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65+ Free Halloween Printable Activities for Kids

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Where can I find free Halloween printable activities?

So, I went in search of the best FREE Halloween printable activities for kids, and WOW! I was not disappointed.

From fun and easy Halloween worksheets to Halloween games to coloring sheets, spelling and math worksheets, and even Halloween scavenger hunts, there are so many activities available for Halloween. And all you need to get started is a printer!

Some of the Halloween printable activities will require more than a printer, and I’ll go over that in just a minute. But don’t worry each activity will tell you exactly what you need to complete it.

And you might want to look into getting a laminator so you can use these Halloween printable activities year after year.

Ok, it’s time to dive right into all the best FREE Halloween printable activities for your kids.

Good luck finding the perfect ones for your kids!

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What materials do I need to get started with these free Halloween printable activities?

  • Printer – here’s the one I use, or you can try printing at your local library
  • Card stock – for bingo cards, games, or scavenger hunts
  • Crayons – these ones are washable (yes, really!)
  • Colored pencils – for better accuracy
  • Markers – washable and a variety of colors
  • Dot markers – just like bingo daubers, but washable and more colors
  • Scissors – safety scissors for kids wanting to help
  • Paper trimmer – for a perfect straight edge and a huge time saver
  • Glue sticks – for less mess
  • Laminator – for bingo cards, games, or scavenger hunts

Some of the Halloween printable activities require more materials to finish the project. They are listed on the individual page, along with any additional instructions for extra help.

Halloween Printable Activities

Halloween Spell Printable

This witches’ spell from Mommy Made That is fun for all ages.

It can be made using everyday items around your home, items from nature, or by simply writing in the words (depending on what kind of spell your little one wants to conjure up).

cauldron with ingredients printable

Halloween Candy Corn Worksheets

Simple Everyday Mom has some fun candy corn worksheets for your preschooler.

With 5 pages of tracing, handwriting skills, and dot coloring, this pack of Halloween worksheets is (almost) better than candy.

candy corn worksheets

Halloween Preschool Printables

This pack of Halloween printable activities from Living Life and Learning includes matching games, tracing games, cutting skills, fun math questions and more! Use it at home or in the classroom.

Halloween preschool worksheets

Halloween Candy Corn Pattern

Simple Everyday Mom has created a fun Halloween printable activity that is also educational. By cutting the bottom portion off, your child can complete the patterns of the lines above.

Halloween pattern activity

Halloween Witch Activity Worksheets

Frugal Mom Eh! has created 9 pages of fun Halloween worksheets for your kiddo. The whole packet is witch themed and includes coloring, drawing, addition and more! Plenty to keep your kiddo busy for hours of fun.

witch related worksheets

Halloween Printable Activity Sheets

Another pack of fun Halloween printable activities from Frugal Mom Eh! includes 6 Halloween coloring sheets and 8 Halloween worksheets. This pack is great if you have kids of a wide age range, as there is something for everyone.

Halloween activity sheets

Halloween Trick or Treat Alternatives

For a fun Halloween at home, The Growing Creatives have come up with three fun printable activities for this Halloween (perfect for little ones not ready for candy or if trick-or-treating gets rained out).

Have a monster hunt (just like an Easter egg hunt). Play a trick or treat game (where they have to do an activity to get a treat). Or have an at-home scavenger hunt.

Halloween worksheets

Halloween Bingo

Homeschool of 1 has created an easy to play bingo game, perfect for little ones new to the game.

There are 9 different bingo cards, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Halloween bingo cards

Halloween Bingo

Crayons and Cravings has this set of 10 bingo cards for kids who know what bingo is and can sit through a longer game.

Halloween bingo card

Halloween Bingo

This Halloween bingo game comes from The Best Ideas for Kids. It has a set of 10 cards. And I like this cause it looks a little spookier so older kids may enjoy it more.

Halloween bingo cards

Halloween Bingo Cards

The last set of bingo cards comes from All Bingo Cards. I love this set because it shows numbers along with the pictures. It makes it easier to announce both (if you have a hard time figuring out what the picture is), and it’s a great way to get your little one familiar with numbers.

