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40+ Affordable Maternity Dresses for Baby Shower in 2024

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What should a pregnant woman wear to her baby shower?

While your baby shower doesn’t usually happen until the third trimester, you don’t want to wait until then to purchase your baby shower dress.

And since the maternity section in many stores can be serious lacking in this department, you want to start shopping early.

I have a list of the best places to find affordable maternity dresses for baby showers, a list of the best baby shower dresses you can find online, and some additional items to consider wearing with your dress.

But do you have to wear a maternity dress to your baby shower?

Absolutely not! Finding something you look good in and feel good about yourself in is the most important thing when choosing your baby shower outfit.

Whether that’s a cheap baby shower dress or your favorite pair of jeans (that currently fit), that is entirely your decision.

But hold off on making that decision until after you’ve checked out the beautiful maternity dresses below!

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Where can I find affordable maternity dresses for baby showers?

1. Thrift stores or secondhand stores

The first place you may want to look for affordable maternity dresses for baby showers are thrift stores or secondhand stores in your area. You can find some cheap maternity clothes that have barely been worn or may even still have the tags on.

On the flip side, these places take items that have been donated, so they might not be the best quality, or they may have some wear and tear. Definitely check them out though, as you never know what you will find.

2. Local consignment shops

Consignment shops are one step up from a thrift store, in that they pay people for their items. That means you have a better chance of finding higher quality items. But that also means you’re going to pay slightly more than you would at a thrift store. However, they should still offer affordable prices, so it’s not as much as you would pay for something brand new.

3. Facebook group

Your local Facebook mom group is a great place to look for affordable maternity clothes and even your baby shower dress. Many moms will actually give stuff away to someone willing to pick it up. Or could you even ask for exactly what you are looking for.

It’s always a good idea to connect with other moms in your area through these Facebook groups. They are a great source of information, as you’re sure to have questions during your pregnancy and even after your little one is born. They’re the best places to find local information on doctors or hospitals, as well.

4. Online retailers

Certain online retailers, such as Ingrid & Isabel and PinkBlush Maternity, offer beautiful maternity clothing of higher quality. But with higher quality comes higher prices. And while I agree you should look your best during your pregnancy, you shouldn’t have to break the bank on a dress you may only wear one time.

And since you’re here and we’re talking about affordable maternity dresses for baby showers, check out all of the beautiful options below for this very special occasion.

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Photo by Paola Vasquez

What are the best affordable maternity dresses for baby shower?

I’ve rounded up some of the cutest affordable maternity dresses for baby shower you can find online.

If you see something you like but aren’t thrilled with the color or pattern, check it out for yourself because most of these dresses come in many different colors and designs. You’re sure to find something that will fit your personal style, your body type, and something to match your baby shower theme.

Cheap Baby Shower Dresses: Formal Wear

These formal dresses are perfect for a classy event. Wear them to your baby shower, a wedding or your maternity photo shoot.

Ruffle Off Shoulder Fitted Dress

This off the shoulder dress is an elegant option for a formal baby shower. Combine the shape of the dress with the bold colors and you have the perfect combination of sophistication and femininity.

off the shoulder sunflower maternity dress

Ruffled One Shoulder Side Ruching Dress

The asymmetrical design of this dress is what makes it such a unique maternity dress, perfect for any formal occasion.

Floral Swing Dress

The floral design of this swing dress gives you a beautiful formal look while still being extremely comfortable. The lightweight material makes it a perfect dress for any time of year.

floral short sleeve maternity dress

Knee Length Wrap Dress

This wrap dress is super comfortable while still being quite stylish for a more formal occasion. Dress it up with boots for a cute winter look.

Cap Sleeve Dress with Side Bow

The high neckline of this dress makes it very classy while the cap sleeves flatter your arms well. It’s a very stylish dress while still being quite comfortable.

Long Sleeve Midi Dress

The floral mesh long sleeves make this maternity dress super chic and very feminine, perfect for showing off that adorable baby bump.

pink sheer long sleeve maternity dress

Short Sleeve Dress with Side Ruching

For an elegant look that is super comfy, try this flattering maternity dress with side ruching. Pair the simple design with some fabulous accessories for a stunning look.

short sleeve dusty blue maternity dress

Fitted Stretch Dress with Bell Sleeves

Add some bohemian charm to your baby shower with this maternity dress featuring bell sleeves. The pink dress combined with the sleeves adds just the right touch of femininity making this a perfect choice for pregnant women.

peach floral maternity dress with bell sleeves

Short Sleeve Ruched Dress with Side Slit

This long dress creates a beautiful silhouette, and the side slit is perfect for moving about during your baby shower.

