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Easy 5 Minute Self Care Techniques

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What can I do for myself in as little as 5 minutes?

Are you a new momma, trying your best to keep awake during diaper changes and night feeds? Are you a middle schooler momma, who sometimes feels like nothing more than a glorified taxi service?

Do you have no time in you day for any self care? Maybe self care isn’t even an option for you right now, if you don’t even have time for a daily shower.

With these easy 5 minute self care techniques, you can have a little you time everyday. Even if you have to do it with a baby on your hip or while you’re waiting for your kiddo in the school pick up line. Make sure you’re looking out for you!

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Why does self care matter?

Self care is so important for everyone, but especially moms. New moms, seasoned moms, working moms, stay at home moms. We’re all out here juggling all the things. So we have to remember to take some time for ourselves.

As a mom, you need to worry about your mental health. You have so many people depending on you, you need to spend at least a little time each day taking care of you.

I recommend getting more than just 5 minutes a day, but when that is all the time you have, you can make it work!

What are 5 things you can do for self care daily?

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

1. Stretch

This is something so simple that you can easily add to your morning routine. Stretch your arms, legs, back and neck. Be very intentional with your stretches, so you are aware of each part of your body that you are stretching. Breathe through the stretches so as not to cause injury.

As more time allows, take a yoga or pilates class to learn different breathing techniques. Check out this DVD for in-home instruction.

Also spend some time stretching throughout your day, especially if you sit for long periods. Take a few minutes each hour to stand and stretch your legs, arms, back and neck. You’ll feel more recharged and ready to get back at it.

woman outside in workout clothes with headphones drinking water from a bottle
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2. Stay hydrated

Definitely make sure you are getting enough water throughout your day. It’s so easy to forget to do when you’re chasing after little people. But it’s so important to keep your body functioning properly. And if you’re breastfeeding, water intake is a MUST. Get yourself this water bottle so you can track how much water you are getting.

woman in front of lilac bush staring up with eyes closed
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3. Do some deep breathing

This can easily be done along with your stretches or even on it’s own. Especially if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, deep breathing can calm you down and regulate your heart rate. Again, yoga or pilates would be something to look into to learn new breathing techniques.

I feel like when I take a deep breath, it not only opens my airways, it actually helps with my posture.

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woman in white shirt washing her face in bathroom
Photo by Miriam Alonso from Pexels

4. Wash your face

Some days when you’re just feeling run down and there is no time to do anything, all you can do is wash your face. That fresh water on your face is going to wake you up and really refresh you.

Of course, a shower works wonders, but sometimes those little people won’t allow for more than a good face washing.

woman rubbing lotion on her hand
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

5. Moisturize your hands and feet

If you’re a mom of littles, your hands are probably chapped after all those diaper changes. Or maybe it’s from doing too many dishes. Whatever the reason, you should take some time to moisturize your hands and feet.

You can do both in under five minutes and leave your skin feeling much better after. I recommend doing it before bed, so you’re not constantly washing it off during the day.

What are other 5 minute self care techniques?

woman in black and white striped shirt painting her fingernails black
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

6. Paint your fingernails or toenails

After you’ve given some love to those hands and feet, really make them stand out with a new polish. Five minutes might not be enough time to finish your fingers and toes, but it’s something you can squeeze in during nap time or while you’re watching a show with your husband.

woman holding cup of steaming liquid
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

7. Make a hot beverage

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a cup of hot tea. However, if you are a coffee drinker, take your time to actually enjoy your beverage. No kids, no to-do lists, no distractions – just you and your drink.

5 minute self care: lighted candle with ribbon
woman in red sleeveless shirt and jeans walking a wooded path in fall
Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

8. Go for a walk

Getting outside and taking part in some light exercise is a great benefit to add to your 5 minute self care routine. It can be as simple as taking a walk around your house or to your mailbox. You can do it alone or with a friend but be sure to get some fresh air and enjoy nature.

cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cinnamon stick
Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

9. Make a sweet treat

I would say bake some cookies, but you don’t want to eat cookies that have only been in the oven for five minutes. Instead, try a mug cake. These can easily be made at home or at work during lunch (who doesn’t want cake for lunch?).

Chocolate is known to have the same effects as being in love, so this is definitely some 5 minute self care I can get behind. I can taste the warm gooiness as I’m typing this.

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woman in pink shirt holding a blue stress ball
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

10. Use a stress ball

This is something you can easily do while performing another task. However, for some true 5 minute self care, take time out of your day and really use that stress ball to its full advantage.

Breathe along with each squeeze, think about what is stressing you, and let those stresses go. Once your five minutes is up, you’ll be able to come back to finish your tasks more refreshed.

3 wick candle on wooden rack above tub
Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

11. Light a scented candle

Scent is the strongest thing tied to memory. So, if you’ve used candles in the past while doing an activity (even as simple as being on vacation), find that same scented candle. When you smell it, it will take you right back to that time and place. It is the cheapest way to give yourself a mini vacation.

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Or choose your favorite food or season to take your mind away for awhile. Do not use the candle while you are working, unless that is the memory you want tied to the scent (yes, it is that strong).

woman using jade roller on her shoulder
Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

12. Give yourself a shoulder massage

So, you can buy a massager; I use this one All. The. Time. Or you can give yourself a massage. Place your fingers on either side of the base of your neck and press down. If it’s sore, congratulations you have found a tight muscle.

Continue to press on it or rub it until you can feel it release. Then continue outward on your shoulders for some relaxing 5 minute self care.

woman in beige sweater writing in journal
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

13. Journal your thoughts

Sometimes there is just too much going through your mind to calm it down. Spend just 5 minutes a day getting those thoughts out. Keep an ongoing to do list somewhere you can reference during the day to keep your tasks from taking over your thoughts. Keep a journal by your bed to get out any thoughts you may have before going to sleep.

woman in red plaid shirt listening to headphones
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

14. Listen to your favorite song

Take 5 minutes and put on a song from your younger days. It will easily transport to a time when you had no worries. (Or at least less worries.) I’ll even put music on while I’m doing a boring chore (like washing dishes) just so my mind can float away for a bit. Singing is always optional.

woman dancing in her living room
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

15. Have a dance party

This goes right along with listening to some music. If you have the music playing, you may as well dance it out. Five minutes is enough time to get that blood pumping and shake away some of that stress and tension.


There you have it: the easiest 5 minute self care techniques that you can start implementing today! If you’re not used to self care or you truly feel like you have no time, start small by doing one or two things a couple days a week. Then make sure to get at least 5 minutes of self care everyday, if not more.

Do you have a favorite 5 minute self care technique that you practice regularly? Let us know in the comments.

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Easy 5 Minute Self Care Techniques

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