Oh, and this set comes in groups of 10 or 30! (which makes it great for a classroom).

Halloween bingo cards

Halloween Memory Match Game

This is a fun Halloween game from Journey to SAHM for your little one who is starting to spell or just recognize letters. They can easily match the pictures while associating the words. I like games that encourage learning (without the kids knowing).

Halloween matching picture cards

Halloween Cut Out Characters

These Halloween cut out characters are so much fun! You can print them in color or black and white (for your kiddo to color). Use craft supplies to decorate them any way you want. You can glue them together for decorations or use pins or popsicle sticks to bring them to life.

There are even more great ideas on how to enjoy these characters at In The Playroom.

mummy, witch and scarecrow cut outs

Halloween Monsters

With 20 pages of activities, Swag Grabber has made this Halloween printable a must-have for this holiday. Line tracing, mazes, matching games, and puzzles make this a perfect Halloween activity for preschoolers.

monster matching games and puzzles

Halloween Activity Book

With 8 sides, this Halloween activity book from Artsy Fartsy Mama makes a great addition to your little one’s Halloween basket. And it’s just the right size to pop into those trick-or-treat baskets or as a classroom activity.

Halloween activity book and candy corn

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Halloween Cootie Catcher

Mom Foodie has created a Halloween cootie catcher with fun holiday jokes for kids. And she walks you through how to fold it and gives you instructions on how to use a cootie catcher (just in case it’s been a while since you’ve caught any cooties yourself).

Halloween cootie catcher

Halloween Printable ActivitiesColoring Pages

Halloween Witch Hat

This simple witch hat from Two Pink Peonies can be used in so many ways! Color it, design it, use markers, pencils, crayons, or even craft supplies to make it unique.

It’s great for a classroom activity to showcase each child’s talents or at home for some spooky decorations.

witch hat coloring page

Halloween Coloring Pages

Simple Everyday Mom has created these cute Halloween coloring pages (4 in all) for young kids who are just getting the hang of coloring.

ghost coloring sheet

Halloween Monster Coloring Sheets

Artsy Pretty Colors has 17 coloring sheets of monsters in all shapes and sizes, cute and scary. Let your little artist color these pages then hang them around the house for some fun Halloween decorations.

monster coloring sheet

Halloween Coloring Pages

These Halloween coloring pages from Sugar and Charm are great for kids and adults. It’s a great way to spend some time together as a family during the holiday.

Halloween coloring sheets and pencils

Halloween Printables in Spanish

Like I said, I love fun activities that are also educational. And these Spanish Halloween coloring sheets are just that. Lorena & Lennox has a large selection of Spanish printables for your bilingual learner.

coloring pages of spider, pumpkin, skeleton

Halloween Color by Number

Color by number worksheets were my favorite as a kid. (Maybe because there’s absolutely no decision making. Life should always be so easy.) Anyway, The Best Ideas for Kids has 6 unique Halloween color by number sheets for your young artist.

color by number worksheets

Halloween Color by Number

Frugal Mom Eh! also has 6 fun Halloween color by number activities. Check them out for more designs.

Halloween color by number pages

Halloween Color by Number

The Primary Parade has 3 additional color by number printable activities. Be sure to check them out for every holiday!

Halloween color by number sheets

Halloween Dot Marker Printables

So, apparently there’s a whole world of dot markers that I’m just learning about. And these coloring sheets from Two Pink Peonies use this technique. Of course, you could always use crayons or pencils, as well.

ghost, bats, and hat coloring sheets

Halloween Coloring Booklet

A fun item to pass out to classmates is this Halloween coloring booklet from Sustain My Craft Habit. It has 16 different coloring sheets, and you can easily attach crayons or another special treat to go along with it.

Halloween coloring booklets with crayons

Halloween Craft Printables

Halloween Paper Garland

This beautiful Halloween paper garland from Sustain My Craft Habit can be created by kids or adults. Kids can practice their cutting and gluing skills while making some fun decorations.

