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30+ Easy Mother’s Day Activities for Toddlers

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What should kids do on Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there!

Looking for ways to keep your little one busy on your special day? Check out all the fun Mother’s Day activities for toddlers for some cute craft ideas and homemade cards.

Point dad to this page for special Mother’s Day gift ideas that you don’t have to put together yourself!

We even have great gift ideas for grandmas.

Get started on these Mother’s Day activities today, so you can have them ready for mom’s special day.

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What can toddlers make for Mother’s Day?

There are so many great ideas for what toddlers can make for mom on Mother’s Day.

The best thing is that it is easy for them (and you). A simple homemade card is something mom will cherish from her little one.

But if you want to go a step further, anything you can make from a child’s handprint or photo will be kept for quite a while. And if it’s something functional, even better!

Check out the ideas below for the perfect Mother’s Day activity for your toddler.

Mother’s Day Activities for Toddlers: Cards

One of the easiest Mother’s Day activities for toddlers is making a special card for mom. Of course, you can use some construction paper and crayons. But if you want the finished product to be a little more creative, check out the ideas below.

DIY Mother’s Day Cards

These special cards for mom or grandma come from A Mum to Mum. Have your little one color the pictures and attach them to a colorful piece of paper for a beautiful homemade card.

mom and grandma Mother's Day cards

Mother’s Day Coloring Cards

Approaching Home has a selection of 20 printable Mother’s Day cards to color. They will gets kids of all ages making this holiday special for mom or grandma.

set of coloring cards

Whale Card

Grab a picture of each child to make this adorable card from The Soccer Mom Blog really special.

Mother's Day whale card

DIY Mother’s Day Card

This DIY card from Leap of Faith Crafting is a fun activity for your little one to express their creativity and make a card mom loves.

Mom card

Cat Card

The Soccer Mom Blog has the purr-fect card to go with a fantastic gift for the cat-loving mom on her special day.

Mother's Day cat card

Pineapple Card

Here’s another card from The Soccer Mom Blog for an easy way to show your mom lots of love.

Mother's Day pineapple card

Origami Card

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to gift this origami flower card from Fluxing Well. Easy-to-follow instructions make this card a beautiful homemade gift.

origami flower cards

Flower Pot Card

Use your child’s picture and a special message to make this fun card from The Soccer Mom Blog.

Mother's Day flowerpot card

Flower Pop Up Card

This pop-up card from Arty Crafty Bee is a simple Mother’s Day craft that makes a fun activity for your toddler.

pop up flower card

Pop Up Tulip Card

Here’s another cute Mother’s Day pop up card from Arty Crafty Bee.

pop up tulip card

Pop Up Cupcake Card

Use a picture of your child and a special message to create this easy Mother’s Day craft from The Soccer Mom Blog.

Mother's Day cupcake card

Egg Carton Tea Cup Cards

In The Playroom has great Mother’s Day crafts that’s also a card. Perfect if mom or grandma is a tea lover.

tea cup cards

Mother’s Day Activities for Toddlers: Handprint Crafts

Handprint art is the best way for mom to keep a piece of her growing toddler and will be cherished forever.

Handprint Flowerpot Craft

Try this easy Mother’s Day craft from In The Playroom. Use colored foam to make this handprint craft for a very special person.

handprint flowerpot craft

Handprint Lilies

Make Mother’s Day extra special with this craft from The Gingerbread House. Your toddler will have a great time making this handprint flowers from just a piece of paper.

handprint lilies

Handprint Craft Templates

Homeschool of 1 has 5 free templates for using your child’s handprints and footprints for moms and grandmas.

handprint and footprint craft templates
Mother's Day activities for toddlers: handprint crafts, pop up tulip card, paint drip flowerpots, tea bag cards, cupcake cards, fingerprint flowerpot, handprint watering can and coloring pages

Serving Tray with Handprints

Here’s an adorable Mother’s Day craft from Making Manzanita for both young kids and older children. Make handprint flowers using handprints of your young kids and their older siblings for the perfect gift.

