Girl Names That Start With A – Picked by Real Moms

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What are the most unique girl names that start with A?

Choosing a baby name is one of the most important and most fun things you get to do before your baby is born. Her name will stick with her throughout her life, so it’s important to choose something that you love and will also sound good with the middle name you have chosen.

While it is super fun, that seems like a lot of pressure. Don’t worry, you have until you leave the hospital before you absolutely have to make a decision. (You can always change an Isabella to an Emma, at the last minute.) And to lessen your stress (for the moment at least), I’ve talked to 50 moms who gave me their favorite unique girl names that start with A.

Good luck finding a name you love! And congrats!

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Unique Girl Names That Start with A

  1. Aaliyah – Arabic name meaning high and exalted
  2. Abigail – Hebrew name meaning cause of joy or father’s joy
  3. Ada – Germanic name meaning nobility
  4. Adalee – Hebrew name meaning God is my refuge
  5. Addison – Old English name meaning son of Adam (becoming more popular for girls)
  6. Adelaide – Old German name meaning noble kind or type
  7. Adina – Hebrew name meaning noble, gentle, delicate
  8. Adley – Hebrew name meaning God is just
  9. Adriana – Latin name meaning sea or water
  10. Adrielle – Latin name meaning dark
  11. Aela – Greek name meaning messenger and angel
  12. Afton – English name meaning from Affra’s settlement (good gender-neutral baby name)
  13. Agatha – Greek name meaning good
  14. Ainsley – English name meaning one or meadow
  15. Alayna – English name meaning harmony
  16. Alexandra – Greek name meaning one who defends men
  17. Alexis – Greek name meaning helping
  18. Alicia – Mexican name meaning noble
  19. Alicyn – form of German name (Allison) meaning noble
  20. Alivia – American name meaning olive tree
  21. Alyse – French name meaning God is my oath
  22. Alyssa – English name meaning noble
  23. Amara – Latin name meaning everlasting (version spelled Amaura is the most unique girl name that starts with A)
  24. Amaya – Spanish name meaning pleasant place or heavenly valley
  25. Amelia – Latin name meaning industrious
  26. Anais – French name meaning graceful or merciful
  27. Anastasia – Greek name meaning resurrection
  28. Andi – Greek name meaning manly and strong (good gender-neutral baby name)
  29. Angelique – French name meaning messenger of God
  30. Annabelle – French name meaning favored grace
  31. Annalise – German name meaning grace of God
  32. Annika – Russian name meaning grace
  33. Anya – Old Kurdish name meaning strength or power
  34. April – Latin name meaning opening
  35. Arabelle – English name meaning prayerful
  36. Ari – Hebrew name meaning lion (good gender-neutral baby name)
  37. Ariel – Hebrew name meaning lion of God
  38. Arya – Indo-Iranian name meaning noble and honorable
  39. Ashlynn – English name meaning dream
  40. Astrid – Old Scandinavian name meaning divinely beautiful
  41. Aubrey – German name meaning ruler of elves
  42. Audrey – English name meaning strength
  43. Augusta – Latin name meaning great or magnificent
  44. Aurelia – Latin name meaning golden one
  45. Aurelie – Latin name meaning golden
  46. Aurora – Latin name meaning dawn
  47. Autumn – Latin name meaning of woods
  48. Ava – Latin name meaning bird or German name meaning guarantee
  49. Averie – English name meaning elf counsel
  50. Ayla – Hebrew name meaning oak tree

Are you still looking for the perfect unique girl name that starts with A? Try The Name Book for over 10,000 baby names, with origins, meanings, and spiritual significance. It’s a great resource to find the perfect name for your baby and great options for a middle name to pair it with. You might also like 100,000+ Baby Name, which offers over 100,000 name suggestions with origins, meanings, and variations. There are lists of the most popular names and even a section on how to choose the best name.