Halloween garland with ghosts and witch hats

Halloween Puzzle Craft

In The Playroom has created 3 different puzzle designs. Cut them out and glue them back together on a piece of paper, or glue the paper to cardboard for a more durable puzzle that can be put together over and over.

puzzles of ghosts, pumpkins, and witches

Halloween Flextangle

Color this flextangle and then glue it together with instructions by Artsy Fartsy Mama. Once it’s assmebled, flip through the different pictures for Halloween fun.

pumpkin flextangle

Halloween Coloring Masks

For 8 printable masks that your kiddo can color and enjoy, head over to Mommy Made That. These masks will keep your kiddo busy throughout the month of October.

coloring masks of scarecrow, Frankenstein, skeleton, and pumpkin

Halloween Haunted House

With simple instructions, Finding Zest created this haunted house that is easy to put together and can be lit with a tealight candle for more festive fun.

diy haunted house printable

Halloween Witch Hat Headband

Let your little one create their own witch hat or print one in full color with this design from Simply Full of Delight.

purple witch hats

Halloween Mix and Match Haunted House

Barley and Birch created a haunted house kit with 20 pieces for your kiddo’s very own spooky creation. Color and build it any way you want, then take it apart and build again.

diy haunted house
Halloween printable activities: letter game and witch hat

Halloween Bookmarks

These Halloween bookmarks from The Gingerbread House make a great treat for school parties or added to a trick-or-treat basket.

diy Halloween bookmarks: bat, ghost and pumpkin

Halloween Clothespin Puppets

The Printables Fairy has 8 different Halloween clothespin puppets for your kiddo to enjoy. Print them in color or black and white to color as you see fit.

Halloween characters on clothespins

Halloween Q-Tip Painting

There are 6 different Q-tip paintings from The Gingerbread House. Use a Q-tip and paints, dot markers, crayons or colored pencils for a unique work of art. Each sheet gives the recommended colors to be used in the painting.

orange pumpkin q-tip craft

Halloween Bat Art

This Halloween bat art comes from Projects with Kids. It’s a creative way to work on fine motor skills while creating a unique piece of art. I love how the final product looks like stained glass.

bat coloring sheet

Halloween Bat Art Project

This Halloween art project from The Inspiration Edit is geared toward older kids as it’s mostly done by hand, but it makes a beautiful piece of art for this spooky holiday. Try using different mediums such as pastels, chalk, paints or pencils for different effects.

bats flying by moon artwork

Halloween Mix and Match Magnets

The Soccer Mom Blog has created 3 Halloween faces to use as a boredom buster this Halloween. Have your kiddo use the different shapes to create funny faces. And using a cookie sheet is a brilliant way to keep those pieces contained!

pumpkin and Frankenstein magnets

Halloween Treat Holders

Another cute Halloween printable activity for trick-or-treaters or a classroom party is these treat holders from Honey and Lime.

witch, Frankenstein and bat treat holders

Halloween Witch Boots

For a Halloween craft to try with your kiddos, check out these cute witch boots from Barley and Birch. There’s a little more work involved, but they make cute Halloween decor.

diy witch boot decor

Halloween Word Games

Halloween Beginning Sound Clip Cards

For those of you with little ones starting to recognize sounds and letters, these sound clip cards from Little Ladoo make a great Halloween printable activity.

Halloween letter cards

Halloween Spider Web Clip Cards

Here’s a set of 26 letter clip cards from ABC’s of Literacy. They allow your little one to recognize capital letters and lower case letters.

spider web card with letters and clothespins

Halloween Ghost Letter Match Activity

Here’s another fun letter matching game from ABC’s of Literacy. You get 26 houses and ghosts, and your kiddo can match the letters.

haunted house and ghosts with letters

Halloween Sight Words Board Game

For older kids, In The Playroom has this sight words board game to help with those tricky words, including some common Halloween words.

colorful printable board game

Halloween Word Searches

The Typical Mom has 2 cute Halloween word searches along with other printable Halloween games.

ghost word search

Halloween Word Searches

Cendu Param offers 3 Halloween word searches, each with a different level of difficulty. These are even fun for kids who can’t spell but are able to recognize their letters.