3/4 Sleeve Ruched Waist Dress

This maternity gown will make a bold statement at your baby shower. Designed with comfort in mind, this dress can be worn to your baby shower, photo shoot or any other special event.

Cowl Neck Dress

This gorgeous dress is the perfect fit for an elegant baby shower and can double as your maternity photoshoot dress.

Cheap Baby Shower Dresses: Everyday Wear

These maternity dresses are perfect to wear as your everyday outfit during your pregnancy but can easily be used for your baby shower, to save some money on your maternity wear.

Sleeveless Ribbed Knit Dress with Ruching

This dress is perfect for warmer weather and to use as everyday wear. But it’s just as stylish for your baby shower by glamming it up a bit.

Ribbed Knit Tank Dress

This tank dress is perfect for everyday wear throughout your pregnancy. Dress it up with a cute sweater or wrap for a fancier look at your baby shower.

Sleeveless Ribbed Knit Dress

Dress up your everyday maternity wardrobe with this classy knit dress. It’s perfect for those summer baby showers and quick shopping trips.

Short Sleeve Dress with Ruching

For an everyday dress you can wear to the office, around town, or to your baby shower, try this dress with short sleeves and side ruching. Made to hug your body in all the right places, this dress is perfect for any occasion.

A-Line Wrap Dress

This wrap dress is super comfortable and flowy and is perfect for every stage of your pregnancy. It’s even breastfeeding accessible, so you can wear it after baby is born.

pink a-line wrap maternity dress

Short Sleeve Split Dress with Ruching

The soft, stretchy fabric of this dress makes it great for everyday wear while the side slits make it easy to move around during your special day.

Swing Dress with Belt

The design of this dress allows for an elongated look while providing enough room for your growing belly. The bow is a cute addition for expecting moms and really finishes the dress.

Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress

With an empire waistline, this midi dress creates a flattering silhouette around your growing bump. The flutter sleeves add an extra feminine touch for the mom-to-be.

Smocked Flowy Midi Dress

Show off that growing bump while still maintaining comfort and a flattering figure in this midi dress. Pair it with a pregnancy sash to complete an adorable look for your baby shower.

Short Sleeve Crew Neck Dress

Make the most of your maternity wardrobe budget with this dress that can be worn during your breastfeeding stage. Wear it to your baby shower, and use it as your going home outfit from the hospital.

Short Sleeve Dress with Side Slit

While most long dresses look more formal, the color and material of this maternity dress makes it something that you could wear any day of your pregnancy.

affordable maternity dresses for baby shower: pregnant woman in turquoise dress at baby shower

Cheap Baby Shower Dresses: Warm Weather Dresses

A mixture of formal and everyday wear, these dresses are perfect for a summer pregnancy. Short sleeves, flowy skirts, and side slits make up these warm weather dresses.

Sleeveless Tank Dress with Side Ruching

Grab this tank dress for those hot middle of summer baby showers. Pair it with a cute sweater or wrap for an indoor party where the a/c is on high.

pink sleeveless maternity dress

Long Sleeve Square Neck Dress

Everyone at your baby shower will be giving you compliments on this cute and stylish dress. The loose skirt is great for keeping cool during those hot summer days.

A-Line Ruffled Dress

Beat the summer heat while pregnant in this cute, loose ruffle dress. It is a timeless dress that will accentuate your beautiful bump while providing a feminine touch.

Square Neck Mermaid Dress

For a whimsical summer baby shower, this mermaid dress is sure to impress. Dress it up with heels or keep it casual with a comfortable pair of sandals.

Floral Lace Knee Length Boho Dress

The design of this floral lace dress adds a bit of elegance to the traditional bohemian look. It’s the perfect choice for an outdoor baby shower.

Hi-Low Ruffle Faux Wrap Dress

For a more formal summer occasion, try this hi-low wrap dress. The ruffles add just the right amount of femininity for mom-to-be. Pair it with heels or flats for a beautiful silhouette. Or add boots to turn it into a cute cold weather option.

Maxi Wrap Dress

Breathable fabric and loose ruffles make this dress a wonderful option for a summer baby shower, especially if you’re headed outdoors.

Floral Dress with Side Ruching

Show off that beautiful bump this summer in this flattering silhouette. The side ruching will allow you to wear this dress throughout your pregnancy.

Square Neck Puff Sleeve Dress

Show off your shoulders in this perfect dress for a summer pregnancy. The side slit offers the best of both worlds as far as coverage and keeping cool.