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Gift Ideas for Unique Girl Names That Start With A

personalized onesie with pink ruffles and leggings

Take Me Home Outfit

Get this adorable take me home outfit to show off your precious little girl (and announce her name to the world).

personalized onesie and hat

Onesie and Hat Set

Another cute option for a going home outfit is this onesie and hat set. This combo also makes a great outfit for newborn pictures of that baby girl whose name starts with A.

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baby's hand with ID bracelet

Baby ID Bracelet

This baby ID bracelet makes a cute keepsake for your new little one. You will have a visual memory of just how tiny your baby girl was for years to come.

personalized silver jewelry keepsake box

Jewelry Keepsake Box

And what better place to store that ID bracelet, than this jewelry keepsake box. Get it engraved for baby’s first communion or baptism or just get footprints to celebrate your new bundle of joy.

personalized quilted blanket

Quilted Blanket

Choose from 9 different quilt colors and 18 different thread colors for the name and initial to make this quite a unique quilted blanket. It’s a beautiful addition to any baby’s nursery.

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personalized pink blanket

Newborn Blanket

Have your little one’s name and birthdate added to this pink newborn blanket. A cute option for newborn photos or helpful for a session of tummy time.

unique girl names that start with a: baby girl in pink outfit
personalized milestone blanket with roses, name and numbers

Milestone Blanket

This milestone blanket is a beautiful way to capture those monthly memories. With the flowers surrounding your baby, you can easily tell how much she has grown in each photo.

personalized door sign with pink and purple butterflies

Nursery Door Sign

Get this really cute nursery door sign for your baby’s door or to hang in her room. There are 10 options to choose from, including unicorn, flowers and deer.

personalized cursive name sign in pink

Wooden Name Sign

Let everyone know whose room it is with this gorgeous wooden name sign. It’s perfect for any nursery, as it comes in 20 different color options.

personalized night light with moon, cloud and stars

Night Light

Include this night light as a unique addition to your baby’s nursery decor. It comes in 15 different options, including unicorns, fairies, princess, ballerina and animals.

personalized brush and comb in custom box

Brush and Comb Set

Get this personalized brush and comb set that your daughter can enjoy for years to come.

personalized pink teddy bear lovey

Teddy Bear Blanket

Babies can’t get enough of their lovies. Why not get this cute teddy bear blanket to have as a memorable keepsake?

personalized plush doll with pink polka skirt

Snuggle Doll

Get this adorable snuggle doll for your little one to squeeze with those little chubby hands (so precious!).

set of 3 personalized animal prints with giraffe and elephant

Safari Animal Prints

Get this set of safari animal prints for a beautifully elegant safari themed nursery.

personalized animal blanket with roses and giraffe, elephant, zebra and lion

Safari Animal Blanket

And add the safari animal blanket for a cozy cuddle.

personalized Minnie Mouse wall decal in pink

Minnie Mouse Wall Decal

Is there a Disney lover in your house? Pick up this adorable Minnie Mouse Wall Decal for a very personalized nursery.

personalized wall decal with roses

Name and Initial Wall Decal

Or if you’re looking for something more regal for your daughter’s nursery, select this name and initial wall decal.

cover I Love You This Much book

I Love You This Much Storybook

I love personalized books because the story is all about your child. Share all the ways you love your new little person with the I Love You This Much Storybook.

cover of Goodnight Little Me book

Goodnight Little Me Book

Bedtime books are a must as your little one grows. Get the Goodnight Little Me Book to lessen those bedtime struggles.

wicker Easter basket with pink personalized cloth insert

Easter Basket

I love this personalized Easter basket for two reasons. If you have more than one child, it is the best way to identify whose treats are whose. And if it’s not yet Easter or your baby is still too little for treats, you can use it in the nursery to store diaper changing essentials, bath time essentials or snuggly friends.

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There you have it: 50 of the most unique girl names that start with A and some of the cutest decor for your baby’s nursery. Did you find the perfect baby name from our list? Let us know in the comments.

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50 Unique Girl Names That Start With A – Picked by Real Moms

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