Halloween word searches

Halloween Word Searches

Mommy Made That also has a set of Halloween word searches geared toward different age groups.

Halloween word searches

Halloween Word Search

This word search comes from Two Kids and a Coupon. Check out this site for more Halloween games and coloring sheets.

Halloween word search

Halloween Word Searches

The final word search on my list of Halloween printable activities comes from Mom Brite. Check out this site for some great Halloween craft ideas, as well.

Halloween word search puzzles

Halloween Word Scramble

Use this Halloween word scramble from Crayons and Cravings at home or in the classroom for some holiday fun. Make it more challenging by removing the word list.

Halloween word scramble

Halloween Word Scramble

For even more difficulty, check out this word scramble from Two Kids and a Coupon.

Halloween word scramble

Halloween Crossword

Two Kids and a Coupon also have a fun Halloween crossword puzzle for older kids.

Halloween crossword puzzle

Halloween Spanish Word Tracing

For bilingual learners, get these Spanish Halloween worksheets from Lorena & Lennox.

Halloween worksheets in Spanish

Halloween Math Games

Halloween I Spy

This is a simple Halloween math game from Cendu Param. Have your little one count the different Halloween objects and color them in. It also makes a perfect classroom activity for preschoolers.

pumpkins, hats and bats worksheet

Halloween Dot to Dot Printables

These dot-to-dot Halloween printable activities from Simply Full of Delight are fun for little ones just learning to count. There are 4 sheets along with other fun coloring sheets and craft ideas.

Halloween dot to dot worksheets

Halloween Number Sense

To give your kiddo a greater understanding of numbers, check out these number sense worksheets from Team Cartwright. There’s monster counting, spider leg matching and a color by number.

Halloween number activities

Halloween Kindergarten Math

Living Life and Loving Learning has 11 Halloween worksheets all geared toward counting, skip counting, addition and subtraction.

colorful math worksheets

Halloween Number Activity Sheets

This fun number activity sheet is just one of the many Halloween worksheets available at The Primary Parade. Counting, letters, spelling, crafts; the list goes on and on.

monster counting sheet

Halloween Multiplication

This is a great Halloween printable activity for older kids who need some help with their multiplication. Artsy Fartsy Mama has created 5 different Halloween multiplication worksheets to make math a little less scary.

pumpkin coloring sheet

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printables

Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt

Use this candy scavenger hunt from Dresses and Dinosaurs to make sure you get the best treats this holiday season.

scavenger hunt list

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This Halloween scavenger hunt from Two Pink Peonies is great when out trick-or-treating or riding by decorated houses.

Halloween scavenger hunt sheet

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Happy Healthy Impactful has two Halloween scavenger hunt printables available. One with pictures for younger kids and another with words for older kids.

Halloween scavenger hunt sheets

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

My Motherhood Made Easy has Halloween scavenger hunts for younger kids, older kids, and a set of clues for an even harder hunt.

Halloween scavenger hunt cards

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Fun Money Mom has a printable Halloween scavenger hunt and a Halloween game of Brooms and Ladders (so cute!).

Halloween printable games

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Homeschool of 1 has a Halloween treasure hunt with 12 rhyming clues, perfect for kids of any age.

treasure hunt clues with a pumpkin

Halloween Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

Lorena & Lennox offer this Halloween scavenger hunt in both English and Spanish for your bilingual learner.

scavenger hunt with Spanish words


There you have it: some of the best free Halloween Printable Activities for kids (of all ages). With activity sheets, bingo cards, coloring sheets, crafts, word and math games, and scavenger hunts, I hope I was able to help you find exactly what you were looking for this Halloween.

Let us know which Halloween printable activity was your favorite in the comments.

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65+ Free Halloween Printable Activities for Kids

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