Maxi Wrap Dress

The sunflowers on this maxi wrap dress make it perfect for a summer baby shower. It drapes beautifully over your baby bump while still allowing maximum movement.

Short Sleeve Split Dress with Ruching

This is the elegant summer dress you are looking for. The fabric is soft and stretchy enough for easy movement, and the side slit is just the right height.

blue floral maternity dress with side split

Cheap Baby Shower Dresses: Cold Weather Dresses

Classy and casual, these are the best maternity dresses for fall and winter. Long sleeves, long skirts and warmer material make up these cold weather dresses.

3/4 Sleeve Dress with Side Ruching

The longer sleeves offer more warmth than it’s short-sleeved counterparts, while the side ruching allows the dress to accommodate your growing belly.

3/4 sleeve green gray maternity dress

Long Sleeve Twist Front Dress

This knit dress is a suitable choice for any season, but pair it with some cute boots to make the perfect cold weather ensemble for your fall or winter baby shower.

Long Sleeve Swing Dress

The long sleeves and pleated skirt of this dress are a super cute combo. Complete the cold weather look with some cute, comfy boots.

long sleeve gray green maternity dress

Knit Turtleneck Dress with Side Ruching

This dress is such a cute option for a winter pregnancy. Wear it to your baby shower, holiday parties and for adorable Christmas pictures.

red long sleeve knit turtleneck maternity dress

Long Sleeve Ribbed Knit Dress

This sweater dress with long sleeves is a great cold weather option for your baby shower. The side slit makes it elegant and easy to move around while still keeping warm.

Y Lace Neckline Dress

The lace neckline makes this a very sophisticated piece for your maternity wardrobe. A simple necklace is all you need to accentuate this very unique dress.

Short Sleeve Faux Wrap Maxi Dress

Simple, comfortable and easy to move around in, this dress is a great option for all pregnant women. Easy to dress up or down and great for a fall or winter baby shower or photo shoot.

Faux Wrap Maxi Dress with Belt

Wear this simple, trendy dress throughout your pregnancy and even during your postpartum period. The length and 3/4 inch sleeves make it the perfect dress for a winter baby shower.

Long Sleeve Maxi Wrap Dress

Stay warm during the colder months, with this maxi dress featuring long sleeves. The V-neck and ruffles offer sweet feminine touches for the months you’re usually bundled up head to toe.

Long Sleeve Split Dress with Ruching

Be stylish and comfortable in this long sleeve maternity dress. The ruching and side split create a beautiful silhouette for your special day.

Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Here is a maternity maxi dress you can feel absolutely comfortable and beautiful in. The long sleeves make it perfect for colder weather or even early spring.

What additional items will I need to wear with my baby shower dress?

Consider these additional items to pair with your maternity dress you will be wearing to your baby shower to make it more comfortable or give it some extra flair.

1. Maternity shapewear

Maternity dresses are made to hug your body and show off that baby bump. And while it’s perfectly acceptable to show it off, you might not want your belly button showing through your dress or other aspects of your body that you’re not too fond of right now.

That is what maternity shapewear is for. Hide the lumps and bumps and only show that gorgeous baby bump. Shapewear is also great for wrap dresses that may blow in the wind and show off more than you like.

2. Maternity bras

Most maternity dresses can be worn with your current bra. But in case you want more comfort or you want to wear your maternity dress after your new baby has arrived, then get yourself a maternity bra to grow with your body and breastfeed your baby more easily.

3. Tank tops

Maternity tank tops are great to wear under a dress with a low-cut top or for dresses that can be used for breastfeeding as some extra coverage. They can also double as shapewear to smooth out some bumps.

4. Belly bands

For extra support during your pregnancy, consider getting a belly band. They are super supportive for your back and belly, especially when you are standing for long hours.

5. Pregnancy sash

All these additional items that I have suggested so far are for under your beautiful maternity dress. But the pregnancy sash is actually something that goes over your dress (just above your belly) to really show off that bump. Some dresses come with sashes or belts, but just realize you can highlight any dress with a pretty pregnancy sash for your special day.


There you have it: over 40 of the most beautiful and affordable maternity dresses for baby shower. Save even more money by doubling up on the use of your baby shower dress. Use it for maternity photos or everyday wear. Choose something cool for your spring or summer shower, or something a little warmer and still fashionable for your winter pregnancy.

Did you find a reasonably priced maternity dress for your baby shower or maternity photoshoot? Let us know which one you picked in the comments.

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