handprint serving tray

Handprint Watering Can

This is an adorable Mother’s Day gift idea from The Country Chic Cottage. Use your toddler’s hand prints to make a customized watering can for mom or grandma.

green watering can with kid handprint flowers

Handprint Mason Jars

Mama of Minis has an adorable Mother’s Day craft using mason jars. It’s the perfect gift from both younger children and older kids.

handprint mason jars as a flower pot

Mother’s Day Activities for Toddlers: Painting Activities

These Mother’s Day crafts may be a little on the messy side, but your little one is sure to have fun and the result is some beautiful handmade gifts for mom. It’s a great idea to do these activities outdoors while wearing old clothes.

Fingerprint Flower Pot

These homemade Mother’s Day gifts from Crafts by Amanda are the perfect keepsake for mom’s garden or kitchen table. Make a bunch of flowers all around the pot for a beautiful design.

fingerpaint flowerpot

Drip Paint Pots

Here’s a simple Mother’s Day craft from Crafts by Amanda using clay flowerpots. It a great gift idea for mom, grandma, or aunts as you can make them pretty quick.

set of dip paint pots

Mother’s Day Activities for Toddlers: Special Ideas for Mom

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a special gift for mom. These Mother’s Day ideas are sure to melt mom’s heart and even let her enjoy some much-needed downtime.

Butterfly Suncatcher

Imaginative Homeschool has 7 templates for suncatchers for mom’s special day. All you need is different colors of tissue paper to make this homemade gift sparkle in the sun.

butterfly suncatcher

Paper Tulip Craft

For easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts from your toddler, check out this craft from Thriving in Parenting. Let your little one create a beautiful bouquet for mom on her special day.

paper tulip bouquet

Rainbow Crayon Artwork

On My Kid’s Plate has cute Mother’s Day crafts for toddlers. Use some melted crayons and your child’s picture to make unique gifts for mom and grandmas.

melted crayon artwork

Coupon Book

Print out these Mother’s Day coupons from My Motherhood Made Easy and have your little one come up with fun ideas for mom. A spa day, an interrupted hour of “me” time, and movie night are some great ideas to get you started.

Mother's Day coupon book

At Home Spa Day

For extra special quality time on Mother’s Day, Mama of Minis has created the best ideas for putting together an at home spa experience for mom.

woman with cucumbers on her eyes, makeup, and hair accessories

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Mother’s Day Activities for Toddlers: Free Printables

From coloring pages to activity pages and even an interview about mom, these free printables will keep your toddler busy in the days leading up to Mother’s Day and some even make wonderful gifts for mom.

All About Mommy Interview

Use this interview from Where the Smiles Have Been to find out what fun things your toddler has to say about mom. It’s a fun idea to ask the same questions each year to see how the answers have changed.

interview questions about mom

Activity Page

Use this activity page from Twin Cities Frugal Mom as a fun way to learn all about mom.

Mother's Day activity page

Spanish Activity Pages

Lorena & Lennox has a set of 4 Spanish activity pages where your little one can learn all about mom, color by number, and test his fine motor skills, all while learning Spanish words related to Mother’s Day.

Spanish activity pages about mom

Coloring Pages

Keep your toddler busy with this set of 3 coloring pages from Two Kids and a Coupon.

set of 3 coloring pages

Coloring Pages

Get this set of 25 coloring pages from Crafting Jeannie. Have your toddler color individual sheets or make a book for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

set of 9 Mother's Day coloring pages

Coloring Page in Spanish

These Spanish coloring pages from Lorena & Lennox are all about grandma. These fun activities are a great way to teach Spanish words while making a nice Mother’s Day gift for grandmas.

Spanish coloring pages about grandma


There you have it: some of our favorite Mother’s Day crafts and activities for toddlers. With ideas for the perfect card to making mom’s day at home very relaxing, I hope you found something you and your toddler can enjoy doing together.

Let us know which Mother’s Day activity your toddler enjoyed most in the comments.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers! You’re doing a great job.

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